Primary Two Third Term Examination Questions 2019/2020 Session – All Subject


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Vocational Aptitude                                                         CLASS: Pry. 2

  1. ____________shows learners how to do something  (a) nurse  (b) bricklayer  (c)teacher
  2. Learners learn by receiving _________from the teacher  (a) script  (b)information  (c)note
  3. The doctor that deals with the treatment of the teeth is a _________(a)optician                        (b) dentist  (c) surgeon
  4. Teacher in secondary schools are called ___________(a) lecturer  (b) tutor  (c)master
  5. Teaching takes place in the ______________________
  6. A person who builds wall or houses is _________(a) carpenter  (b) engineer  (c)bricklayer
  7. A _________deals with women and their illness  (a) surgeon  (b) dentist  (c) gynecologist
  8. To keep your money save you take it to _______________
  9. __________is the act of creating beauty out of  nothing   (a) fine art  (b) make up (c)creativity
  10. The first stage of film production is ____________(a) rehearsal  (b) script writing                    (c) studio work
  11. A person who makes and amends our cloth is called ______(a) teacher  (b) obioma  (c)tailor
  12. The paper having the writing play to be acted is _______________
  13. ____________are sounds that a pleasant  (a) noise  (b) music  (c) hip hop
  14. Music could be learned or studied in a _____________l  (a) school  (b) abroad  (c) town
  15. There are __________stages in film production  (a) 4  (b) 5  (c) 6
  16. Attendance is taking everyday in classroom  (a) note book  (b) register  (c) dairy
  17. Clothes shoes worn by actor in play to make them look like the role they are ________________(a) clothes  (b) costume
  18.  __________is the study and treatment of disease and injury  (a) doctor  (b) medicine  (c)surgeon
  19. An eye doctor is called ________(a) dentist   (b) optician  (c) surgeon
  20. A person who paint or draw a beautiful thing is _______(a) drawer  (b) an artist  (c)molder

Section B

1.         Write out 4 musical instrument

2.         List 5 tools used by a fine artist

3.         List 3 tools used by a teacher

4.         Define medicine

5.         Who is a tailor?           What is music?


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Basic Science                                                                        CLASS: Pry. 2

  1. A device that makes work easier is ________________________
  2. The following are the characteristics of living things except (a) movement  (b)greeting  (c) death
  3. _____________water is a contaminated water which is dangerous to the health (a)good  (b) dirty  (c)purified
  4. The ability to do work is _________________
  5. The example of sound energy is ________________________
  6. __________energy aid our vision to see in darkness  (a) sound  (b) light  (c)heat
  7. Red means ____________________

Yellow means ______________________

Green means ________________________

  • The traffic light protects us from _______(a) harm  (b) accident  (c)danger
  • _______________is a picture made with a pencil or picture
  • A machine helps us to perform our ________________conveniently
  • ______________is a machine we use at home to make pepper  (a) cooker  (b)freezer  (c)blender
  • _________is natural, colourless, odourless and tasteless  (a)colour  (b)water                     (c) food
  • __________are rich in vitamins  (a) water  (b) fruits  (c) food
  • The organism that process life and have the ability to grow (a)non-living thing  (b)dead thing  (c)living things
  • The distance between the two end of a line or objects _______(a)length  (b)breadth  (c) measurement
  • The best soil for growing crops is _________soil (a) loamy  (b) sandy  (c)clay
  • _________have sense organs but are not human  (a) plant  (b) animal (c)crops
  • Matter can  be inform of solid, liquid or ______(a)water (b) gas (c)mass
  • ___________grows from the soil (a) stone  (b) food  (c) plant
  • One of the dangers of drink bad water  (a) money  (b)typhoid (c)fever


1.           Give ten example of

              Living things               Non living things











2.           List 3 examples of machines




3.           List 3 types of energy




4.           What are living things?

b.           What is drawing?

5.           List 6 colours you know








1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Fine Art                                                                                 CLASS: Pry. 2

Draw and colour a jug and a hat

Draw and colour a dress


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Handwriting                                                                          CLASS: Pry. 2

1.         Let not the pot call the kettle black

2.         Spare the rod and spoil the child



1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: P.V.S                                                                                         CLASS: Pry. 2

  1. The organic process by which our body eats and uses food for growth and maintenance is _________________(a) Nutrient  (b) Nutrition  (c) assimilate
  2. Food is _________life  (a) dangerous  (b) important  (c) damaging
  3. Ornamental crops are ______and plants that are used for decoration
  4. __________are good source of vitamin and mineral  (a) cash crops  (b) ornamental crops  (c) fruit crops
  5. The following are simple farm tools except  (a) spade  (b) cutlass  (c)hammer
  6. Changing raw food to ready to eat food item is _____(a) food preservation                              (b) food protection  (c) food processing
  7. Food preservation is the process of keeping our food from ____(a) wasting                            (b) spoilage  (c) destroy
  8. We wear ____dress to office  (a) raincoat  (b) native  (c) cooperate wear
  9.  We wear clothe to keep our body _______(a) wet  (b) warm  (c) hot
  10. Crops are ______grown for food  (a) seed  (b) plant  (c) fruits
  11. ________is the process  of washing our clothes  (a) dry clean (b) sorting  (c) laundry
  12. All the things we put on our body is _____(a) wears  (b) designers  (c) clothing
  13. Fruits are eaten _______(a) raw  (b) cooked  (c) boil
  14. Insects, rodents and birds ________our crops  (a) protect  (b) guide  (c) destroy
  15. _________are plants growing where they are not wanted  (a) crops  (b) weeds  (c)tree
  16. Weed _______our crops  (a) keep  (b) destroy  (c) kill
  17. _________is used to cut and dig small hole  (a) spade  (b) cutlass  (c) garden fork
  18. Watering pan is used to ______crops  (a) dry  (b) water  (c) grass
  19. ______is used to carry crops and fertilizer for planting  (a) rake  (b) hoe  (c)head pan
  20. We plant yam in the _______________


1.         What is weed?

2.         List 2 classes of food

3.         List 3 flowers you know

4.         Mention 5 ways to preserve our food

5.         List two importance of clothes


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Verbal Reasoning                                                                    CLASS: Pry. 2

Use the sample and answer question 1- 5

Parrot Dog Horse Camel Ox  

A dog helps in protecting the home

1.         A ___________________is useful in sport activities

2.         A _____________________is useful in carrying load

3.         An _____________________is useful in ploughing land

4.         A ______________________helps to pass information

5.         A _____________________helps in hunting

Study the sample and answer question 6 – 10

bleat brain beast maid beak  

A carpenter joins wood with nail

6.         A part of your body you think with

7.         The sound of a goat

8.         Another word for animal

9.         A female servant

10.       The heard pointed mouth of a bird

Supply a missing letter to complete one word and begin another


Ban g ot                      =  Bang and got

11.       Drive   – iver  =

121.     fathe _____igh  =

13.       ros  ____gg

Study the sample

As playful as a puppy

15.       As        _____________ as grass

16.       As ________________ as a bee

17.       As _____________ as snow

18.       As _____________ as a monkey

19.       As _____________ as a wolf

20.       Study the sample and answer the question

Spoon, knife, cutlery, fork cutleries

            Male     boy     man    father  ___________

            Goat    dog     mamal    lion     _________________

            Nigeria,  Ghana,  country,  London  ___________


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Computer Science                                                      CLASS: Pry. 2

  1. Which system unit using stand up tall and sits beside the monitor?  (a) toner  (b)desktop  (c) monitor
  2. The disk drive is the device that reads and writes information on ____(a) computer disk  (b) system unit  (c)monitor
  3. Which part of the computer does most of the data processing?  (a) C.P.U  (b) keyboard  (c)D.V.D
  4. _________is a storage device plugged into a U.S.B port  (a) hard disk  (b) floppy disk                (c) flash disk
  5. ________is used to store music and video  (a) CD/DVD  (b) keyboard  (c) monitor
  6. _________can be seen in front of the system unit  (a) mouse button  (b) plug  (c) power button
  7. There are ____types of system unit  (a) 5  (b) 2  (c) 8
  8. Which of these is an external storage device?  (a) memory card  (b) hard disk (c) None of the above
  9. _____stores information permanently whether the computer is working or not  (a) RAM  (b) ROM  (c) C.P.U
  10. Which of these two device is volatile? _____________(a) ROM  (b) RAM
  11. What is the full meaning of the following  RAM = _____________  (a) Ractom Access Memory  (b) Real Answer Memory
  12. ROM =  ___(a) Random only memory  (b) Read only memory
  13. There are _________types of tower case  (a) 2  (b) 4  (c) 6
  14. C.P.U means ________________
  15. __________is the box that contains all the electronics  (a) keyboard  (b) system unit  (c)monitor
  16. The device inside the computer that is sued to store information is called ________              (a) hard disk  (b) keyboard  (c) system unit
  17. All of these are seen at the back of the system unit except ________(a) A number of USB port  (b) connections for power and monitor (c) internet connection
  18. __________is the main circuit board in the computer that connects all the different parts of the computer together  (a) mother board  (b) system unit  (c) electronics
  19. _________________is an example of a computer disk  (a) flash disk  (b) mouse  (c) monitor
  20. Devices used to store data and information in a computer are called ____________                  (a) mother board  (b) storage devices  (c) DVD

Section B

1.         What is the full meaning of the following.

(a)        R.A.M :

(b)        R.O.M:

2.         What is the mother board?

3.         Mention two types of system unit

(i)                                                         (ii)

4.         What is system unit?

5.         List two things that can be seen at the back of the system unit

(i)                                                                     (ii)


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Phonics                                                                                    CLASS: Pry. 2

  1. Write out five words each that ends with “air” and “ail”

1.         ______________________________            (1)        ____________________________

2.         ______________________________            (2)        ______________________________

3.         ______________________________            (3)        _______________________________

4.         ______________________________            (4)        _______________________________

5.         ______________________________            (5)        __________________________________

2.         Fill in the blank from the list (chair, pair, upstairs, airport, hair)

1.         We are going to the _______________now

2.         Keep the ___________in my room

3.         She has three ____________of that earring

4.         He has some ____________in his chest

5.         The rooms are _____________________

3.         Write out five words that ends with “oy”






4.         Read the word and circle the prefix

1.         Unlike

2.         Remind

3.         Belong

4.         Undress

5.         Update

5.         Read the word and circle the surfix

(i)         Sickness                                              (iv)       Playful

(ii)       Handful                                               (v)        Goodness

(iii)       Treatment


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: History                                                                                  CLASS: Pry. 2

Choose the correct answer to each question from options A to C

  1. The head of a state is called __________(a) president  (b) minister  (c)governor
  2. A _________is the head of a community in a state  (a) state ruler                                                       (b) commissioners  (c) traditional ruler
  3. Traditional rulers can be categorized mainly into _______(a) two  (b) three  (c) six
  4. The following are major titles of traditional rulers in Nigeria except  (a) emir  (b) Oba  (c) professor.
  5. A _________ruler is a first class king to the state  (a) paramount  (b) second  class                            (c) third class
  6. A traditional ruler can be identify by his/her __________(a) regalia  (b) cars                                  (c) house
  7. A ________governor comes into power through an election  (a) civilian                                       (b) military  (c) police
  8. A military governor is appointed by a _____(a) military head of state  (b) military president  (c) local government chairman
  9. __________ and _______ are the main categories of governor
  10. There are _______types of governors  (a) 2  (b 5 (c) 6
  11. The military governors started to rule in Nigeria in _____(a) 1650  (b) 1967  (c) 1969
  12. Oba of Lagos can be found in _____________state
  13. Traditional rulers perform all these duties in the state except  (a) settlement of disputes  (b) fighting the people  (c) maintenance of peace and order
  14. Which of these titles of traditional ruler is found in southern Nigeria?  (a) Etsu  (b) Attah  (c) Obi
  15. Sultan of Sokoto is found in __________________
  16. Which of these titles of traditional rulers is found in Northern Nigeria? (a) Emir  (b) Alaafin  (c) Olu
  17. Deji of Akure can be found in _______________State
  18. Dein of Aybor can be found in Delta State (a) True  (b) False  (c) None
  19. Paramount traditional rulers can also be known as a ________king
  20. ______________, ___________ and _________ are the categories of traditional rulers in a state

Section B:  Theory

1.         List the two categories of governors in a State

(i)                                                                     (ii)

2.         Who is a governor?

3.         Who is the governor of Lagos State?

4.         Who is a traditional ruler?

5.         List any 2 major titles of traditional rulers and their states.

(i)                                                                     (ii)


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: R.N.V                                                                                    CLASS: Pry. 2

  1. _______ and ________ made a covenant to protect each other
  2. The following are criminal behaviour except  (a) forgering  (b) teft  (c) greeting
  3. _________is the temporary treatment giving to a victim of an accident before being taken to the hospital
  4. Kind Saul was _________of David  (a) afraid  (b) Jealous  (c) kind
  5. Punish means to make someone ________for a bad habit  (a) beg  (b) cry  (c)suffer
  6. We must ________our friends from danger  (a) hide  (b) protect  (c) reject
  7. The following are the examples of national symbols except  (a) currency  (b) picture  (c)mace
  8. The activity that is against the law is  _______(a) stealing  (b) offence  (c) crime
  9. The state of being unwell in the body and mind is _______(a) comfort  (b) illness  (c)happiness
  10. Criminal behaviour is when someone acts in a way that is against the ________(a) school  (b) society  (c) law
  11. A true friend will always ______each other  (a) help  (b) search  (c) kill
  12. Jonathan hid David in the cave because the king wanted to _________________him 
  13. Jonathan was a _________in Israel  (a) king  (b) prince  (c) slave
  14. The king wanted to kill __________________
  15. The unexpected event which occurs suddenly and causes damage or injury is __________(a) jam  (b) collide  (c) accident
  16. A friend in need is a friend in _________(a) trouble  (b) deed  (c) crime
  17. Road accident occur when a vehicle that is moving along the road _______with each other or object  (a) face  (b) jam  (c) collide
  18. In some cases road accident can lead to loss of ______(a) wealth  (b) life  (c) house
  19. Jonathan hid David in the _________________________
  20. Peaceful co-existence means living together in peace not constant _________(a) trouble  (b)hostility  (c) fight


1.         What is a crime?

2.         What is illness

b.         List out 3 common illness

c.         List out 2 symptom of illness

3.         List 3 examples of national symbol

4.         Give 2 causes of accident

5.         List the 3 objects in the national coat of arm


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Mathematics                                                                       CLASS: Pry. 2

  1. ____________is the distance between two points  (a) length  (b) breadth  (c) weight
  2. 10m is ________cm  (a) 100  (b) 10  (c) 1000
  3. Perimeter can be measured in metres and ________________

Find the perimeters of

  • 6cm =  (a) 28cm  (b) 24cm  (c) 27cm
  • 8cm =  (a) 37cm  (b) 32cm  (c) 34cm
  • 9cm = (a) 32cm  (b) 36cm  (c) 37cm
  • How much liquid a container can hold is called __________________
  • There are ___________hands on the clock
  • When telling the time from 12 to 6 we say ________(a) half past  (b) minutes past  (c)minutes to
  • How many hours are in a day? _________________
  • How many minutes are there in two house _________________
  • A decade is ___________years
  • Which month has the smallest days _______________________
  • ____________is the second day of the week
  • Write the following numbers in words

349      –

728 –

1000 –

120 –

  1. Divide the following

2  / 82   =  (a) 41  (b) 42  (c) 43

2 /  124 =    (a) 62  (b) 63  (c) 64

  1. Roman figures consist of ______________letters

b.         _________days makes a leap year  (a) 366  (b) 365  (c) 367

  1. Subtract the following

57        .           00

– 0        –           75    =   (a) 56.26  (b) 57.25  (c) 56.25

  1. A __________is a data representation where symbols, pictures or drawings represent item  (a) statistic   (b) satisfy  (c) saction
  2. Answer the following questions 

The 6th month of the year is _________________

The first working day of the week is ____________________


1.         Multiply the following fraction

            2          x          6

            4                      7

b.         6          x          4

            8                      5

2.         Fill in the following

b.         List out the two types of clock we have

            ________________________________,       _______________________________

3.         What time is indicated on the clock face below

4.         Find the area of the following rectangles.

1.         15cm and 6cm

2.         12cm and 10cm

3.         8cm and 7cm

b.         Change the following litres to centilitre

            6 L

            10 L

            9 L

5.         Write out the months of the year

1.                                                         7.

2.                                                         8.

3.                                                         9.

4.                                                         10.

5.                                                         11.

6.                                                         12.

With the help of the sample below answer question 1 – 5


1.                                             (2)                                            (3)       

4.                                             (5)       

Study the sample carefully and answer questions 6-10

       4    π    2   =                      4 x 4 = 16  =   8

                                                    2         2

6.         8   π       2  =                                        (7)        10  π    5  =

8.         6    π    3  =                                          (8)        5   x     5  =

10.       3   π    3


Study the sample below then answer questions 11 – 15

  =  3  
  =  2  



11.                                                       (12)


13.                                                                   (14)     

15.       8   x 

With the help of the sample below answer questions 16 – 20

2000g = 2kg    4500g = 4.5g

16.       8.7kg  =

17.       6000g  =

18.       2500g =

19.       1700g =

20.       8kg  =


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: English Language                                             CLASS: Pry. 2


Read the passage carefully

Once upon a time when time was measured by the moon and sun.

There lived a greedy tortoise who was so proud among other animals.

A time came when all the birds were invited to a big feast in the skyland by the eagle.

The tortoise quickly made friend with the king bird to aid his attendance at the party with their wings.

They all donated feathers to him to fly up.  At the event the tortoise introduced himself as everyone.  As everyone collected and ate all the food ment for everybody.

The birds were all hungry because tortoise collected all the food.

They agreed to teach tortoise a lesson and they all collected their feathers from tortoise.  Tortoise in his pride refuse to apologise but sent them to his wife to put foam objects outside for him to land on.

The birds gave his wife wrong information that she should put hard objects outside which she did.

The tortoise taught all is set and jumped down from the sky but landed on sharp objects his shell crushed and shatter.

Answer the questions.

1.         How would you describe the tortoise?

2.         What did the eagle do to all the birds?

3.         How did the birds help tortoise

4.         Why did tortoise introduce himself as everyone?


1.         ______________are words that join two or more words together

2.         Write the homonyms of the following

Buy                 ___________________________________

Full                  __________________________________

So                    __________________________________

Sun                  __________________________________

3.         ______are words that are opposite in meaning  (a) homophone  (b) antonyms  (c)homonyms

4.         Write the Antonyms of the following






5.         Write the homophone






6.         ________words are two indepent words combine together to make a meaningful word  (a) Homophone  (b) compound word  (c) verb

7.         Complete the following compound words






7.         _________is a set of symbols used to clarify meaning  (a) punctuation mark  (b) questions mark  (c) collection mark

8.         Underline the conjunction

            David is thin but he is strong

            He was cooking while they were playing

            She will go now or wait a bit


  1. What fell on Jim’s legs
  2. How old is Jim
  3. What is the teachers name
  4. Who taught Jim his sum
  5. Who is Ego?


Use the following word to fill in the gaps correctly.

Shoe, table, carpet, shirt, nail, cement, petrol, glass

1.         __________can be made from leather

2.         __________can be made from wool

3.         __________can be made from cotton

4.         __________can be made from sand

5.         __________can be made from crude oil

6.         __________can be made from rubber

7.         __________can be made from lime stone

8.         __________can be made from iron

Write the meaning

1.         Rude:

2.         Energy:

3.         Greedy:

4.         Giant:

Underline the collective noun

1.         A _______________of birds (flock, nest)

2.         A _______________of cars (flocks, fleet)

3.         A _______________of pupils (bunch, class)

4.         A _______________of keys  (bunch, fleet)

5.         A _______________of Angels  (tope, host)


Write your composition by completing the sentences below correctly.

A Toad

A toad is an ________(insect, animal)

It  is usually found in ___________places (dry, wet)

For example it can be found in a _________(room, gutter)

It has _________head and _________eyes

It also has ______________legs

It ________as it moves from one place to another

It body is usually ______________

A toad keeps its children in a gutter that has ________________

It children looks like small _______________(snake, fish)

It disturbs us in the night by making a ___________________


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


Subject: French                                                                               Class: Basic Two


  1. Bonjoir means  ______________(a) good morning  (b) good evening
  2. Comment ______________va?  (a) Ca  (b) ta
  3. Comment _______vous?  (a) allez  (b) allon
  4. Ca va bien means  (a) I am going  (b) I am fine
  5. How are you? To your senior means _________in French   (a) comment allez vous?                   (b) comment tu as
  6. J’ai means ___________(a) they have  (b) I have
  7. Tu as means __________(a) I have  (b) you have
  8. Il a means _____________(a) she has  (b) he has
  9. Elle a mans _____________(a) she has  (b) he has
  10. Nous avons means ____________(a) she have  (b) we have
  11. Vous avez means __________(a) you have  (b) they have
  12. Goodbye means ______________(a) Aurevour   (b) bientot
  13. Tons les nuits means (a) Every nights  (b) every schools
  14. Good night means _________(a) bonne nuit  (b) a tout a I’heur
  15. Good morning is written as bonjour (True/False)
  16. Bonjour is the greeting in evening  (True/False)
  17. Non means __________(a) Yes  (b) No
  18. Merci means ________(a) thank you  (b) take away
  19. Femme means __________(a) a woman  (b) a girl
  20. Un crayon _________(a) A pencil  (b) A pen


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