Senior Secondary School Scheme of work Government –

NERDC Scheme of work Government SS2

Lagos State Government Scheme of work SS2 Third Term

  1. Nigeria Federalism-Origin.
  2. Factors Responsible For Nigeria Federation; The Structure, Features And Problems of Nigeria Federalism.
  3. The Development of Political Parties In Nigeria (i) Nigeria National Democratic Party 
    1. (NNDP) (ii) The Nigeria Youth Movement (NYM) (iii) The National Council of Nigeria and
    1. Cameroon (N.C.N.C.)
  4. (i) Northern People’s Congress (N.P.C) (ii) The Action Group (A.G.)
    1. Minor Political Parties of First Republic- U.M.B.C., N.E.P.U.-Second Republican Political  
    1. Parties – National Party of Nigeria (N.P.N), Unity Party of Nigeria (U.P.N)
  5. Nigeria People’s Party (N.P.P), Great Nigeria People’s Party (G.N.P.P.), People’s
    1. Redemption Party (P.R.P.), Nigeria Advance Party (N.A.P)
  6. Major Political Crises in Nigeria- (i) Kano Riot of 1953, (ii) Census Crises of 1962/63
  7. (i) Action Group Crises of 1962 (ii) Federal Election Crises of 1964.
  8. (i) Western Nigeria Election Crises of 1965 (ii) General election Crises of 1979 and 1983
  9. Kaduna State Executive/ Legislative Crises of 1981.
  10. The Nigeria Civil War.
  11. Revision/ Examination.

Government Scheme of work SS2 Third Term – Modified

Week 1:

  • Revision
  • The Northern Peoples’ Congress
  • The Action Group (Ag)
  • The Miner Political Parties Of The First Republic Umbc, Nepu E T C
  • Organizational Structure, Sources Of Finance, Objectives And Performance.

Week 2 And 3

  • Second Republic Political Parties Development Of Political Parties In Nigeria Ii
  • National Party Of Nigeria (Npn)
  • Unity Party Of Nigeria (Upn)
  • Nigeria Peoples’ Party (Npp)
  • Great Nigeria People Party (Cnpp)
  • Nigeria Advance Party (Nap)
  • Formation, Structure, Sources Of Finance, Objectives And Performance

Week 4

  • The Third And Fourth Republics Political Parties: Development Of Political Parties In Nigeria Iii
  • Social Democratic Party (Sdp)
  • National Pepublican Convention/Nrc
  • Peoples Democratic Party (Pdp)
  • All Nigeria Peoples Party (Anpp)
  • Alliance For Democracy (Ad)
  • Action Congress Of Nigeria (Can)
  • Congress For Progressive Change (Cpc)
  • Other Minor Political Parties: Formation, Structureal Organisation, Sources Of Finance, Objectives And Performance.

Week 5 And 6

  • Military Rule In Nigeria
  • Historical Background
  • Reasons For Military Interrvention
  • Achievement Of Military Regismes In Nigeria
  • Structure Of Military Regimes In Nigeria
  • Weakness Of Military Government In Nigeria
  • Measures That Could Be Taken To Prevent Military Interrvention In Nigeria

Week 7 And 8

  • Local Govrnment Administartion In Nigeria
  • Struture, Functions Of Local Government, Sources Of Finance, Problems, 1976 Local Government Reforms
  • Roles Of Traditional Rules In Government

Week 9 And 10

  • Nigeria And The World
  • Interdependence Of Nations: The Needs For Interactions, Merits And Demerits
  • The Nigeria Foreign Policy Since Independence, Factors That Can Affect Nigeria’s Foreign Policy. Formationlation Of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy, Features Of Nigeria Foreign Policy.

Week 11 And 12

  • Revision And Examination.


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