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Primary One Second Term Examination Questions 2019/2020 Session – All Subject


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: English Language                                                               CLASS: Basic 1


Read the passage carefully then answer the questions that follows

            A king once lived in the forest.  His name was Lion the name of his wife was lioness.  He lived with his family in his beautiful palace called den.  He ruled his kingdom well.

            In his kingdom all his subjects when he called animals feared and respected him.  He was more powerful than any of them.  He did not do any work except to rule all the animals and he did not lack anything.  His wife and children always fed well and looked robust.

            One day in the morning the king call all the animals for a meeting in his courtyard “I want to start a business and I want you all to work for me” the king said.  I shall pay each of you a fair wage which we will agree on the promised.  Everybody was happy that their labour would begin to have value.  We shall no longer work as slaves “they said”.

            Everybody worked very hard because they wanted to earn good wages everyday they all had plans for the proceeds they sang praises to the king “long lie the king, long lie the king.  But at the end of the day all the animals were sad that they could not make so much money because of the rain.  However the king did not owe any of them.

Answer the questions below

1a.       Where did the king live?

b.         The story took place in the ________________________________

2a.       Why did he not lack anything?

b.         The aera which the king ruled was his ______________________

3a.       What did his wife and children do to look robust?

b.         What was the name of the king?

4a.       Why were the animals sad

b.         The king and his family lived in ______________________

5a.       What promise did the king give to the animals?

b.         All the animals feared and ____________the lion.

Section B (Grammar)

6a.       __________________are words with the same meaning

b.         __________________are words with opposite meaning

7a.       Underline two words that are the same in meaning to the world on the left

            Above:            over                 below              on top              under  

            Angry              happy              annoyed          pleased            sad

b.         A _______________is a group of word put together in a correct order so that they make sense.

8a.       Make sentences with these words


            Basic 1 English Cont.



b.         _______________is used to show a continuous action that is going on at the moment of speaking

9a.       Underline the past continuous tense in the sentences below

            She was crying as she was scared

            They were living in a bungalow last year

b.         ____________are pronouns that shows possessions.

10a.     Using the possessive pronouns complete the sentences below

            Mine                yours               hers

            That lunch belongs to me

            That lunch is _______________________________

b.         She has an apple

            the apple is _____________________-

Section C (Composition)

Write the composition by completing the sentences below correctly

11.       My house has a _______________compound  (big, small)

12.       The compound is surrounded by _____________(walls, grasses)

13.       A hospital is a place where we go when we are _______________________(hungry, sick)

14.       A street is a ____________in front of houses (road, compound)

15.       _____________ and ____________ move on the street  (car, train, buses, boats)

Section D (Literature)

Answer these questions

16.       Who came to the fruit shop

17.       How old is he

18.       What kind of money did he give to Bola

19.       What did the boy do?

Fill in the gap (spellings)

20.       F _____sc _____ n _____ t _______

21.       C ____l ____ br ____ t _____

22.       K ____  _____ gd ____m

Rearrange these letters to make meaningful words

23.       Souigitserp = _______________________________

24.       enituor = ___________________________________


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Handwriting                                                                       CLASS: Basic 1

1.         Two ants do not fail to pull one grasshopper

2.         Have big dreams you will grow in them.


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Fine Art                                                                                CLASS: Basic 1

Draw and colour the following






1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Phonics                                                                   CLASS: Basic 1

1.         Write the word with the same word pattern

            Hen                 ______________        _____________          _______________

            Pen                  ______________        _____________          _______________

2.         Pet                   ______________        _____________          _______________

            Beg                  ______________        _____________          _______________

3.         Blend these letters to make a rod       

            k          e          g          _________________

            h          e          n          _________________

            t           e          n

4.         Circle the words that rhyme

            Sip                   zip                   tip                    lid                    bid

            Six                   mix                  rig                    wig                  pig

            Sin                   fin                    win                  nib                   bib

5.         Fill in the missing first letters of these pictures

en id

6.         Fill in the missing letters

            h  ______ g

            r ________n

            s ________n

            l ________x

7.         Draw a line to match these words

            Pot                   tin

            Pan                  ten

            Pen                  can

            Pin                   cot

8.         Fill in the correct words

            Dan _________on the ass (wos, was)

            It is a ____________(wax, wat)

9.         He has a _____________(be, belt)

            We ______on a ________ (hill, went)

10.       He has a ____________(not, mango)

            Do we go ________him (so, to)


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: History                                                                               CLASS: Basic 1

  1. A hero is a _________who did something great for his community  (a) woman (b) man  (c) pastor
  2. A heroine is a ________who did something great for her community  (a) man  (b) girl           (c) woman
  3. Which of these is a hero? (a) hunter  (b) queen  (c) business woman
  4. All these are heroines except  (a) female regent  (b) business men  (c) queens
  5. The following are traditional ruler except __________  (a) pastor  (b) Obi  (c) Emir
  6. An oba is a traditional ruler in ________(a) Hausa land  (b) Igbo land  (c) Yoruba land
  7. An Emir is a traditional ruler in __________(a) Igbo land  (b) Yoruba land  (c) Hausa land
  8. An Igwe/Obi is a traditional ruler in _______  (a) Igbo land  (b) Yoruba land  (c) Hausa land
  9. A traditional ruler promotes ________(a) fighting  (b) peace  (c) crises
  10. People buy and sell in the _________ (a) market  (b) school  (c) mosque
  11. These are groups in the community except  ___(a) teacher  (b) trader  (c)police station
  12. _________is a place where Christians worship  (a) mosque  (b) church  (c)shrine
  13. ____________is a place where Muslims worship  (a) church  (b) shrine  (c) mosque
  14. A ___________is a place where people live  (a) school  (b) community  (c) shrine
  15. _______is a place where teaching and learning takes place  (a) school  (b) mosque  (c)market

Section B

1a.       Who is a Hero?

b.         Mention two examples of Heroes in Nigeria

2a.       Who is a Heroine

b.         Mention two examples of heroines in Nigeria

3a.       Who is a title holder?

b.         Mention three examples of title holders you know.


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Computer Science                                                             CLASS: Basic 1

  1. What device helps you to get money when the bank is closed  (a) cash machine                     (b) point of sales  (c) automated teller machine
  2. A machine that allows you to pay for electricity using a card is called _______                           (a) electricity metre  (b) fuel dispenser  (c) monitor
  3. A ________is used for making and receiving calls  (a) drum set  (b) mobile phone                 (c) colour box
  4. ___________is used to accept payment of goods and services  (a) ATS  (b) POS   (c) hand set
  5. Which part of the computer sends texts and pictures to the computer  (a)mouse  (b)scanner  (c)joystick
  6. A mobile device that allows you to do more than calling or sending messages is called ______________________(a) computer  (b) smart phone  (c) speaker
  7. _______is used to play computer games  (a) scanner  (b) television  (c) joystick
  8. What can be used to write on the computer  (a) light pen  (b) speaker  (c) keyboard
  9. What device is used in petrol station to sell fuel and kerosene  (a) keyboard  (b) fuel dispenser  (c) joystick
  10. ________is a type of scanner  (a) hand held scanner  (b) school scanner                                      (c) scanty scanner
  11. Anything placed on the scanner is shown in the _________(a) mouse  (b)system unit  (c)monitor
  12. The part of a computer used to send sound into the computer is __________(a)microphone  (b) mouse  (c) keyboard
  13. GSM is short for ______________(a) global sim manager  (b) global system for mobile communication (c) great state men
  14. What makes you to hear a sound?  (a) speaker  (b) monitor  (c) mouse
  15. Which of these device can be used to pay school fees  (a) fax machine  (b) point of sale  (c) smart phone

Section B

1a.       What is smart phone?

b.         Mention five examples of smart phones

2a.       What does the following represent

            G         –

            S          –

            M         –

b.         P          –

            O         –

            S          –

3a.       What is a scanner.      (b)  Mention the types of scanner you know

4a.       What is a printer.   (b) Mention three parts of a printer

5a.       Explain the following

            Light pen:


b.         Mention the types of printing paper  sizes you know,


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Pre-Vocational Studies                                                  CLASS: Basic 1

  1. __________is a place where we cook and serve our food  (a) kitchen  (b) toilet                          (c) bedroom
  2. A place where we take our bath is called _______(a) bedroom  (b) toilet  (c)bathroom
  3. ____is a place where we relax and receive visitors  (a) dining room  (b) bedroom  (c)sitting room
  4. Tools used in clearing or gathering weeds are known as ________(a) carrying tools                  (b) gathering tools  (c) basket
  5. ___________is an example of tools used in clearing and gathering weeds  (a) garden fork  (b) head pan  (c) None
  6. ___________is a place where family members live  (a) home  (b) school  (c) church
  7. Birds feed on ___________(a) yam tubers  (b) coconut  (c) grains
  8. Periodical ________helps in controlling insects  (a) weeding  (b) farming  (c) dancing

____________is a type of furniture found at home  (a) bottle  (b) spoon  (c) choir

  • Insects that indirectly help farmers in their farming  activities are called ____________ (a)useful farm insects  (b) harmful farm insects  (c) useless insect
  • ______________are moveable objects found at home  (a) furniture  (b) sanity  (c) books
  • ____________are insects that are dangerous to farmer’s crop  (a) harmless  (b)useful  (c)harmful
  • _________is an example of harmful insects  (a) earthworm  (b) apricot   (c) cockroach
  • The following are rooms in the home except  (a) bedroom  (b) hotel  (c) kitchen
  • _______________are tiny animals with six legs  (a) insects  (b) elephant  (c) lion

Section B

1a.       What is House furnishing

b.         Mention five examples of home furniture

2a.       Define useful farm insect

b.         Mention two examples of useful farm insects

3a.       What is a carrying tool?

b.         Give three examples of a carrying tool

4a.       What is a Home

b.         Mention five types of rooms in the home

5a.       Mention two methods of controlling harmful insects

b.         Draw a beautiful house.


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Religious and National Val                                               CLASS: Basic 1

  1. _________are substances which we take into our body to enable us live  (a) drug  (b) food  (c) plate
  2. Food helps to keep our body __________(a) bad  (b) healthy  (c) worm
  3. ______are bad things that happens when we do not expect them  (a) accident  (b)smoking  (c)dancing
  4. _____________was sleeping at the end of the boat  (a) Mary  (b) Paul  (c) Jesus
  5. The __________were afraid and woke Jesus up  (a) students  (b) family  (c) disciples
  6. __________is a form of greeting  (a) saluting  (b) tolerance  (c) admiration
  7. ___________is not a form of greeting  (a) saluting  (b) clenching of fist  (c) knocking
  8. _______means keeping our environment neat and clean  (a) pollution  (b) sanitation            (c) community
  9. ____________ is a type of food eaten among the Igbos  (a) Akpu  (b) Ewedu  (c)Tuwo
  10. __________is a type of food eaten among the Yorubas  (a) salad  (b) omelette  (c)Amala
  11. _________is a type of food eaten among the Hausas  (a) Tuwo shinkafa  (b) gbegiri  (c)Akpu
  12. ________is a way of showing respects to people  (a) greeting  (b) beating  (c) jumping
  13. ___________can be used to keep the environment clean  (a) comb  (b) spoon  (c) broom
  14. _______cannot be used to keep the environment clean  (a) salt  (b) rake  (c) broom
  15. ____provide heat and energy to the body (a) vitamins  (b) fats and oil  (c) mineral salt

Section B

1.         What is food

b.         Mention five examples of food

2a.       What is greeting

b.         Mention three forms of greeting

3a.       What is sanitation

b.         Mention five materials used in keeping the surrounding clean

4a.       What is an accident?

b.         Mention two things that can cause accidents at home.

5a.       How many sons did Adam and Eve have?

b.         Mention their names


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Basic Science & Technology                                               CLASS: Basic 1

  1. _________is an example of a developed technology  (a) hoe  (b) cutlass  (c) washing machine
  2. _________is a product of an underdeveloped technology  (a) electric stove  (b) lantern  (c) tractor
  3. ______are organisms which possess life and have the ability to grow  (a) living things  (b) non living things  (c) basket
  4. _________are things that do not have life in them  (a) non living thing  (b) living thing   (c) None
  5. _________is an example of living thing  (a) motor car  (b) scissors  (c) daddy
  6. ________________is not an example of living thing  (a) screwdriver  (b) boy (c) girl
  7. ____________are games played for fun and amusement  (a) major games  (b) minor games  (c) tinko
  8. A ____________is an activity that one engages in for fun  (a) game  (b) joke  (c) punch
  9. ___________is an example of minor games  (a) hide  (b) hide and go seek  (c) scrabble
  10. __________is not an example of minor games  (a) rope skipping  (b) fire on the mountain (c) chess
  11. ___________means the methods and materials that makes life easier and stress free               (a) gardening  (b) talk  (c) technology
  12. _________is an activity that involves the use of arms and legs to move through water               (a) skating  (b) jumping  (c) swimming
  13. ____________is an example of the basic swimming skills  (a) Hip hop  (b) backstroke  (c)nodding
  14. Swimming helps to keep the body in ______________  (a) good shape  (b) bad shape  (c)hunger
  15. A _____________makes our work easier and faster  (a) bell  (b) machine  (c) bike


Section B:

1a.       What is a living thing

b.         Mention five examples of living thing

2a.       What is swimming

b.         Mention three basic swimming strokes you know.

3a.       What is technology

b.         Mention three product of a developed technology

4a.       What is a crime

b.         Mention four types of games you know

5a.       What is a machine

b.         Mention five examples of machines used at home.


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Vocational Aptitude                                                          CLASS: Basic 1

  1. A ___________bakes pastries and cakes  (a) lawyer  (b) baker  (c) caker
  2. ___________is an example of a baked food item  (a) meat pie  (b) egg  (c) flour
  3. The major ingredient of a baker is  (a) butter  (b) oil  (c) flour
  4. The major ingredient of a baker is ________________ (a) baking pan (b) eraser  (c)coconut
  5. _________is the job of slaughtering animals and preparing their meat for sale  (a)abattoir  (b) cookery  (c) butchery
  6. A person who slaughters and prepares animals to be sold is called a _______(a)butcher  (b)cooker  (c) veterinarian
  7. A ____________comes to inspect the animals before they are slaughtered  (a)police man (b)pet doctor  (c) veterinary officer
  8. Animals are slaughtered in a place called ________(a) abattoir  (b) village  (c)hospital
  9. A person who prepares and cooks food for people is called _____________(a)baker                  (b) cook  (c)bakery
  10. A __________is a building where people stay usually for a short time  (a) house                     (b) school  (c) hotel
  11. The work of running a hotels is known as _________(a) bakery  (b) hotelier  (c)hotel business
  12. ______is in charge of lodging in a hotel  (a) kitchen  (b) laundry  (c) reception’
  13. ____________takes care of washing and ironing of clothes in the hotel  (a) laundry services  (b) reception  (c) kitchen
  14. Someone who pays money to stay in a hotel is called ________________  (a)caretaker               (b) nanny  (c) lodger
  15. A person who owns or runs a hotel is called ________(a) an hotel man  (b) an hotelier   (c) an hotel

Section B

1a.       What is butchery?

b.         List five tools used by butchers

2a.       Who is a baker

b.         List five tools used by a baker

3a.       What is cookery

b.         Mention five types of food prepared by cooks

4a.       Mention three tools used at the reception

b.         Mention three tools used at the laundry

5a.       What is hotel business?

b.         Mention two names of hotels you know.


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Mathematics                                                                       CLASS: Basic 1

  1. Write the correct sign in the box  117         121  (a) <  (b) >  (c) =
  2. Another name for addition is _______(a) minus  (b) take away  (c) plus
  3. What sign is this <  (a) greater than  (b) less than  (c) equal to
  4. What sign is this =   (a) equal to  (b) minus  (c) less than
  5. Fifty can be written as __________(a) 50th  (b) 5th  (c) 15th
  6. What is the division sign  (a) ÷ (b) x  (c) >
  7. Write number 636 in words  (a) six hundred three six  (b) six three six  (c) six hundred and thirty six
  8. Write number seven hundred and seventy-seven in figures  (a) 7077  (b) 777  (c) 707
  9. ______is a part of a whole  (a) subtraction  (b) fraction  (c) division
  10. What type of fraction is this 3 4/2  (a) proper fraction  (b) mixed fraction  (c) improper fraction
  11. What type of fraction is this 7/ (a) mixed fraction  (b) improper fraction  (c)proper fraction
  12. Add these 342 and 423  (a) 773  (b) 242  (c) 765
  13. Add these 543 and 244 (a) 787  (b) 236 (c) 799
  14. Subtract these 942 from 222 _______  (a) 346  (b) 293  (c) 620
  15. Add ¾ + 4/4 = ___________(a) 7/3  (b) 7/4   (c) 7/7
  16. Subtract 9/122/12 =  (a) 3/2  (b) 7/7  (c) 7/12
  17. Multiply 32 by 2 _____(a) 92  (b) 96  (c) 46
  18. 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = ________(a) 18  (b) 16 (c) 20
  1. Fill the box with the correct answer  6x                     = 18  (a) 6 (b) 3  (c) 18
  2. What part of this fraction is shaded                            (a) 3/8  (b) 2/10  (c) 3/10

Section B

1a.       What is the sum of 245 and 126

b.         There are 148 pupils in Basic 1 and 235 in Basic 2.  How many pupils are in the two classes.

2a.       What type of fraction is the following

4 3/9  = ________________________

4/10  = _________________________

10/8 = ________________________

Basic 1 Maths Cont.

b.         Add these 2/6  + 3/6 =               2/9   +   5/9 =

3a.       Subtract these 7/115/11          13/15   – 6/15

b.         Share the following and write your answer

            18 into 5

            20 into 45

            24 into 65

4a.       Find the total cost of these items

            If pencil = N10.00

            Ruler = N20.00

            Book = N30.00

i.          3 pencils and 1 ball

ii.         2 books and 2 rulers

b.         add these   N35.22k and N22.10k

                                N77.10k and N36.33k

5a.       A boy bought a pencil for N20.00 and paid N50.00.  how much is his change

b.         A girl bought and eraser for N50.00 and paid N100.00.  how much is her change.


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