Lagos State Junior Secondary School Scheme of work

JSS 2 English Studies Second Term –

Week 1:Consonant clusters

Reporting questions Government and politics Exposition – the Atmosphere Prose

Week 2: The Diphthongs; / ei/ I / / / / /

Reporting commands and request

overnment and politics



Week 3:Diphthongs / / / / and / /

           Comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs

Government and politics

Reading comprehension – persuasion


Week:4:Weak forms

    Intensifiers Law and orders Formal letter Prose

Week 5: Word boundary

Adverbs and other Forms

Week 6: Law and order Argument Poetry words

Prepositions of places and location

Reading to identify the meanings of words in various context


Formal letters

JSS 2 English Studies Second Term – Modified I

WEEKS                     TOPICS/CONTENTS

  1. Speech work:  contrast of pure vowel /u/ and /u:/, /Ɔ/ – Grammar: Adverbials (Frequently and manner) – comprehension – (NOSEC)  Composition – Letter writing – formal letter (features) writing letter of permission to be absent from school to the principal – literature – folk tales:- reading of Natalia by Ted Osondu.
  2. Grammar:- Tenses: the present tense – comprehension (NOSEC).  Vocabulary development:-  The library.  Literature – Introduction to poetry:  Definition and features reading of Natalia by Ted Osondun
  3. Grammar:- The simple past tense – comprehension (NOSEC).  Vocabulary development:  Marriage related words – guided composition – literature – poetry types (difference between oral and written poetry.
  4. Speech work:  Contrast of pure vowel /Ɔ:/ sound grammar – the present continuous tense – comprehension (NOSEC) – Composition: Narrative essay – The most memorable day of my life.  Literature:  Drama features – identification of the features of drama
  5. Grammar:-  The past continuous tense  comprehension – vocabulary development – child labour and trafficking.  Composition – road transportation is safer than air transportation.  Literature – Use Of Recommended Text
  6. Speech work:  Introduction to vowel – contrasting /D/ and /Ɔ:/.  Grammar – making sentences with the present tense and past tense.  Comprehension (NOSEC).  Composition exposition essay. Literature in English – myths and legends.  Use of Recommended Text
  7. Speech work:  Contrasting vowels /e/ and /Ʒ:/ – Grammar: future tense:  making sentences with the future tense, – will, shall – comprehension (NOSEC) – Vocabulary development – prefixes composition – Argumentative essay Literature:  Use of Recommended Text (Drama: Magic, superstision
  8. Speech work:  Introduction to Diphthongs.  Grammar:  making sentences with past tense.  Comprehension – Guided composition.  Literature-in-english – use of Recommended Text
  9. General revision class
  10. Examination

JSS 2 English Studies Second Term – Modified II

  1. Speech Work- revision of last term’s work. Grammar- Adjective. Compositions: My New Year Resolution. Reading and Comprehension Vocabulary Development-           (The Office).Structure: Reported Speech. Literature in English – Introduction to prose, Features of prose
  • Speech Work – Diphthongs Continue. Grammar – Tenses – present, past, future. Reading/Comprehension and Summary. Writing – Argumentative Essay. Introduction to Drama and Features
  • Speech Work – Triphthongs, produce speech with tri   thongs. Grammar –    Adverbials – cause and reason, Purpose, Condition. Reading and Comprehension Argumentative Essay – Civilian government is far better than Military government. Literature in English – Element of Drama
  • Speech Work/Listening and Speaking consonant – /h/; /w/ and /j/. Grammar – Punctuation mark (Full Stop). Read and comprehension –Vocabulary Development – The postal service. Writing – Formal Letter – (To the school Principal).Literature in English – Recommended text on drama
  • Speech Work – Consonant/p/, /b/, /t/, /d/, e.g. pot, boy, tape, dog. Grammar- Punctuation Mark, (The Comma) Reading and Comprehension. Writing – Narrative Essay–My last Birthday. Literature in English            Recommended text on drama
  • Speech Work – Consonant Sound /k/ and /g/. Grammar –Types of        Sentence (Functional) Questions, Statements, and Commands. Reading and Comprehension. Writing – Mining.  Literature in English (use  Recommended text)
  • Speech Work/Listening and Speaking – contrasting Consonant /f/ and /v/, /s/ and /z/ e.g. fan, van. Grammar – Direct Speech. Reading and Comprehension. Writing – Oral Expository essay – The campaign Literature in English – use recommended text
  • Speech Work – Intonation pattern- Are you in my class? Grammar – Adverbials. Reading and Comprehension. Writing: Summary writing from selected passages on Contemporary issues. Literature in English, Use recommended text
  • Speech Work/ Listening and speaking – The Rising Tune in Yes/ No Question. Grammar: Indirect/Direct Speech. Reading and Comprehension. Writing –story writing. Literature in English – Use recommended text
  1. Revision
  1. Examination


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