Reception Scheme of Work for Third Term

Week 1 & 2

Topic: Continue work on curved lines, free hand writing and introduce zigzag

Objective:  pupil should be able to write 1-3 freehand, do zigzag and write curved lines

Lesson: 8 lessons

Materials: Number cards, flash card of numbers

Activity: Pupil should write curved lines and do zig zag vertically And horizontally

Evaluation:  make curved lines

Make zig zag line

Write 1-3 free hand style.

Week 3-4

Topic: Introduce number 4-6 (send paper number) Trace, name and write.

Objective: Pupils should be able to count 1-6 trace it on send paper and write it 

      free hand style.

Lesson : 8 lesson

Materials: send paper number flash cards on number

Activity: Pupil should write nos 1-3, trace  4-6 on send paper, then write nos 1-6. 

 Do other activities such as matching with objects, linking the numbers and free style writing.

Evaluation: count nos -6

Write nos 1-6

Match nos 1-6

Line 1-6 with objects

Week 5 & 6

Topic: Read-write and identify 1-6 fill in, dictate randomly. Match numbers with  numbers or with objects

Objectives: people should be able to read, write fill in, identify 1-6 and do other   activities that enhance recognition of the numbers

Lessons: 8 Lesson

Materials:  Flash card of number, buttons and large beads.

Activity: Pupils should do activities with the assistance of the teacher to enhance  recognition of number 1-6

Evaluation: Read write and match numbers 1-6

Week 7 & 8

Topic :  Introduce numbers 7-10

    Trace, name and try to write

Objectives: Pupil should be able to write number 1-6, trace number 7-10 and do  other activities to enhance recognition of numbers 1-10

Lesson 8 lesson

Materials: Flash cards of numbers, beads and buttons.

Activity: people should trace nos 7-10 and write 1-10 free hand style.

Evaluation: Write nos 1-6

Match nos 1-10

Fill in nos 1-10

Link nos 1-10

Week 9 & 10 Topic: More work on number 1-10

Dictate fill in and match

Objective: pupil should be able to count from 1-10 orally, identify 1-10 and write 1-10

Lesson: 8 Lesson

Material: Object like beads, buttons, flash card

Activity: Pupil should be taken through activities such as dictation, making and  linking nos 1-10 with objects.

Evaluation: write nos  1-10 and do other activities to enhance counting and recognition of nos 1-10

Week 11 & 12 Revision, family test examination and closing.


  • Delphina Pre Nursery Number, Bk 1 by Iteidi Anne
  • Mastering step, to numbers for beginners  by I.M Omogbai

Summary of teaching materials

  1. Large beads of different colours (large number)
  2. Large buttons in different colours (large number)
  3. Montessori number rods 1-10
  4. Send paper numbers 0-9
  5. Number cards – flash cards
  6. Flash cards of number and pictures

Pupils textbooks

  1. Delphia pre nursery numbers bk 1- Iteidi Anne
  2. Mastering steps to number – I.M Omogbai
  3. My Trinity number workbook.

Teacher’s texts

  1. Mastering mathematics bk 1
  2. Evan Pre nursery mathematics
  3. Pre school picture Book writing 1.23 by Learning solution



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