Adverbs are words used to describe a verb, an adjective or another verb. They tell us more about a verb, an adjective or another adverb.

Examples are gently, loudly, beautifully, fearfully, slowly, etc.

Intensifiers are words that are used to strengthen the meaning of other expressions and show more emphasis. They are used to add more meaning in a sentence that contains a verb, an adjective or adverb.


Examples of intensifiers are;

  1. So
  2.  too
  3. Very
  4. Really
  5. Totally
  6. Extremely
  7.  at all
  8.  Completely
  9.  super, etc.

Forming sentences with intensifiers

The following sentences contain intensifier

  Intensifiers Sentences
1 very The water is very hot.
2 too She is too busy.
3 pretty She’s pretty brilliant.
4 really Do you really mean it?
5 strongly I strongly disagree.
6 quite It is quite calm here
7 so He is so kind to us.
8 At all I don’t like his character at all.
9 extremely My house is extremely clean.
10 such Yesterday  was such a hot day.


  1. ____________ add more meaning to a  sentence. A. Noun B. Intensifiers C.Verb D. Pronoun
  2. One of the following is  not an example of intensifiers. A. too B. very C. write D. so
  3. What is the intensifier in this sentence “I don’t like his character at all.” A. I B. don’t C. his D. at all.
  4.  What is the intensifier in this sentence “He is so kind to us.” A. is B so C. to B. us


  1. What are intensifiers
  2. Mention three intensifiers


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