Second Term Examination Questions 2019/2020 Session – Junior Secondary School Three (JSS 3) for French, English Language, Agricultural Science, Social Studies, Business Studies




SUBJECT:    FRENCH                                                                   CLASS:  J.S.S 3

Epreuve de francais

A.        Souligue la reponse

  1. Plus grand que __________(a) smaller than  (b) bigger than
  2. Plus lent que _______(a) faster than  (b) slower than
  3. Plus petit que ________(a) longer than  (b) smaller than
  4. Plus rapide que _______(a) bigger than  (b) faster than
  5. Plus long que _________(a) longer than (b) slower than
  6. Medecin _____________(a) drugs  (b) medical doctor
  7. Medicament ____________(a) medical  (b) drugs
  8. Infirmier ________________(a) cleaner  (b) nurse
  9. Chirurgien _______________(a) surgeon  (b) charging
  10. Laboratin __________________(a) laboratory  (b) scientist
  11. Opticien ____________(a) eye doctor  (b) teeth doctor
  12. Dentiste _________________(a) teeth doctor  (b) child doctor
  13. Pharmacien _________  (a) physician  (b) pharmacy
  14. Pediatre ________________(a) children doctor  (b) leg doctor
  15. Hopital  _______(a) Home   (b) hospital

B.        Theorie

16.       Complete le tablean

Professionels    Travail

17.       List 5 things, you do everyday in French language.





SUBJECT:    ENGLISH LANGUAGE                                          CLASS:  J.S.S 3

General Instruction:  This paper contains section A, B and C.  Read the instructions on each questions carefully before you answer the questions.

Section A:  Objectives

Instruction:  answer all the questions in this section.



            It gives me great pleasure to come back to my old school today and talk to you about my time in California in the United States of America.  I was invited to go and work as a visiting lecturer at the African State of America.  I was invited to go and work as a visiting lecturer at the African Studies Department of the University of Los Angeles.

            California is a very beautiful state, and I really enjoyed my stay there.  The people are exceptionally friendly and I was welcomed into many homes.  California is so rich that it is known as the Golden state.  Life there is nearly perfect, except for one thing.  California has more than it’s fair share of natural disasters.

            Earthquakes are not uncommon.  Mostly, they are quite minor, but there was one serious earthquake when I was there, in Los Angeles.  Tall buildings came crashing down, bridges and roads were destroyed and many people were killed or injured.  I missed this earthquake but I was there in 2007 when fire swept through much of southern California.  Every autumn, the Santa Ana wind come to southern California, bringing the same danger; fire. Gusts reach up to 90 kilometres an hour.  The winds usually blow in an anti-clockwise direction from the Pacific Ocean.  But, at this time of the year they reverse their direction: sweeping over the Colorado Desert, they warm up and then gather speed.  The vegetation, which is normally very dry, easily catches alight.

            In October, 2007, fire swept through a vast area from Santa Barbara to the US Mexico border.  More than 1,500 homes were razed to the ground.  Ironically, many of the victims lived in Emerald Bat, an area of luxurious homes with private tennis courts and swimming pools.  Buzz Aidrin, the lunar astronaut, lived there.  So did film stars and rich business people.  They thought they were safe, but they were not.

            Fire fighters made almost superhuman attempts to control the fire, but sparks from the fire started numerous other fires and they were stretched almost beyond endurance.

            The nation watched as the American Dream went up in smoke.  A few householders had carried out counter measure:  They kept the ground around their houses clear of vegetation and installed fire-resistant tile roofs.  Apart from those houses, whole areas was destroyed.  More than 1000 luxurious homes were burnt down, and millions of dollars worth of damage was caused.  Many homes were looted by opportunist gangs of thieves.  One home lost jewelry worth thousands of dollars.

            No one knows exactly what cause the fires.  It could have a careless cigarette and, or a discarded match it could have been a piece of broken glass catching the rays of the sun.  Detectives are working on a theory that the fire was started by a mad arsonist.  But the most likely explanation is that it was started by natural causes.  Southern California is an arid, desert landscape that was almost uninhabited for centuries.  During that time it repeatedly suffered the ravages of fire, long before it was settled by it’s present population of 20 million people.


1.         What wind brought danger to South California?  (a) Sunami  (b) Santa Ana wind                         (c) California storm  (d) wind danger

2.         What started the fire that swept through Santa Barbara according to scientific speculations?  (a) the fire was started by a mad arsonist  (b) the fire was as a result of volcanic eruption                       (c) because the sun was too hot on the Colorado desert 

3.         What other name is California popularly known as  (a) city of disaster  (b) the golden city  (c) Santa Barbara  (d) Southern California

4.         According to the passage, California is located where?  (a) in the southern part of Africa                   (b) in the United state of America  (c) in London  (d) in the eastern part of Africa

5.         In summary, the passage talks about —————-(a) the effect of natural disaster  (b) how fire as a result of earthquake destroyed some places in California  (d) how California expanded it’s territory  (d) How scientist worked hard to make discovered about California

From the options below, pick the word that is opposite to the underlined words in the following sentences.

6.         His generousity awarded him a prize  (a) selfishness  (b) selflessness  (c) kindness  (d)patience

7.         I could not ignore his call  (a) accept  (b) reject  (c) await  (d) condemn

8.         He was brave to face his enemies  (a) scared  (b) reliable  (c) trusting  (d) arrogant

9.         That is an interesting story  (a) scary  (b) funny  (c) terrible  (d) boring

10.       He was in anguish over the lost of his sister  (a) you  (b) pain  (c) depression  (d)lonely

Pick from the options the word that is similar in meaning to the underlined word in the following sentence.

11.       The criminal was apprehended yesterday  (a) praise  (b) rejected  (c) seized  (d) enlighten

12.       His ideas were obsolete    (a) disused  (b) trustworthy  (c) commendable  (d) perfect

13.       A small oversight at this stage can lead to big problems later  (a) omission  (b) concentration  (c) discomfort  (d) addition

14.       He is considered to be a very good man  (a) noticed  (b) looked  (c) selfless  (d)chosen

15.       He took her hand in a firm clasp   (a) grip  (b) clap  (c) twist  (d) entangle

Fill in the gaps with the correct prepositions

16.       The roof is _________my head

17.       The lady ___________the lamp is the nurse

18.       He is __________the house

19.       The man ______them is my father

20.       I will not come _____________you wait for me.

Section C

Answer any four questions

1.         Write a narrative essay on the topic “make hay while the sun shine “

2.         Transcribe the following words

1.         Push

2.         Might

3.         tight

4.         Go

5.         May

3i.        Define the terms

a.         Relative pronouns

b.         Reflexive pronouns

ii.         Use two examples each to differentiate between reflexive and relative pronouns

4i.        Define the term personal and relative pronouns

ii.         Use four examples to differentiate between relative and personal pronouns

5i.        What are nasal sounds we have in English Language

ii.         Give examples of words with the Nasal sounds we have in English language.

6.         Write a formal letter to the local government complaining about the bad road in your vicinity.





SUBJECT:    AGRIC SCIENCE                                                    CLASS:  J.S.S 3


  1. The introduction of science and technology has enhanced the development of agriculture in the following ways EXCEPT the provision of (a) disease resistant strain or livestock               (b) high quality feed  (c) efficient farm machinery  (d) new soil components  (e) good quality agrochemicals.
  2. Forest tress produce the following EXCEPT  (a) dyes  (b) gums  (c) resins  (d) ropes  (e)spices
  3. Which of the following tools is needed for fishing  (a) chain  (b) crowbar  (c) secateurs             (d) sickle  (e) trap
  4. A method that can serve both as processing & preservation of fishes in large quantities is __(a) canning  (b) freezing (c) frying  (d) salting  (e) sun drying
  5. In mechanized farms, a farmer will not use (a) fertilizers  (b) hoes  (c) improved seeds                (d) pesticides  (e) ploughs
  6. The following are problems of mechanization in Nigeria  EXCEPT  (a) inadequate maintenance of facilities  (b) insufficient technology know how  (c) lack of capital (d) land tenure system  (e) provision of larger farm output
  7. Farm buildings includes the following EXCEPT  (a) poultry house  (b) pen  (c) store               (d) silo  (e) office
  8. Which of the following is NOT a tractor coupled implement?  (a) cultivator  (b) harvester  (c) incubator  (d) planter  (e) ridger
  9. Which of these is NOT an aquatic animal  (a) snail  (b) crayfish  (c) shrimps  (d) squid               (e) salmon
  10. The main function of a harrow is to _______(a) break soil and bury weeds  (b) breaks up soil into smaller pieces (c) bury weeds and their seeds  (d) make long heaps  (e) make ridges before planting.
  11. Which of the following human activities does NOT reduce the benefits of forest resources?  (a) afforestation  (b) bush burning  (c) hunting  (d) industrialization  (e) mining
  12. Which of the following is NOT a forest product  (a) fire wood  (b) herbs  (c) pulp wood         (d) steel  (e) timber
  13. The method of harvesting fish in which spears are used to catch big fishes is known as _____(a) electro fishing  (b) ultrasonic  (c) netting  (d) impaling  (e) trapping
  14. The following are examples of bony fish EXCEPT  (a) cat fish  (b) croacker  (c) mackerel  (d)shark  (e) tilapia
  15. Which of these method is NOT good for harvesting fish?  The use of (a) basket                       (b) explosives  (c) hook and line  (d) net  (e) spear

PART B:  Fill the gap

  1. Fingerlings refers to the young of __________________________
  2. ____________is an example of fresh water fish
  3. Fish can be preserved for future use by __________________________________
  4. One benefit of forest on the environment is ____________________________________
  5. A suitable tool for catching fish from ocean is a ___________________________-


1a.       What are farm machines – 3 mks

b.         List 6 sources of farm power – 3 mks

c.         List 2 types of tractors – 1 mk

d.         List 5 tractor – coupled implements – 3 mks

2a.       State 5 maintenance practices of machines – 2 mks

b.         Discuss 5 uses of fish and fish products – 3 mks

c.         Discuss 5 good fishing methods – 3 mks

d.         List 5 forest resources – 2 mks

3a.       What is a farm structure – 2 mks

b.         List and explain 3 types of farm structures – 4 mks

c.         List 4 importance of farm buildings – 2 mks

d.         List 5 farm buildings – 2 mks

4a.       Define the term “fisheries” – 2 mks

b.         Classify fishes according to morphology giving 2 examples each – 3 mks

d.         State 2 systems of fishing – 2 mks

5a.       Draw a map of Nigeria showing the different vegetative belts – 3 mks

b.         Define the term “forest” – 2 mks

c.         Discuss 3 forest management practices – 3 mks

d.         List 5 human activities that affects forests – 2 mks





SUBJECT:    SOCIAL STUDIES                                                   CLASS:  J.S.S 3


  1. _________leads people to be homeless or mental illness in the society  (a) patience                          (b) loyalty  (c) drug abuse  (d) physical
  2. ________is a reward of right attitude to work  (a) selfish attitude  (b) higher productivity  (c) demotion  (d) expulsion
  3. _____ is a function of the family  (a) gambling  (b) fighting  (c) reproduction  (d) imitation
  4. __________is a legitimate economic activity performed by an individual in the society to earn a living  (a) jumping  (b) plumbing  (c) work  (d) clearing
  5. The means of communicating with the general public through the use of radio is ____                    (a) traditional media  (b) print media  (c) electronic media  (d) bill media
  6. The act of openness in the society and in financial matters is _____ (a) punctuality                 (b) integrity  (c) transparency  (d) selfless service
  7. ______is a behaviour that is socially unacceptable in the society  (a) positive behaivour            (b) average behaviour  (c) negative behaviour  (d) breakeven behaviour
  8. The following are the civic right of a citizen except _____(a) right to own property  (b) right to live  (c) right to kill  (d) freedom to move about
  9. The documents which the right of a citizen is guaranteed is ____ (a) Law report                     (b) National Anthem  (c) the constitution  (d) National card
  10. _______is not one of the factors responsible for human trafficking  (a) bad economy                 (b) wealth crave  (c) poverty  (d) cultism
  11. The inability of many families to provide the basi necessities of life is ________(a) greed  (b) wealth crave  (c) poverty  (d) peer group
  12. The opractices in our society which causes physical and psychological distresses is ______ (a) societal ills  (b) psychological  (c) harmful traditional practices  (d) slavery
  13. ______________helps the youths in preparing them for family and adulthood is ______           (a) values  (b) orientation  (c) family life education  (d) working life education
  14. One of the basic unit of population is _______(a) integrity  (b) transparency  (c) family             (d) island
  15. The type of movement of people that leave their country into another is called ___________(a) migration  (b) immigration  (c) emigration  (d) population


  1. ___________is the type of migration in which people enter into another country to settle for a period of time
  2. _______supports the moral development of a child and family
  3. _________is one of the consequences of harmful traditional practices in our society
  4. The head count of people living in a geographical area is _____________________
  5. ____________________is a situation where is harmony, understanding, and good interaction between individuals; communities and nations


Answer any 4 questions

1a.       What is human trafficking?  2mks.

b.         List 3 causes of human trafficking  3mks

c.         Outline 3 factors affecting it .  3mks

d.         List 2 ways of putting a stop to it.  2mks

2a.       What is the meaning of peaceful atmosphere? 2mks

b.         List different types of peace. 2mks

c.         List 3 importance of peace. 3mks

d.         List 3 ways of promoting peace. 3mks

3a.       What is the meaning of a conflict. 2mks

b.         List and explain 3 causes of conflict. 3mks

c.         List and explain 3 effect of conflict. 3mks

d.         List 2 ways of conflict resolution. 2mks

4a.       What is the meaning of Decision Making? 2mks

b.         List 2 types of decision making. 2mks

c.         List 3 factros that may influence decision making. 3mks

d.         List 3 people that influence our decision in life. 3msk

5a.       What is self esteem? 2mks

b.         List and explain 2 types of self esteem. 3mks

c.         List 3 factors that influence our self-esteem. 3mks

d.         List 3 characteristics of high self –esteem. 2mks






SUBJECT:    BUSINESS  STUDIES                                             CLASS:  J.S.S 3


  1. _________is a set of rules or regulations and systems of running the affairs of the office        (a) office work  (b) office affairs  (c) office procedures  (d) departmental work.
  2. _______is a written order to a bank to pay on demand a stated sum of money  (a) invoice  (b) debit note  (c) cheque  (d) credit note
  3. _______ is faster than going into the bank to withdraw cash  (a) aying card  (b) debit note  (c) ATM machine  (d) POS machine
  4. _________is one of the attribute of fair play  (a) cheating  (b) stealing  (c) openness  (d) misery
  5. The quality of being truthful and trust worthy  (a) openness  (b) loyalty  (c) honesty  (d) None
  6. Except one of them is not an office document  (a) receipt  (b) shoe  (c) credit note  (d) invoice
  7. One of these is not an aid to trade  (a) transportation  (b) advertisement  (c) blacksmith  (d) communication
  8. Trade can be divided into ________(a) 6  (b) 2  (c) 10  (d) 4
  9. Oral communication can be made through __________(a) telegram  (b) telephone  (c) telex  (d)reply
  10. You can become any of the following if you study business studies except _____(a) secretary  (b) accountant  (c) broker  (d) engineer
  11. ___helps to improve the quality of work in an office  (a) calculate  (b) shredding machine (c) office equipment  (d) eraser
  12. ____is used by secretaries in an office to write down spoken words in form of symbols  (a) invoice  (b) credit articles  (c) shorthand principles  (d) art hand principles
  13. Who prepares the wages and salaries of workers in an organization  (a) clerk  (b) banker  (c) accountant  (d) cashier
  14. ___________is a place where materials or goods of a particular kind are kept for future use  (a) cupboard  (b) ceiling  (c) store  (d) artillery
  15. ______________is an internal document used by department to request production materials  (a) debit note  (b) invoice  (c) request card  (d) requisition form.

SECTION B:  Complete the following sentences

  1. __________refers to the supply of goods or products available for sale or distribution
  2. The employee’s ____________explains how a net wage or salary was arrived at  (a) arrears  (b) Bill  (c) payslip  (d) gross pay.
  3. _______shields the consumer from unnecessary litigation in a law court
  4. The proof of the equality of debits and credits in the ledger is ____________(a) invoice  (b) trial balance  (c) debit note  (d) credit note
  5. __________is the business of giving information about a product to the public about the price and place it will be available.  (a) banking  (b) transportation  (c) advertising  (d) communication


Answer any 4 questions

1a.       What is personal finance ? 2mks

b.         State the meaning of a budget. 2mks

c.         List 4 uses of a personal budget. 3 mks

d.         Distinguish between consumption and choice. 3 mks

2a.       Explain the functions of the following machines

i.          Computer.       3mks

ii.         Perforator        2mks

iii.        Filing cabinet  3mks

iv.        Calculator        2mks

3a.       Explain the meaning of shorthand principles.                         2mks

b.         Explain the usefulness of shorthand                           3mks

c.         List 4 benefits of using shorthand                              3mks

d.         List 2 disadvantages of shorthand                              2mks

4a.       Explain the following

i.          payslip             2mks

ii.         Voucher          3mks

iii.        Store                2mks

iv.        Wages and salaries section in an office. 3mks

5.         Explain the following

i.          Automated Teller Machine (ATM)    2mks

ii.         Point of Sale (POS)    2mks

iii.        Cheque            3mks

iv.        Bank transfer  3mks


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