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Basic Technology First Term Examination Questions 2019/2020 Session – Junior Secondary School Three ( JSS 3)





SUBJECT: BASIC TECHNOLOGY                                                 CLASS:  J.S.S 1

  1. A major property which distinguishes ceramics from wood, metal, plastic and rubber is being (a) A good conductor (b) brittle (c) resistance to corrosion (d) a poor conductor.
  2. Which of the following properties makes glass suitable for the manufacture of eye glasses (a) brightness  (b) resistance to corrosion  (c) transparency  (d) resistance to heat
  3. The purest form of iron in commercial use is ________(a) wrought iron  (b) pig iron  (c) cast iron  (d) mild steel
  4. ________is an example of soft wood  (a) obeche  (b) opepe  (c) mahogany  (d)cedar
  5. ________is not a workshop safety device  (a) goggles  (b) overall  (c) fire alarm  (d) towel
  6. Which of the following is not a product of technology?  (a0 entertainment  (b) transportation  (c)clothes  (d) noise
  7. The property of metal which allows metal to withstand physical shocks without bending is ______(a) toughness  (b) density  (c) malleability  (d) ductility
  8. ___________is an example of ferrous metal  (a) copper  (b) bronze  (c) brass  (d) tool steel
  9. The following are properties of hardwood except ______(a) it is dark in colour  (b) their leaves does not shed  (c) it is heavy  (d) it has annual rings
  10. Which of these is not a safety guideline for cyclists  (a) stay away from a car’s lane  (b) obey zebra crossing  (c) do not eat while riding  (d) obey traffic light
  11. Which of the following protects the clothes from dirt in the workshop?  (a) gloves  (b)wrapper  (c) visors  (d) overall
  12. High level technology includes the following except ________(a) aircraft  (b) dye crafts  (c)satellite  (d) submarine
  13. All these are examples of accidents caused by “unsafe actions” except _________(a) absence of safety devices  (b) failure to use safety devices  (c) slippery floor  (d) working while sick.
  14. An ore is made up of non-metallic compounds called  _________(a) gangue  (b) iron  (c) blasts  (d)crude
  15. ______is not a property of metal  (a) conductivity  (b) sonorous sound  (c)luster                                   (d) reformability
  16. Shoes protect the ________against injury
  17. Metals are said to be ferious when it ___________other magnets
  18. Non-ferious metals do not contain iron ____________________
  19. Accidents may occur as a result of ____________________________ and
  20. ____________________________

Theory (Answer any four)

1a.       List five safety devices

b.         Explain any two workshop safety device

c.         Define “TECHNOLOGY”

d.         List five (5) products of high level technology.

2a.       Give “Two” differences between “FERROUS” and NON-FERROUS” metals.

b.         List five (5) examples of “non-ferrous” metals.

c.         Define “ACCIDENT”

d.         Give “4” properties of metals.

3a.       Define the following terms

(i)         Malleability

(ii)        Toughness

(iii)       Ductility

b,         Give 4 properties of hard wood.

c.         Define “TIMBER”

d.         List 3 types of softwood

4a.       Give 5 safety procedures for “PEDESTRIANS”

b.         Define “ORES”

c.         Give four ways of preventing Accident in the workshop.

5a.       Define “UNSAFE ACTION” as related to workshop accident.

b.         Give four (4) examples of unsafe condition of a workshop.

c.         Explain the term “CORROSION of METALS

d.         List “3” countries that are “TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED”


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