Primary Three Second Term Examination Questions 2019/2020 Session – All Subject


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Pre-Vocational Studies                                                 CLASS: Basic 3

  1. _______________are plants growing where they are not wanted  (a) tubers  (b) weeds                  (c) grasses
  2. ________________is the treatment given to the body to improve a person’s appearance                (a) cosmetics  (b) manicure  (c)bathing
  3. The following are tuber crops except ___________(a) cocoyam  (b) beans  (c) potato
  4. _____________is an example of weed  (a) rice weed  (b) milk weed  (c) tea weed
  5. _____________is any substance which we taken and absorbed by the body produces energy, promotes growth, repairs damaged tissue and regulates metabolic processes  (a)water  (b) medicine  (c) food
  6. ________are animals that destroy other animals and plants  (a) weeds  (b) pests                           (c) vultures
  7. The cooking of foods in hot oil is called ____________(a) frying  (b) stewing  (c) boiling
  8. The following are examples of “go” food except  (a) fish  (b) cassava (c)wheat
  9. The following are foods that can be eaten raw  (a) cabbage  and mango  (b)yam and beans  (c) fish and beef
  10. Foods are made up of some substances called _________(a) nutrition  (b) nutrients  (c)nurture
  11. Water, soap, sponge, towel and ________are some of the materials used for taking care of the body  (a) kreme  (b)paraffin  (c) body cream
  12. ________is an example of traditional material sued for the care of the body  (a) lipstick  (b) antimony  (c) perfume
  13. __________poison our food when we do not cover them  (a) bedbugs  (b) mosquitoes                  (c) house flies
  14. Akara is best served with __________  (a) eba  (b) pap  (c) tea
  15. _________is cooking of food in an open or enclosed glowing fire  (a) stewing  (b)baking  (c)roasting
  16. Okra, fish and table salt are sources of __________(a)protein  (b) vitamins  (c) minerals
  17. The act of planting different crops in a scientific sequence is known as __________ (a)crop rotation (b) bush fallowing  (c) non-cropping
  18. The following are classes of food except ____________(a) caliber  (b) carbohydrate                         (c) vitamins
  19. _________are used to catch fish  (a) hook and line  (b) hook and knife  (c) basket and rope
  20. ______, ________ and _________ are modern materials used for the care of the body                         (a) powder, laali and cam-wood  (b) powder, lipstick and eyelashes  (c) Efun, palm-oil and kerosene

Section B

1a.       Mention four methods of cooking under moist heat

b.         List four traditional materials used for the care of the body

2a.       Mention five types of household pests.  (b)  State three functions of food.

3a.       Mention five examples of weeds

b.         List three diseases caused by houseflies

4a.       List five sources of energy-giving foods

b.         State three reasons for the daily care of our body

5a.       List five modern materials used for the care of the body

b.         Mention three methods of weed control.


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Basic Science & Technology                                        CLASS: Basic 3

  1. ________is a collection of track and field events  (a) Athlete  (b) Athletics  (c) Athleate
  2. The ability to put effort to work is known as _______________(a) power  (b) change  (c)energy
  3. A puppy is a baby _________(a) dog  (b) cow  (c) cat
  4. __________warms our food, water and regulates temperature around us  (a) chemical  (b) kinetic  (c) heat
  5. The energy obtained from the sun is known as __________(a) sun energy  (b) solar energy  (c) chemical energy
  6. ____________is a source of energy  (a) water  (b) fuel  (c) sand
  7. The following are living things except _____________(a) stone  (b) plants  (c) animals
  8. The first change a plant undergoes is __________(a) ageing  (b) germination  (c) shedding of leaves
  9. __________is the stages of growth and development of an animal  (a) Life circle  (b) life triangle  (c) life cycle
  10. A caterpillar is a young butterfly which feeds on __________(a)stones  (b) leaves  (c)water
  11. _______in our environment are ways by which we prevent dangers and hazards in our surroundings  (a)accident  (b) saving  (c) safety
  12. _________is an example of simple safety device  (a) helmet  (b) knife  (c) beret
  13. _______is a meal that contain all the food nutrients in equal proportion  (a) adding diet  (b) adequate diet  (c) adequate
  14. The sprint race is done on a _________line  (a) curved  (b) zigzag  (c) straight
  15. The full meaning of ICT is ________(a) international communicate technology                              (b) information communication teacher  (c) information communication technology
  16. __________is the power produced by the fall of water from a higher to a lower level  9a) hydro-power  (b) power line  (c) hydro-water
  17. The young one of a cow is called _______________(a) lamb  (b) cub  (c) calf
  18. The combination of salt and water is ___________(a) salt solution  (b) water solution (c) salt water solution
  19. The last stage a plant undergoes is __________(a) germination  (b) ageing  (c) shedding of fruits
  20. ________is how hot or cold an object is (a) humidity  (b) heat  (c) temperature

Section B

1a.       Mention five safety devices

b.         List the three types of trace event

2a.       State four ways by which we can be safe in our surrounding

b.         Mention four sources of energy

3a.       Mention five forms of energy

b.         List the six classes of food and give two examples each.

4a.       Write out five stages of change a plant undergoes

b.         Mention three ICT gadgets

5a.       What is life cycle?

b.         With the aid of a diagram show stages in the life cycle of a housefly


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Computer Studies                                             CLASS: Basic 3

Section A

  1. Computer ____is a series of instructions that tells a computer what to do and how to do it. (a) hardware  (b) software  (c) soft copy
  2. ___________are wires used for connecting the parts of a computer together  (a) computer cables  (b) computer socket  (c) computer circuit
  3. There are _________types of software  (a) 4  (b) 3  (c) 2
  4. __________is the software that controls all the operations in the computer                                   (a) application software  (b) operating software  (c) system software
  5. A __________is a person who writes software  (a) operator  (b) programmer  (c) analyst
  6. A ____________is the storage device used in mobile phones  (a) memory card  (b) compact disk  (c) flash drive
  7. The following are examples of operating software except _______(a) apple mac OS                      (b) disk tool  (c) Obuntu Linux
  8. All the parts of a computer must be connected to the ________before they can work                     (a) monitor  (b) keyboard  (c) system unit
  9. Computer cables are also known as ________(a) rubbers  (b) cords  (c) thread
  10. ___is a cable that provides computer to the compute devices  (a) VGA cable  (b)IDE cable (c) power  cable
  11. There are ______types of cable cables  (a) 6  (b) 5  (c) 4
  12. The three most important parts of a computer are  (a) monitor, keyboard and speaker  (b)monitor, keyboard and system unit  (c) monitor, mouse and keyboard
  13. Utilities software are responsible for _________and ___________the computer  (a) repairing, maintaining  (b) repairing and destroying  (c) maintaining
  14. The following are categories of input devices except _____________(a) the mouse  (b)the monitor  (c) the joy stick
  15. Application software are __________designed for a particular job  (a) letters  (b) words  (c) programs
  16. _____is an example of utilities software (a) UNIX  (b) Kaspesky antivirus  (c) AGV antivirus
  17. The following are computer cables except __________(a) Ethernet cable  (b) USB cable  (c) light cable
  18. Electronic spreadsheet contains a grid of cells arranged in columns and ________(a) line  (b) rows  (c) roles
  19. VGA cables are used to transfer ________between devices such as the monitor and the computer  (a) video signals  (v) word signals  (c) picture signals
  20. ___________are parts of the computer that can be seen, touched and felt  (a) computer software  (b) computer hardware  (c) computer softcopy

Section B

1a.       Mention three examples of utilities software

b.         List five types of computer cables

2a.       List and define the two types of software.  (b)           Mention three storage devices

3a.       Mention five examples of operating system

b.         Mention three places where computer is used

4a.       List the two types of application software

b.         Mention two examples of web browser software

5a.       Describe how to set up a computer

b.         Mention three examples of general purpose software


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: History                                                                           CLASS: Basic 3

Section A

  1. Who among these was an early hero in Nigeria?  (a) Jaja of Opobo  (b) Yusuf of Kano  (c)Moremi of Ile-Ife
  2. Who among these won an early heroine in Nigeria?  (a) Nana Olomu of Itsekiri  (b) Jaja of Opobo  (c) Queen Amina of Zaria
  3. Nigeria is divided into ______geopolitical zones  (a) five  (b) six  (c) seven
  4. The Ibibio are located in the ________geopolitical zone of Nigeria  (a) South-South                      (b) South-West  (c) South-East
  5. Another name for Town Fulani is ______________(a) Fulani Bororo  (b) Fulani Gida                       (c) Fulani Fulbe
  6. The following are Egun dialects except _________  (a) Bura  (b) Seto  (c) Xwela
  7. The Kalabari can be found in _________(a) Lagos  (b) Delta  (c) Kano
  8. Oba Ovonranwen ruled in Benin up till __________ (a) 1897  (b) 1888  (c) 1867
  9. Who was appointed the Governor of the Benin River?  (a) Oba Ovonramwen  (b) Nana  Olomu of Itsekiri  (c) Jaja of Opobo
  10. Queen Amina ruled in  Zaria in the _________century  (a) 16th  (b) 17th  (c) 18th
  11. Jaja of Opobo was initially exiled by the British to ____________(a) Calabar  (b) Lagos  (c)Accra
  12. Zaria was known as __________in the 16th century  (a) Zazzau  (b) Sassau  (c)Zarian
  13. __________was appointed the ruler of Kano in 1463  (a) Muhammadu Buhari                          (b) Muhammadu Rufai  (c)Mohammadu Rumfa
  14. When and where did Nana died as a hero  (a) 1916, Jakpa  (b) 1916, Japan  (c) 1816 Jakpa
  15. The Okun can be found in ________local government area of Kogi State  (a) Ojo                     (b) Ijumu  (c) Gboko
  16. The ___________are the largest producers of yams  (a) The Egun  (b) The Ibibio  (c)The Mumuye
  17. Jaja of Opobo was sold as slave to ______town  (a) Opobo  (b) Bonny  (c) Warri
  18. Who among these heroes was an Igbo?  (a) Oba Ovonramowen  (b) Nana  of Olomu of Itsekiri  (c) Jaja of Opobo
  19. The title of Mohammadu Rumfa’s rulership was ____________(a) Sarkin  (b) Sarking             (c) Sakim
  20. Nigeria became a republic in _________ (a) 1st October 1960  (b) 1st October 1963  (c) 1st October 1966

Section B:

1.         Name five early heroes in Nigeria

2.         Mention five early heroines in Nigeria

3.         List the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria

4.         Mention four local government areas where the Tiv are located in Benue State

5.         List four states in the South-West of Nigeria


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Phonics                                                                   CLASS: Basic 3

Section A

  1. ir sounds _________________(a) /      /    (b) /    : /     (c) / i: /
  2. Letter b is silent in  ___________(a) bottle  (b) tomb  (c) knob
  3. Sound / f / can be found in _________(a) photo  (b) jug  (c) land
  4. Sound /ʃ / is present in all except _______________  (a) shrug  (b) sink  (c) shrill
  5. wr sounds _________(a) /ri/  (b) /wr/   (c) /r/
  6. what is the meaning of this transcription / gri:f/  (a) gritf  (b) grief  (c) grief
  7. what is the sound of ‘ea’ in bread?  (a) /a:/  (b) /e:/  (c) / e /

Use the words in the box to answer questions 8 – 12

Orphan      haunch       shirt     heaven    award
  • This is the __________________for good manners
  • He has a ____________and a knickers
  • The children whose parents are dead are called _________________________
  • Give the ___________________of the goat to his sister
  • _____________is far away from man.
  • Thief is transcribed as _________________  (a) / qi:f /  (b)  /thi:f/  (c) /  i:f /
  • Underline the correct spelling

Husband          husbend           huxband

  1. What does this transcription represent  / b  :d /  (a) bed  (b) bied   (c) bird

Section B:

1.         Transcribe these words 

            (a) head    (b) chief   (c) ward   (d) tomb  (e) shred

2.         Write out five words with / ͻ: / sound

            (a) _________________   (b) __________________  (c) _____________________  (d) _________________

            (e)  __________________

3.         Write out five words with silent ‘g’ (gn) sound

            (a) _________________   (b) __________________  (c) _____________________  (d) _________________

            (e)  __________________

4.         Write five words that has  /  : / sound

(a) _________________   (b) __________________  (c) _____________________  (d) _________________

            (e)  __________________

5.         Complete the following words

            (a) co ___   ___ lex    (b) str ___   ____  ture      (c) prog ___   ____ s


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Verbal Reasoning                                                                 CLASS: Basic 3

A.        Write a word that represent the dual meanings in each questions

1i.        A room where cases are judged         _____________

ii.         an area where tennis is played

2i.        A sudden noise caused by something

ii.         to hit something hard against something else

3i.        healthy or to feel very healthy

ii.         a deep hole in the ground from which people take water

B.        Form two words that sound alike from each table

4.                     ain

            m         ene       ____________,   __________________


5.         p          eel

                        il          _______________,  __________________


6.         s           ell

                        ale        __________________,  __________________


C.        Write a word that is almost the same in meaning to the one in capital letters

7.         BEGIN _______________  (8)  FALL ________________  (9) AID _____________

D.        Use the code word to answer the following questions

            L  E  A  R  N  R  I  T  E

            2  3  4  5  6  5  1  9  3

10.       4 5 9 is ____________________   (11)  2 3 4 5 6 9  is _____________________

12.       N E A R is ______________________________

E.         Find the root word for each of these words.

13.       rearrangement ____________________________

14.       discolouration _____________________________

15.       multinational               _____________________________

F.         Show that each of these words has three syllables

16.       develop          

17.       confusion

Basic 3 Verbal Cont.

18.       overcome

G.        Write two things that can be associated with each word in bold print.  Choose your answer from the bracket

 19.      bee                  __________,  ___________ (sugar, honey, oil, sting)

20.       house               __________,  __________  (kitchen, lake, farm, door)

21.       tree                  ___________, ____________ (foliage, trunk, grass, tyre)

H.        Write a word that rhymes with the one given

22.       memory           _____________________

23.       nursery            _____________________

24.       boundary         ______________________

I.          One word in such of the following set is a group name for the rest.  Write this word out

25.       moon   light     sun       star      torch    (_______________)

26.       sail       ride      walk    fly        movement (_____________)

27.       cedar   tree      iroko    birch    mahogane  (_________________)

J.          Make compound words using one primary word from each column

            Hour                mat

            Trash               cup

            Foot                 maid

            Ink                   can

28.       _________________________

29.       ___________________________

30.       __________________________


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Fine Art                                                                  CLASS: Basic 3

Draw and colour these objects

1.         Spoon

2.         bucket

3.         rake

4.         shovel


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: English Language                                                           CLASS: Basic 3


Read the passage carefully, then answer the questions that follow


            The school doctor was visiting today.  Rita looked forward to the time when it was her turn to go.  She would wait quietly in the corridor just outside the medical room.  As she waited she had her eyes examined.  She stood at one end of the corridor and the nurse stood at the other.  The nurse hold up pictures of animals, birds, flowers and other things, and Rita had to tell her what she was holding.  She looked at the pictures with first the left eye covered and then the right eye covered.  It was a super game.

            Soon, it was her turn to see the doctor.  He was dressed in a white coat and had a funny thing clipped behind his neck and hanging down his front.  This was called a stethoscope and he used it to listen to patient’s heart or breathing.  He was a very kind man, always smiling.  He looked at Rita’s teeth and asked her to say ‘Ah’ loudly, and that was easy.  then he looked behind her ears and at her hands to see if she had washed them today.


1.         How and where did Rita wait?

2.         What happened while she waited?

3.         Who tested her eyes?

4.         How was the doctor dressed?

5.         What is a stethoscope?


1.         Underline the adjectives in the following sentences

a.         The large ship sank in the deep sea.

b.         Nigerian baskets are of good quality.

2.         Pick out the adverbs in these sentences

a.         The soldiers fought bravely

b.         I told Ama to keep the there

3.         Change these sentences to the passive voice

a.         She eats the buns

b.         The policeman caught the thief.

4.         Use the correct preposition in each blank

a.         You must not meddle _______other people’s belongings

b.         I received a letter ______________my pen friend

5.         Change these sentences to the active voice.

a.         The cat was baked by Sola

b.         The baby is being fed by his mother

6.         Complete the table below

a.         good                better               ___________________

b.         ___________  ____________            tallest

7.         Change the verbs in the brackets into nouns and fill in the blanks to complete the following sentences

a.         We are expecting her ________today (arrive)

b.         Will you stop the _________please! (laugh)

8.         Change these adjectives to adverbs

a.         happy  –

b.         beautiful –

9.         Change these sentences to indirect speech

a.         The little girl said, “I am lost”

b.         Ona asked, “will you come to my party?”

10.       Change these sentences to direct speech.

a.         My father said that I could go too.

b.         They explained that soap is made with palm oil.

Lexis and Structure

Choose the correct word from the options A, B, C to complete the sentence.

1.         The children showed a lot of _____in the new story book  (a) happiness (b)interest  (c) need

2.         A ____is a period of ten years. (a) decade  (b) century  (c) millennium

3.         Tunde is ______a basket  (a) weaveing  (b) weaved  (c) weaving

4.         She bought some _______wears  (a) childrens  (b)children’s  (c)childrens’s

5.         The dog is wagging _____tail  (a) its  (b) it’s  (c) its’


Write a composition “A female teacher is better than a male teacher (Oppose)


1.         How many days did Jimmy spent in the police station?

2.         Why was Nneka’s school stopped?

3.         What is the full name of Nneka’s baby

4.         What sign did for years of Akujo show?

5.         Who was Folashade?


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Religion and National Values                                      CLASS: Basic 3

Section A

  1. _____is the total way of life of people  (a) conflict  (b) culture  (c) custom
  2. Which tribe call God Abasi?  (a) Efik  (b) Yoruba  (c) Igbo
  3. _____are belief and ideas that are regarded as the right way of doing things  (a)behaviour  (b) nation  (c) values
  4. Who gave His only begotten son to die for our sins  (a) Jesus  (b) God  (c) Satan
  5. _____is the government of the people by the people and for the people  (a)oligarchy            (b) military  (c) democracy
  6. A _______is a body of people sharing a spirit of unity  (a) nation  (b) school  (c) village
  7. The place where Jesus was crucified is called ____(a) The Brain (b) The mountain               (c) The skull
  8. Ebola is a ___disease  (a) fungus  (b) virus  (c) bacteria
  9. The following are food eaten by Yoruba except _____ (a) Amala  (b) Akpu  (c)Eba
  10. The act of telling the truth is _____(a) contentment  (b) obedience  (c) honesty
  11. How many ethnic groups do we have in Nigeria  (a) 250  (b) 350  (c) 205
  12. The following are characteristics of a nation except _____(a) common language                       (b) common territory  (c) common food
  13. Jesus was crucified along with ________thieves  (a) three  (b) two  (c) one
  14. The daughter of your sister is your ______  (a) niece  (b) nephew  (c)cousin
  15. The slogan for Ogun State is _______(a) Centre of Excellence  (b) Food Basket  (c)Gateway State
  16. Who was asked to be released instead of Jesus  (a) Bolanle  (b) Barabbas  (c) Barbra
  17. Imbibing a new life needs a good character such as _____ (a) stealing  (b) cheating (c)praying
  18. Who wanted to set Jesus free  (a) King Saul  (b) David  (c) Pilate
  19. Your aunt’s or uncle’s children are your _________  (a) cousins   (b)nephew (c)relation
  20. The following are symptoms of a person with Ebola except ______ (a) bleeding  (b)leg pain  (c) body rash

Section B

1a.       Mention four signs and symptoms of Ebola

b.         List four fruits of a new life

2a.       State five examples of values

b.         List the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria

3a.       State three ways God shows us love

b.         Mention five elements of culture

4a.       List the characteristics of a nation

b.         Complete the table below

            Language                    Name of God






5a.       Mention four similarities in our culture  (b) List four Nigerian food


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Vocational Aptitude                                                          CLASS: Basic 3

Section A:

  1. ______is the study and treatment of diseases and injuries  (a) mechanics  (b)medicine  (c)medium
  2. Which of these is a bank in Nigeria  (a) Polaris Bank  (b) Pole Bank  (c) Poland Bank
  3. A _______is used for sewing clothes  (a) scissors  (b) tailoring machine  (c) sewing machine
  4. _________is the job of keeping money and other valuable items for people  (a) Bank               (b) Banking  (c) Saving
  5. A pilot is a person who flies or operates ________  (a) aircraft  (b) aercrafts (c)canoes
  6. A woman who sews and make clothes is called a ________(a) sew woman  (b) seamstress  (c) sewer
  7. The following are aircrafts except _____  (a) helicopter  (b)aeroplane  (c)train
  8. The people who receive money and pay money to customers in a bank are called ______ (a) cashiers  (b) receptionist  (c) receivers
  9. The following are tools sued by a tailor except _____(a)whipping machine  (b)hammar  (c)scissors
  10. Teachers in the universities are called ____(a) lecturers  (b) tutors  (c) teachers
  11. _______is the treatment of diseases and injuries involving the cutting of the body                (a) optometry  (b) surgery  (c) dentistry
  12. A doctor who specializes in the treatment of eye problems is called a _______(a)surgeon  (b) dentist  (c)optician
  13. A ______is used to cash or pay in money to a bank  (a) checkbook  (b) cheque book  (c) a clean book
  14. Malaria is caused by a _______bite  (a) cat  (b) snake  (c) mosquito
  15. The _______welding is a type of welding in which heat is sued in joining two or more metals together  (a) submerged  (b) gas  (c) shielded
  16. The following are examples of automobile except ______(a) canoe  (b) bus  (c) car
  17. Oxyacetylene is a mixture of _________ and _______ gas  (a) oxygen and acid  (b)oxide and acetylene  (c) oxygen and acetylene
  18. _______works on vehicle types  (a) panel beater  (b) vulcanizer  (c) electrician
  19. The person that cuts out fabric panels from clothe is called ______(a)joiner  (b) designer  (c)cutter
  20. __________is used in arc welding  (a) electric power  (b) gas  (c) charcoal

Section B

1a.       State five branches of medicine

b.         Mention three examples of aircraft

2a.       Write out the names of five banks in Nigeria

b.         Complete the table below

            School                                     What teachers are called

            Primary school

            Secondary school


Basic 3 Vocation Cont.

3a.       What is welding?

b.         List five tools used by a welder

4a.       Mention five tools used by a teacher

b.         List three tools used in a bank

5a.       Mention four specialists in tailoring

b.         State the use(s) of these medical tools

            (i)         Stethoscope:

            (ii)        Bandage:

            (iii)       Thermometer:

            (iv)       Syringe and needle


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Handwriting                                                                       CLASS: Basic 3

Life is like a piano, what you get out of it depends on how you play it.

May 1st of every year is a public holiday.  It is called May Day for workers to rest.


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Mathematics                                                                       CLASS: Basic 3

Section A:

1.         Add 4.7 and 3.56  (a) 7.126  (b) 8.26  (c) 7.63

2.         Find the LCM of 6 and 5  (a) 30  (b) 6  (c) 11

3.         A fraction is a part of a _________(a) half  (b) hundred  (c) whole

4.         Which is larger? ½ or ¼  (a) ¼  (b) ½  (c) none

5.         2/3 + ½  = ________ (a) 1 2/3  (b) 1 2/6  (c) 1 1/6

6.         What is 2/5 of 20?   (a) 8  (b) 6  (c) 2/3

7.         The currency we spend in Nigeria is ______  (a) Cedis  (b) Dollar  (c)Naira

8.         Change 438570 kobo to Naira  (a) N438.570  (b) N4385.70  (c) N438570

9.         Write 2569 in Roman Numeral  (a) IIVVIIX   (b) MMDLXIXV  (c) MMDLXIX

10.       I bought a pen for N2.40 and I paid N5, how much is my change?  (a) N2.60  (b) N7.40  (c) N2.00

11.       Find the HCF of 20 and 40  (a) 20  (b) 10  (c) 30

12.       Change N50 to kobo  (a) 50k  (b) 5000k  (c) 500k

13.       What must I add to 0.57 to get 1  (a) 0.45  (b) 1.43  (c) 0.570

14.       The selling price (S.P) of a ruler is N50 and the cost price (C.P) is N48.  What is the profit?  (a) N108  (b) N28  (c) N12

15.       42 + 22 = _______(a) 20  (b) 12  (c) 24

16.       What is the value of the underlined digit  438.25  (a) 2 tens  (b) 2 tenths  (c) 2 units

17.       Find the value of letter x in 3/5 = x/10  (a) x = 4  (b) x = 5  (c) x = 6

18.       4/57/10 =_____  (a)  11/50  (b) 1/10  (c) 1/5

19.       Write 438279 in words  (a) four hundred and thirty-eight thousand two hundred and seventy-nine  (b) four hundred and thirty eight two hundred and seventy-nine  (c) four thirty-eight thousand two seventy-nine hundred

20.       2/8 ÷ 16 = ________ (a) 1/64  (b) 1 (c) 4

Section B:

1a.       Find the HCF of

(i)         16 and 24                    (ii)        6, 12 and 30

b.         Find the LCM of

(i)         4 and 5     (ii) 2, 9 and 5

Basic 3 Maths Cont.

2a.       Find the value of the letters

(i)        3/5 = 7/5            (ii) 4/y = 2/3

3a.       Solve the following

(i)         Find the profit of a trader bought a bag for N815 and sold it for N905

(ii)        A refrigerator was sold for N8500.  If the cost price was N9500; find the loss

3b.       Do the following

(i)         What is the value of one-third of 36

(ii)        2/5  x 15/20

4ai.      Find the cost of three (3) kettles if one costs N4.75

(ii)        What is the cost of one (1) book if six (6) books cost N90

4ai.      3 3/=5 + 3 ¼                (ii)        8 2/3 – 6 ½

5a.       If S1 = N250

(i)         How much is S5 in Naira

(ii)        How much is N2500 in Dollar

5b.       A ruler costs N25.18

            A lamp costs N100.11

            A shirt costs N80

            A pair of shoes cost N450

(i)         Find the cost of a pair of shoes, a shirt and a ruler

(ii)        How much will you pay for a lamp and a shirt?


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