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English Language First Term Examination Questions 2019/2020 Session – Junior Secondary School One (JSS 1)


                              1 BENSON AVENUE, LEKKI PHASE 1, LAGOS.

                          SECOND TERM EXAMINATION 2019/2020 SESSION


                                     OBJECTIVE QUESTION

                                            SECTION A


Saliva is a known fluid produced from human mouth.  It keeps the body from various diseases.  Saliva is produced by three major glands: the parotid, the gland sub-lingual and the sub- mandibula gland

Saliva keeps our mouth moist and comfortable.  It helps us to chew, taste and swallow.  It contains polin, which is a protein that protects tooth enamel.  It also contains minerals that help the tooth.  The production of saliva in the mouth can also help to clean the dirt in between our teeth.  It also contains antibacterial substances that can prevent bacteria in our mouth .  it contains antibodies and anti microbial compounds.

          Wounds on the inner cheeks and gums heal faster than wounds on the outer body because of the presence of protein in saliva that helps form new blood vessels.  It is also the reason why animals lick their wounds.  The content of detergent in toothpaste can damage the quality of saliva and make the mouth dry as well as damage the sense of taste.  That is why the flavour of food turns out to be bitter and bland shortly after brushing our teeth   with a toothpaste that contains detergent.

         We should therefore avoid brushing our teeth immediately after meal

                   Answer the following questions from the passage

  1. Which of these is not a function of saliva in the body?  (a) it keeps the mouth moist  (b) it makes us sleep well  (c) it protects the tooth enamel

     (d). saliva prevents diseases

  • According to the passage, wounds on the inner cheeks and gums  heal faster than those on the outer body because saliva  (a) contains antibodies    (b) contains minerals   (c) contains proteins that help to form new blood vessels   (d) helps  to clean dirt in between teeth
  • Brushing our teeth with a tooth paste that contains detergent can  (a) damage our blood vessels  (b) heal our wound faster  (c) injure our gums  (d) make us loss sense of taste
  • The most suitable for this passage could be   (a) the  danger of brushing  (b) the effect of detergent   (c) the production of saliva in the mouth  (d) the relevance of saliva
  • Which of these words can replace ‘fluid’  (a) chemical  (b) element  (c) gas   (d) liquid                                                      

                      VOCABULARY DEVELOPMENT

Complete each of the following questions with  the most appropriate of the options lettered A-D  (11-25)

  • The council of elders was present at the ——————— of the new king  (a) coronation   (b) enrolment  (c) induction  (d) ordination
  • Nigeria is rich in solid  (a) bitumen  (b) block  (c) minerals  (d) mines
  • Our class teacher is always ——– in school; she resumes at the right time. (a) punctual  (b)present  (c) prompt (d) regular
  • The ———————– that used to supply newspapers to our office has left the town  (a) dealer  (b) editor  (c) printer  (d) vendor
  • The current law on human trafficking was ———————- by the 8th National Assembly.  (a) annulled  (b) composed  (c) created  (d) enacted
  • The hospital ——————- is now stocked with enough drugs  (a) ambulance  (b) laboratory  (c) pharmacy  (d) ward
  • The insurance company paid him a ———————- of one million naira for the loss of his car  (a) bonus  (b) compensation  (c) dividend  (d) premium
  • Most books kept on the ——————— in the library are foreign  (a) catalogue  (b) cupboard  (c) drawer  (d) shelf
  • Mr. Williams’ ———————– was written by his friends  (a) autobiography  (b) biography  (c) brief  (d) story
  • The judge ————————- the case for lack of merit  (a) adjourned  (b) annulled  (c) cancelled  (d) dismissed
  • Poetry is the most interesting of the three —————— of literature  (a) genres  (b) parts  (c) sections  (d) units
  • The plane  ————————– along the runway before taking off (a) cruised  (b) ran  (c) speed  (d) taxied
  • The ————————- right of any citizen should not be infringed upon  (a) fundamental  (b) negotiated  (c) privileged  (d) reserved
  • Joan bought some kitchen ————————- recently  (a) equipment  (b) items  (c) objects  (d) utensils
  • The —— pronounced the accused guilty.  (a) clerk  (b) judge  (c) lawyer (d) prosecutor

Complete each of the following  questions with the most appropriate of the options lettered A-E  (25-40)

  • A poem of fourteen lines written in aimbic  pentameter is known as —- (a) couplet (b) Lyric (c) sonnet (d)pastoral
  • The customer left the store without buying anything ——————  the price of the goods was too expensive(a) as  (b) if  (c) provided  (d) so
  • Tolu lost his golden pen ———————- he has found it now  (a) and  (b) but  (c) so  (d) yet
  • The nurse needed the a/an ——— to examine the patient’s temperature.  (a) apparatus  (b) stethoscope  (c) stereoscope     (d) thermometer
  • The pupils were instructed to wait under the shade ———————– the rain stops  (a) because  (b) so  (c) unless  (d) until
  • ——————- would like to finish the renovation ourselves before Christmas   (a) he  (b) I   (c) they  (d) we
  • My brother plans to study ——————— at the university  (a) pcyschology  (b) psychology  (c) psychology  (d) scychology
  • The principal encouraged the students to study hard ———————- the examination  (a) at  (b) for  (c) in  (c) on  (d) over
  • The teacher and parents ——————— meeting later today  (a) can be  (b) is  (c) was  (d) will be
  • “———————- are the boys that waylaid me”  (a) some  (b) that  (c) them  (d) those
  • Tolu and Wumi could not kill the rat because it escaped ———————– the rear door  (a) at  (b) by  (c) from  (d) in
  • You need to be careful while walking on the tiles  ————– you slip  (a) and  (b) lest  (c) then  (d) when
  • A sonorous song used to keep children quiet or put them to sleep is —- (a) lullaby (b) epic  (c) didactic (d) sonnet
  • Our teacher asked us to move —— to the other line. (a) over (b) across (c) above (d) below
  • Neither Mary —————- Rachael knows the way home  (a) and   (b) but  (c) nor  (d) or 
  • He arrived the assembly ground ——————— they began to sing the National Anthem.  (a) as soon as  (b) despite  (c) in as much as  (d) nevertheless                                  


Choose from the options lettered A-D, the one that contains the given phonetic symbol.

  • /     /  (a) break  (b) foil   (c) goal (d) broad
  • /    /   (a)  foot   (b) shot (c) cup  (d) turn
  • /    /   (a)  feel     (b) fine  (c) pain  (d) neck
  • /    /    (a) chest  (b) cream (c) bird (d) run

                                                             SECTION B


Your answer to each should be about 200 words.  You are free to use the hint below and/or any other word you like

  1. Write a letter to the principal on the poor living condition in your hostel and suggest ways of improving on them.                                                                    HINTS: (i) Title  (ii) Mention the hostel and discuss the problem you have in the hostel (iii) Suggest what can be done to reduce the problems (iv) Conclusion.
  2. A friend of yours has just been offered admission in your former school. write a letter congratulating him/her on how to be the best student in the school.  Hints; (i) introduction- congratulating him or her on the offer of the

Admission   (ii) list ways of being the best student.   (iii)  conclusion.

  • Write an essay on the topic; my favourite game.                                            Hints; (i) introduction- Name and explain the game (ii) body, how it is played (iii) conclusion.

                                                        SECTION C


  1. Identify the type of tense used in the following sentences

Example:  My mother cooks well- simple present tense.

  1. My father is washing his car
  2. The baby slept soundly last night
  3. Nkem brushes his teeth every morning.
  4. We will see him tomorrow
  5. I am writing a letter
  6. Change the following simple past tense to present progressive tense.
  7. My sister wrote a letter.
  8. My mother travelled to Kano
  9. Our teacher taught us well
  10. I swept the floor
  11. My mother went to the market
  • List the genres of Literature

 ii. What is poetry?   Iii  List three types of poetry

  • Define the following terms
  • Rhythm  ii  mood  iii rhyme scheme  iv imagery  v.  verse
  • Indicate the figure of speech used in the following sentences.
  • Ngozi walks like her mother
  • The sun smile at us when we trooped out of the forest.
  • My drivers children are goats
  • We have a very strong football team in our school, out of ten matches played this term we won only one.
  • She seems to me the wisest fool


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