Senior Secondary School Scheme of work for Commerce SS3 –

NERDC Curriculum Commerce SS3

SS3 First Term Commerce Scheme of work Lagos State

WEEK              TOPIC

1                      Introduction to Business Management

2                      Business Management

3                      Departments in a Business Organization, Social Responsibilities of a Business

4                      Structure of a Business

5                      Authority: Span of Control

6                      Nationalization

7                      Indigenization

8                      Privatization

9-10                 Economic Groupings in West Africa

11 – 12 Revision and Examination

SS3 First Term Commerce Scheme of work – Modified

Week 1: Business Law.

  • Meaning, Branches of commercial Law e.g, Law of contract, Hire purchase, Sales of goods, Agency etc.

Law of contract.

  1. Definition of contract.
  2. Classification of contract.
  3. Essential element of valid contract.

Week 2: Types of Contract

  • Termination of contract.
  • Remedies for branch of contract.
  • Terminologies used in contract.

Week 3: Law of Agency.

  • Definition of Agency.
  • Types of Agent.
  • Appointment of Agent.
  • Duties and Right of Principals.
  • Termination of Agency.

Week 4:Hire Purchase / Instalmental payment / Deffered Payment.

  • Meaning, features of Hire purchase, parties to Hire purchase, conditions for Hire purchase.
  •  Merits and demerits of the Hire Purchase, termination of Hire purchase.

Week 5: Contract of Sales of Goods.

  • Definition of sales of good.
  • Terms of contract of sale.
  • Provision of sales of goods Act of 1893.
  • Terminologies associated with contract of sale.

Week 6: Contract of Employment

  • Meaning (Employer & Employee).
  • The employer: duties & rights.
  • The employee: Duties and Rights.

Week 7: Government Regulation of Businesses.

  • Meaning, methods of government regulation of Business e.g Business Registration, Patent Right, Trademark, Copy Right etc.
  • Document required for Business establishment.

Week 8: Structure of Business.

  • Organization structure / set-up.
  • Organization chart, Short notes, Authority and Responsibility, Span of Control, Scalar Chain of Command and, Unity of Command and Unity of Directions etc.

Week 9: Introduction to Business Management.

  • Meaning of Business.
  • Business Resources.
  • Objective of Business.
  • Management: Meaning and Functions.

Week 10: Business Environment.

  • Departmentalization and Functions of each Department.
  • Social responsibilities.

Week 11 & 12: Revision & Exams.


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