What is a sentence? A sentence is a group of words that makes or express complete thought. A Sentence is formed by joining different words to say something that people can understand.

Examples of forming simple sentences

  1. My father is     +    a Police officer = my father is a Police officer. 
  2. I am + a girl = I am a girl.
  3.  Paul goes to + school every day = Paul goes to + school every day.
  4. Our teacher   +    is a man = our teacher is a man.
  5. This is   + my book =   this is my book.
  6. She cooked   +   the food = She cooked the food.
  7.  Esther entered +   the room = Esther entered the room
  8. Children love + to play always = Children love to play always.
  9. Take it + at Once = Take it at Once.
  10. Bring out your + Grammar textbook = Bring out your Grammar textbook.


Make a complete sentence using the following

  1. The cock ________. A look B. Crow C. Laugh D. cry.
  2. The car belongs to ________. A. blue B Fish C. hard D Kunle
  3. He took it __________ A Home B. large C. poor
  4. She sat next to _________ A. God B. Me C. Chair D. Time.


  1. Make three  simple sentences.


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