Prefix is a group of letters that is added to the beginning of a word to change its meaning and make new word.

For example ‘un’ in Unknown.

Examples of Prefixes

  1. Ab  + here   =    Adhere
  2. Bi   +  cycle  = Bicycle
  3. Ex   + port   =    Export
  4. Mis  + take   = Mistake
  5. Re  +  turn   =  Return
  6. In +  human  = inhuman

Suffix is formed when a letter is or letters are added to the end of a word. For example ‘oon’ in “Balloon”.

Examples of Suffixes

  1. Move + able  = Moveable
  2. Care  + less  = careless
  3. Punish  + ment  = punishment
  4. Mount + tain  =  Mountain
  5. Eat  + able  = Eatable


Instruction: in each of the following, underline the prefix or suffix to each of the given word.

  1. _______Easy. A. Un B. bo
  2. ___Joy. A. ful B. En
  3. Move_____. A. me B. ment
  4. Eat_______. B. sh


  1. What is suffix?
  2. What is prefix?


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