Christian Religious Knowledge Mock Examination Questions 2019/2020 Session – Junior Secondary School Three (JSS 3)


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  C.R.K Mock Examination 2019/2020 Session

       Subject:C.R.K             Duration: 40mins         Class: JSS2

Instruction: Answer all

  1. The disciples were called by Jesus to make them——-

{a} fishermen {b} religious {C} fishers of men {d} stronger

  • The 12 disciples were sent to preach to the {a} Gentiles {b} Jews only {C} Samaritan and Jews {d} gentiles and the Samaritan
  • Jesus instructed the 12 disciples—– for their journey {a} to carry everything they need {b} not to take any provision {c} to take some provision {d} to take food
  • Jesus sent the seventy disciples out as—– in the midst of wolves {a} goats {b} dogs {c} sheep {d} cows
  • Anyone that receive the disciples will—- {a} receive peace {b} suffer {c} be punished {d} all of the above
  • The disciple whose mother-in-law was cured of fever was {a} John {b} Peter {c} Mark {d} Thomas
  • Jesus said I will be clean to a {a} blind man {b} lame man {c} leper {d} man with unclean spirit
  • ‘’My son your sin are forgiven’ This was said by Jesus to the—— {a} paralytic man {b} deaf and dumb man {c} man with leprosy {d} epileptic man
  • The woman with the flow of blood had suffered for— years {a} 3 {b} 11 {c} 12 {d} 16
  • The woman with the flow of blood was cured when she {a} pressed upon Jesus {b} touched the garment of Jesus {c} touched the hand of Jesus {d} begged Jesus to heal her
  • The sheep in the parable of the sheep and the goat represent those who {a} attend to the need of their fellow human being {b} help stranger {c} clothes the naked {d} hope for the eternal life
  • The goat, in the parable of the sheep and the goat, represent those who were condemned because they did not {a} look up to God for salvation {b} care for their fellow human being {c} attend to the sick {d} forgive their enemies
  • All the following parable teach about maturity and responsibility except the parable of the {a} talent {b} sower {c} ten virgin {d} unmerciful servant
  • Laws which tell of our duties to God are called—law {a} ceremonial {b} religious {c} spiritual {d} ritual
  • Law which defines one’s relationship with others are called—- {a} canon {b} divine {c} physical {d} civic
  • Forty days after the birth of Jesus Christ, Joseph and Mary presented him in the temple in order to satisfy the religious law which required them to {a} circumcised him {b} baptize him {c} worship in the temple {d} redeem him
  • Jesus obeyed the religious law when He asked the leper he cured to show himself to the priest and offer the his purification what —- commanded {a} the law {b} the Bible {c} the old testament {d} Moses
  • The first type of family God created was —{a} extended {b} single parent {c} nuclear

{d} polygamous

  1. One of these things is an attitude of a good family {a} fighting {b} love {c} quarreling {d} nagging
  2. This is the major obligation of wife to her husband— {a} love {b} greet {c} kiss {d} respect
  3. Our brother’s and sister’s sons are our—– {a} uncle {b} cousin’s {c} nephew {c} nieces
  4. Relationship develops in school when children from different homes are brought together to — {a} know each other {b} play {c} learn {d} celebrate
  5. Friendship can grow from strength to strength when two friends—- each other {a} love {b} know {c] recognize {d} meet
  6. Jonathan was the son of —- {a} Abraham {b} Solomon {c] Saul {d} Isaiah
  7. Jesses was the father of —- {a} Joseph {b} David {c} Daniel {d} Moses
  8. Jonathan loved —— as his own soul because he was brave and trusted in God {a} Abner {b} David {c} Daniel {d} Isaiah
  9. These are some of the factors for choosing friends except—- {a} age {b} interest {c} kind of food {d} religion
  10. The temple tax of half a shekel is paid by male Jews above the age of — year {a} 40 {b} 12 {c} 19 {d} 18
  11. Which of the following is not true? To show his obedience to the law, Jesus asked his disciples to observe religious duties like {a} almsgiving {b} fasting {c} prayer {d} purification
  12. Jesus condemned retaliation because it makes people {a} harm themselves {b} lose their eyes {c} turn the other check {d} lose their teeth
  13. ‘’but I say to you do not resist’ one who is evil’ This was part of Jesus’ teaching on {a} forgiveness {b} love for enemies {c} turning the other check {d} retaliation
  14. Jesus said love for enemies is good because it makes {a] us a child of God {b} them feel bad {c} us subjected {d} them feel good
  15. You shall love your neighbor and – {a} pray for your enemy {b} hate your enemy {c} deceive your enemy {d} tolerate your enemy
  16. Jesus taught that the most important and greatest law in the world is the law of — {a} marriage {b} mercy {c} love {d} Moses
  17. Jesus said the whole world would identify his disciples if they {a} love one another {b} kept the commandment {C} confessed him as the Christ {d} made disciples of all nation
  18. The qualities of love are listed in St Paul’s Epistle to the— {a] Romans {b} Corinthians {c} Thessalonians {d} Galatians
  19. Jesus turned water into wine at the marriage feast in —- {a} Galilee {b} Cana {c} Nazareth {d} Samaria
  20. ‘’they have no wine ‘This was said by Mary the mother of Jesus during the {a} feast following the presentation of Jesus in the temple {b} feast after Jesus graduation from the synagogue school {c} feast of Pentecost {d} marriage feast at Cana
  21. The numbers of stone jar that were filled with water which later turned into wine {a} 12 {b} 9 {c} 6 {d} 8
  22. Jesus turned water into wine to {a} show his concerned for the needy {b} make his mother happy {c} show his approval of the marriage {d} please the bridegroom
  23. Jesus fed the five thousand people near the sea of {a} Galilee {b} Genesaret {c] Tiberas {d} Tiberias
  24. The disciple that Jesus asked about enough bread to feed the people was {a} John {b} Philipp {c} James {d} Andrew
  25. One of these disciples informed Jesus that a small boy had five loaves of bread and two fishes {a} Matthew {b} Thomas {c} Andrew {d} Philipp
  26. Immediately Jesus took the bread from the boy, he {a} gave thanks to God {b} multiple them {c} cut them in pieces {d} distribute them to the people
  27. The remains of the food that fed the five thousand filled —- basket {A} 3 {b} 12 {C} 31{d} 15
  28. ‘’this is indeed the prophet that is to come into the world ‘the people made this confession after the  {a} feeding of the five thousand {b} feeding of the four thousand {c} raising the widow’s son at Nain {d} cure of the Gerasene demoniac
  29. Jesus cast away evil spirit from a man in the synagogue at {a} Capernaum {b} Nazareth {c} Decapolis {d} Bethsaida
  30. Jesus cured a mad man in the country of the {a} Genesaren {b} Nazareth {C} Galilee {d} Galatians
  31. When the mad man saw Jesus,he ran to him and {A} said his name was legion {b} asked him to help him {c} bow downward and worshipped him {d} fell on the ground
  32. The mad man said his name was {A] Mathew {b} legion {c} legend {D} Beelzebud
  33. The evil spirit in the mad man begged Jesus to send them to {a} the sea {b} the abyss {c] the swine {d} purgatory
  34. The people of Genesareth begged Jesus to depart from their neighborhood because they {a} were Gentile {b} were pagan {c} hated the demoniac {d} were afraid of loosing more pigs
  35. The disciple whose mother-in-law was cured of fever was {a] James {b} Peter {c} Josses {d} Mathew
  36. Jesus said I will be clean’’ to a {a} mad man {b} leper {c} lame man {d} man with unclean spirit
  37. ‘’my son your sins are forgiven ‘this was said by Jesus to the — {a} man with leprosy {b} paralytic man {c}deaf and dumb {d} epileptic boy
  38. The woman with the issue of blood had suffer for – years {a} 5 {b} 24 {c] 12 {d} 23
  39. The woman with the flow of blood was cured when she {a} pressed upon Jesus {b} begged Jesus to heal her {c} touched the garment of Jesus {d} touched the hand of Jesus
  40. ‘’I am not worthy to have you under my roof ‘The speaker was {A} the centurion’s servant {b} the centurion {c} the demoniac {d} Jarius
  41. Lazarus was the brother of {a} Mary and Salome {b} Martha and Mary {C} Salome and Martha {d} Elisabeth and Salome
  42. The healing of the Syrophoenician’s woman daughter and the centurion’s servant show that {a} Jesus loves sinners {b} Jesus loves the foreigners {c} foreigners had faith in Jesus {d} Jesus’ salvation is for all mankind
  43. Lazarus and his sisters lived in the town of — {A} Bethphage {b} Capernaum {c} Bethany {d} Bethsaida
  44. ‘’Jesus wept ‘This happened when he heard of the death of {a} Simeon {b} Lazarus {c} the leper {d} the widow’s son
  45. A  parable is {a} an earthly story with heavenly meaning {b} an idiomatic expression {c} a story about the kingdom of God {d} a method of teaching introduced by Jesus
  46. The parable of Jesus brings home God’s truth in {a} many way {b} a complex way {c} a simple way {d} different way
  47. ‘’there is more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over {a} ninety righteous people who need no repentance {b} ninety Christians who need no repentance {c} nine righteous people who need no repentance {d} ninety people who is born again
  48. Which of the following is not true of the prodigal son {a} he squandered his share of the family property in loose living {b} he repented and decided to ask his father forgiveness {c} his father ran to meet him and kissed him {d} his elder brother was happy at his return
  49. The parable of the lost sheep, lost coin and the prodigal son teach that God is a loving and—- father who wants us to be good children always {a} wonderful {b} searching {c} caring {d} great
  50. The statement ‘’This night your soul is required of you ‘is found in the parable of the {a} rich man and Lazarus {b} rich fool {c} unjust judge {d} talent
  51. The rich man in the parable of the rich fool was condemned because he {a} was a wicked capitalist {b} stored grain for his own soul {c} had ample goods for many years {d} was not rich towards God
  52. The lesson from the parable of the rich fool is that {a} money is the root of all evil {b} wealth brings misfortune {c} money is not everything {d} selfishness is not good.


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