Week 1 & 2

Topic:                    Set ground rules- toileting

At the end to he lesson pupil should be able to use the toilet properly without missing his/herself up.

Lesson:                 2 lesson

Materials:           pupil in the class, the school toilet

Activity:               should include using the toilet practically.

Evaluation:         As in previous weeks

Week 3 & 4

Topic:                    Picking up litters round the school.

Objective:           pupil should be able to keep their surrounding clean from litter and under stand that the  we should not litter our surrounding

Lesson:                2 lesson

Materials:           litters around the classroom, waste bin

Activity:               Teacher should make pupil go out and pick the litter in the surrounding telling then at the same time that it is important to keep our surroundings clean so as to avoid illness.

Evaluation:         Ask the pupil to state what we can do to keep or surrounding clean.

Week 5 & 6

Topic:                    Handling shop objects- knife

Objective:           At the end of the lesson pupil should be able to handle knives the way it should be handled.

Lesson:                 Lesson

Materials:           Knives, tin covers from open tins

Activity:               Teacher should teach the proper way to handle knives ad other slarp objects that the child could come in contact with

Evaluation:         Should be practical.

Week 7 & 8

Topic :                   pouring water from bottle to cup

Objective:           At the end of the lesson pupil should be able to pour water from a jog into a cup

Lesson:                 2 lesson

Materials:           Water, jug, cups

Activity:               Teacher should fill the jug with water and set out the cups on a tray. Teacher should teach the pupil how to handle the jug so as to pour water carefully into the cup without spilling water on the table  or the floor.

Evaluation:         Evaluation should be practical week 9 & 10

Topic:                    Transferring water with foam

Objectives:         At the end of the lesson pupil should be able to clean up water in case of spilling using foam to mop-it-up.

Lesson:                 2 lessons

Materials:           water, foam, tray bowl

Activity:               Teacher should pour some water into a tray and mop –it- up using   foam. Teacher should make pupil repeat the activity to demonstrate that water could be transferred from the bowl into a cup.

Evaluation:         Evaluation should be practical.

Week 11              Revision

Timely test

Examination & closing


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