Marketing Second Term Examination and Continous Assessment Questions 2019/2020 Session – Senior Secondary School One, Two ( SSS 1, SSS 2)


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: MARKETING             CLASS:          SS1                       TIME: 45 MINS.

1.         Which of these best defines consumer decision process? ________ (a) What to buy, how to buy, price and where to buy (b) How to buy and when (c) What to buy only (d) What to buy and where


            The influence due to a foreseeable change in business condition, technology, policies is called _______ (a) Interpersonal factors (b) Organisational factor (c) Individual factor (d) Environmental factor

3.         _________ is when a member of an organisation determines in a specific manner how the identified problem can be solved. (a) General description of need (b) Organisational development (c) Supply of wants (d) Supply search         

4.         A company’s public that is interested in the company and the company is interested in them is called___________ (a) Welcome public (b) Unwelcome Public (c) Formation company (d) Government public             

5.         The evaluation and review of past purchase exercise as the functionality of the procured item is known as ____________ (a) Acquisition and Analysis (b) Supply selection (c) Supply order (d) Performance review

6.         One of these is a factor influencing Consumer Behaviour __________ (a) Economic             Factor                   (b) Product (c) Buyer concept (d) Marketing concept

7.         The set or group of government parastatals or agencies that procures a product for the purpose of producing public services is called ___________ (a) Government market (b) Reseller market (c) Reseller market (d) Buyer market

8.         _______ are organisations trying to satisfy similar customer’s needs and producing products that customer sees as being alternatives. (a) Generic competitor (b) Company competitors (c) Desire competitor                   (d) Competitors

  •  The retailer can be best classified under the  —————- market  (a) producer  (b) consumer (c) government (d) reseller
  • The process by which individual select, organizes and interprets the information received from the environment is known as  (a) norms (b) beliefs (c) perception (d) communication


  1. Write at least 5 notable differences between the organizational buying behaviour and consumer buying behaviour 5marks
  2. (a) What is consumer Market (b) give three reasons why Jane may Prefer coke to Fanta  5 marks


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

2nd C.A 2019/2020 SESSION

SUBJECT: ACCOUNT                   CLASS:   SS1                        TIME: 45 MINS.

  1. Return inward is always having ———— balance in the ledger (a) debit (b) credit (a) overdraft (d) none of the above
  2. Purchase of envelope will be best enter in the petty cash under (a) transportation (b) ledger (c) postage (d) office expenses
  3. A petty cashier was given N1,000 and he spent N400 within the period, how much will he be reimburse (a) N1,000 (b) N1,400 (c) N400 (d) N600
  4. The total of the purchase journal is transfer to the (a) debit side of purchase ledger (b) credit side of purchase ledger (c) debit side of sales ledger (d) credit side of sales ledger
  5. The following is not a nominal account (a) rent account (b) rate account (c) insurance account (d) machinery account
  6. A credit balance in the cash book indicates (a) surplus (b) overdraft (c) profit (d) loss
  7. A debit balance in the bank account indicates (a) surplus (b) overdraft (c) profit (d) loss
  8. The title for trading account is (a) as at 31st December (b) for the year ended 31st December (c) during the ended 31st December (d) prior to 31st December
  9. The statement that reveals the asset and liabilities of a firm at a glance is known as( a)  Capital ( b) trial balance (c) balance sheet (d) ledger
  10. A fixed amount of money set aside for a petty expenses is  (a) imprest ( b) cash (c) float (d) capital

Part two: answer all questions in this part

  1. (a). What is a trial balance  2marks   (b) list three items on the debit and credit side of the trial balance respective  3marks
  2. (a)What is petty cash book  2marks    (b) state at least four advantages of the imprest system 3marks


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

2nd C.A  2019/2020 SESSION

SUBJECT: ACCOUNT                 CLASS:          SS2                  TIME: 45 MINS.

  1. Which of the following is not prepared by a partnership (a) Trading Account (b) Profit and Loss Account (c) income and expenditure account (d) Balance sheet
  2. The cash realized from the sales of assets on dissolution of partnership is   (a) debited to cash account and credited to asset account  (b)credited to cash account and debited to assets account (c) debited to cash account and credited to realization account (d) debited to realization account and credited to cash account
  3. Subscription in advance is treated in the balance sheet of a non-profit making organization as  (a) current assets (b) fixed assets (c) current liabilities (d) accumulated fund
  4. At the dissolution of a partnership, the dissolution expenses is (a) debited to realization account and credited to cash account (b) debited to cash account and credited to realization account (c) credited to cash account and credited to realization account (d) debited to partner’s current account and credited to realization account
  5. The capital of a non- profit making organization is known as (a) capital reserved (b) accumulated fund (c) development capital (d) endowment fund
  6. Given the following : Debtors (1/1/16) N4,000, Debtors (31/12/16) 2,000, cash received from customers N8,000, what will be the amount to be carried to the trading account (a) N10,000 (b) N6,000 (c) N16,000 (d) N2,000
  7. Subscription in arrears is treated as    (a) current liability (b) current asset (c) fixed asset (d) capital
  8. Goodwill can be valued in partnership when (a) partners make profits (b) large losses are made (c) a partner retires (d) a new branch is opened
  9. When partners make drawing of stock items from the partnership, the accounting impact of the drawing is to increase partner’s (a) goodwill account (b) current account credit balance (c) current account debit balance (d) profit and loss credit balance
  10. An item of appropriation in a partners profit and loss account is (a) interest on partner’s capital (b) interest on partners’ loan (c) employees salaries (d) partners’ drawing

Part Two: answer all question from this part

  1. (a)  Partnership Dissolution  2marks  (b). List four factor that may lead to partnership dissolution 3marks
    1. Give at least five differences between the receipt and payment account and the income and expenditure account (10 marks)


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