Security Education First Term Examination Questions 2019/2020 Session – Junior Secondary School (JSS 2, JSS 3)


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

                First Term Examination for 2019/2020 Session

Subject:          Security Education               Duration: 40mins                    Class: JSS 2

            Instructions : Answer all questions

  1. Which of these is not found in our school? (a)Security guard (b)CCTV (C)drones (d)staffs
  2. _______ means to take a careful look or close monitoring of the movement, shape and appearance of objects and persons within and around your environment? (a)Security (b) Observation (c)suspicion (d)inspection
  3. To raise the alarm an individual will do one of these _____? (a)sing aloud (b)shout (c)jump (d)dance
  4. Someone who is conscious and critical of his immediate environment can be said to be _____? (a)Wise (b)foolish (c)observant (d)jobless
  5. When writing a letter to inform the police about a crime, such letter should be all of these except ___? (a)detailed (b)articulate(c)biased (d)factual
  6. Examples of social media platforms that can be used to report crime scenes are ____? (a)DSTV(b)Facebook (c)post office (d)Jumia
  7. It is not right to ask questions when responding to crimes. (a)True (b)False
  8. The full meaning of CCTV is ____? (a)continental clear television (b)close conference television (c)central circuit television (d)crime control television
  9. Crime control and prevention is the duty of ___? (a)security agents (b)the government (c)the citizens (d)everybody
  10. One of the reasons common crimes occurs in the society is because of _____?(a)people of different backgrounds (b)good people living in the midst of bad people (c)all of the above (d)none of the above
  11. The act of police giving members of the community useful security information and the community members tell the police about the common crimes in their society is called ____? (a)Joint security (b)OPC (c)Operation work together (d)community policing
  12. Which one of this word is spelt correctly? (a)survalance (b) surveillence  (c) survellance (d) surveillance
  13. Crime does not necessarily mean disobedience to the law, rules and regulations of an organization. (a)True (b)False
  14. A situation whereby there is a state of emergency, what happens?  There will be __________(a) fighting (b)deployment of security men (c) teaching of students (d)violence
  15. Which of these students can easily notice a criminal act in school? (a)brilliant student (c)rich student (c)gentle student (d)vigilant student
  16. An example of a crime scene in school is ____? (a)rope skipping (b)fighting (c)gisting (d)playing games
  17. It is important to report crime scenes in school because____? (a)lives will be saved (b)students will be happy (c)the principal will give out money (d)students will pass their exams
  18. The kind of letter written to report a crime is what type of letter? (a)informal  letter(b)report letter (c)formal letter (d)semi-formal letter
  19. Email means_____? (a)electronic mail (b)elephant mail (c)enlargement mail (d)e-security mail
  20. The full meaning of NSCDC is _____? (a)Nigeria Service and Civil Defense Commission (b)National Security and Center Defense commission (c)Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (d)National and Security Defense Corps
  21. ______  is the person who visits a security agency to report a crime. (a)Informant (b)Informed personnel (c)Information reporter (d)Informing officer
  22. The meaning of SMS is (a)send short messages (b)security short messages (c) save short messages (d)supply short messages
  23. Deployment of security agents can be done through the following means except ___? (a)use of patrol vans (b)use of helicopters (c)use of  drones (d)use of speedboats
  24. An example of common crime is ___? (a)gossips (b)cursing(c)theft (d)backbiting
  25. Crimes scenes can be observed with ___? (a) sirens (b)microphone (c) phone (d)all of the above
  26. Which if this is a security agent that observes crimes at the borders of a country? (a)customer care (b)receptionist (c)custom officers (d)vigilantes

Fill in the gaps for number 27, 28, and 29.

  • An example of a professional security agency is the __________?
  • What you dial for help in the face of danger or a crime scene is called  ________?
  • The form of reporting whereby a person who reports a crime scene will not disclose his or her identity is called ______
  • Reporting a crime with a fake name is called ____?(a)Pseudonym (b)Elias (d)pen pal (d)none of the above
  • An example of a place where security personnel can be found is ____? (a)Trees (b)Market (c)Sky (d)none of the above
  • CCTV can be installed in _____?(a)School (b)mosque (c)church (d)all of the above
  • When the principal or teacher is absent, crime scenes can be reported to the____? (a)prefects (b)taxi driver (c)bus conductor (d)News paper vendor
  • The military comprises of the following except ____? (a)State Security Service (b)Nigerian Navy (b)Immigration service (d)Custom
  • A security conscious person is ____ and ____? (a)Bold and big (b)strong and faithful (c)courageous and bold (d)Strong and courageous
  • Individuals should report crimes without putting themselves in ____? (a)coma (b)danger (c)swimming pool (d)none of the above
  • What is the first step an individual should do when he or she observes a crime? (a)cry with the victims (b)alert the security agents (c)laugh at the victims(d)all of the above
  • The victim of a crime should be _____(a)mocked (b) helped (c) beaten (d)stigmatized
  • An individual should consider all except _____when making a report on a crime scene? (a)think of his personal safety (b)think of his or her family’s safety (c)think about making money (d)think about the safety of his or her community
  • Security education as a subject helps an individual to be _______? (a)security obsessed (b)security conscious  (c)security foolish (d)security negligent


  1. (a) What is Common crime?                                                                      (2mks)

(b) Mention 5 common crimes in the society                                           (5mks)

(c) Explain  any 2 of the common crimes in the society                          (3mks)

  • (a)List  5 ways of observing crimes in the environment                           (5mks)

(b)Explain any two.                                                                                  (5mks)

  • List and explain 5 ways of reporting common crimes in the society. (10mks)
  • Mention 5 ways of responding to common crimes in the society.      (5mks)
  • Explain in details any 2 of the ways of responding to common crimes in the society.                                                                                                      (5mks)
  • List and explain 5 ways of observing crimes in school environment.    (10mks)
  • List and explain 5 ways of reporting crimes without endangering yourself. (10mks)


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki  Phase 1, Lagos.

First Term Continuous Assessment for 2019/2020 Session

Subject:   Security Education           Duration: 40mins       Class: JSS2

  1. A crime observed in school can be reported to all of this except____? (a)Teacher (b)prefects (c)goal keeper (d)security guards
  2. All of these are security gadgets except _____? (a)sirens (b)drones (c)car alarm (d)clock
  3. Fill in the gap. At whatever time a crime is observed it should be reported ____without delay.
  4. When the police and the members of a community co-operate to fight crime in the society, it is termed _____? (a)Neighbourhood service (b)Joint service (c)community policing (d)crime discuss
  5. Deployment of security agents means ____? (a)buying of security personnel (b)training security agents (c)helping security agents (d)placing security agents in strategic places
  6. An individual who gives information about a crime to the police is called _____? (a) an informant (b)a gossip provider (c)a secret talker (d)an information officer
  7. All are examples of common crimes in the society except____? (a)stealing (b)murder (c)kidnapping (d)backbiting
  8. Security education As a subject is useful because ______ (a)it makes us to be wealthy (b)it makes us fearful (c)it makes us to be security conscious (d)all of the above
  9. It is wrong to ask strangers questions when you are suspicious of their movement. (a)True (b)False
  10. All of these are Nigerian security agents except ____? (a)Navy (b)SSS (c) NYPD (d)Immigration

Theory:  Answer all

1. List and explain 3 ways of reporting common crimes in the society (3mks)

  • Mention 3 ways of observing crimes in the environment                  (3mks)
  • Explain 2 ways of responding to crimes                                          (2mks)
  • What is a crime                                                                             (2mks)


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

   First Term Examination for 2019/2020 Session

Subject:          Security Education               Duration: 40mins                  Class: JSS3

Instructions: Answer all questions

  1. ______ teaches citizens helpful tips for their personal safety in times of emergencies? (a)Civic Education (b)family education (c)security education (d)conscious education
  2. These are ways of identifying adulterated and contaminated drug except ___? (a)Change in colour (b)change in taste (c)less durable (d)increase in its efficiency
  3. Human traffickers engage people in what is called ____? (a)good labour (b)forced labour (c)self labour (d)money labour
  4. What company’s number should an individual look out for when buying food and drugs in  Nigeria? (a)Police Number (b)NSCDC (c)Military (d)NAFDAC
  5. National security is important to ____? (a) the government (b)citizens (c)students (d)all of the above.
  6. All are ways of obtaining quality drugs except ____? (a)Sending text messages (b)buying from a licensed operator (c)sampling testing (d)prescription from a doctor
  7. A _________ is compulsorily made without his or her consent to engage in sexual activities for monetary gain? (a)drug addict (b)human trafficker (c)commercial prostitute (d)all of the above
  8. When adulterated drugs and contaminated foods are in the hands of the authority, such drugs and foods are ____? (a)retuned to where it is gotten from (b)burnt (c)distributed to the orphanages (d)sold back to the society at cheaper prices
  9. All are ways students can learn about security education except ____? (a) inviting a security agent to talk about it (b)by attending training (c)by studying (d)by sleeping with one eyes open
  10. The most influential reason for engaging In selling adulterated and contaminated food/drug is ____? (a)unemployment (b)greed (c)ignorance (d)wickedness
  11. The properties of a convicted drug addict is been _____by the government? (a)executed (b)bought (c)confiscated (d)none of the above
  12. The meaning of NMA is _____? (a)National Medical Agency (b)Nigeria Media Association (c)National Mothers Association (d)Nigeria Medical Association
  13. Security education helps to develop a ______ mind? (a)scary (b)lazy (c)conscious (d)humble
  14. Drugs should be taken based on the prescription of the ____? (a)Teacher (b) Doctor (c)Lawyer (d)anybody
  15. _____ means to discipline someone for a wrongful act? (a)Beating (b)cursing (c)punishment (d)discipline
  16. Examples of banned drugs are except ____? (a)Paracetamol (b)cocaine (c)steroid (d)Heroine
  17. Before a person is pronounced guilty for a crime such a person will be charged to _____? (a)Church (b)Mosque (c)Market (d)Court
  18. One of the common criminal act being displayed by students is ____? (a)Yahoo yahoo (b)google google (c)bingo bingo (d)none of the above
  19. One of  these is an effect  of drug addiction? (a)mental insanity (b)adding weight (c)healing from heart problem (d)all of the above
  20. An adult having sex with someone less than 18yrs is called_____? (a)confused rape (b)rape (c)deflowering (d)molestation
  21. ________ is a person who deals in banned drugs. (a)Drug ambassador (b)drug composer (c)drug trafficking (d)drug manufacturer
  22. Men can never be the victim of rape (a)True (b) false
  23. Victims of rape are usually ____ psychologically? (a)traumatized (b)happy (c)satisfied (d)all of the above
  24. A student guilty of rape cannot be made a ______? (a)school janitor (b)school prefect (c)school  student (d)school trader
  25. When a foreigner commits the offence of rape he will be _____? (a)celebrated (b)honoured (c)deported (d)welcomed
  26. A rapist or thief should be lynched when caught in the act. (a)True (b)false
  27. The combined efforts of the government and citizens in preventing a crime from happening is called _____? (a)criminal deter (b)crime preservation (c)crime observation (d) crime prevention
  28. Ways of preventing crimes in the society is by ____? (a)dancing about it (b)keeping it secret to oneself (c)reporting to the police
  29. Government does this to inhibit rape in the society? (a)enact laws (b)buy laws (c)sell laws (d)submit laws
  30. An armed robber is someone who steals with _____? (a)hatred (b)anger (c)weapons (d)sands
  31. One of the characteristics of a criminal is ______? (a)Anger (b)rebellion (c)competitive (d)humble
  32. One of the punishment for dealing in adulterated and contaminated food is____?(a)seizure of goods (b)penalty by death (c) reselling of such goods by the government (d)all of the above
  33. To raise an alarm means to_____ (a)lift up the alarm (b)to sing songs of alarm (c)throw in the alarm (d)shouting to call the attention of neighbours
  34. One Example of a country that has death has its punishment for drug trafficking is ___? (a)Iran (b)Nigeria (c)Britain (d)USA
  35. Espionage as a criminal act means to ___? (a)spy (b)steal (c)sell stolen goods (d)starve innocent citizens of their possessions
  36. Examination malpractice is never a criminal act. (a)False (b)True
  37. Which of these ones put their lives at risk to ensure the safety of lives and properties?

(a)government (b)security agents (c)citizens (d)all of the above.

38.  Destroying of public facilities is a criminal act called ____? (a)Vadalization (b)Vandalism (c)Voodalism  (b)Vondalism

39.  Criminals are mostly peace loving persons. (a)True (b)false

40.  Tax evasion as a criminal act means ____? (a) stealing public funds (b)refusal to pay tax (c)paying too much tax (d)tax creation

Theories: Answer 4 out of the six questions

  1.  Define Rape                                                                           (2mks)

(ii)List and explain 4 punishments for Rape                                   (8mks)

  • Define theft                                                                                        (2mks)

ii) List and explain 4 other common crimes in the society  (8mks)

  • Define criminal behaviour?                                                    (2mks)

ii)list and explain 4 ways to avoid criminal behavior                      (8mks)

  • Who is a criminal                                                                                (2mks)

ii)list and explain 4 punishmentS for human trafficking                 (8mks)

  • What  is food adulteration?                                                                (2mks)

ii) List and explain 4 effects of food adulteration and contamination  (8mks)

  • What are contaminated drugs?                                                                       (2mks)

ii)list and explain 4 punishments for dealing in adulterated/contaminated drugs (8mks)


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