Christian Religion Knowledge Third Term Examination Questions 2019/2020 Session – Junior Secondary School (JSS 1, JSS 2)




SUBJECT:    C.R.K                                                                    CLASS:  J.S.S 1

Part One: Objective Questions

  1. Jesus Christ was born in  (a) Bethlehem  (b) Galilee  (c) Israel  (d) Nazareth
  2. Sisera was not put to death by  (a) Joel  (b) Deborah  (c) Barak  (d) Rahab
  3. Deborah was the wife of _________(a) Moses  (b) Gideon  (c) Joshua   (d) Lappidoth
  4. When the Israelites sinned in the time of Deborah, God sold them into the hand of a Canaanite king called _____(a) Jabin  (b) Sisera  (c) Agas  (d) Perez
  5. Difficulties that come our way in preparing for good leadership are to be seen as __(a)obstacles to run away from  (b) problems to be avoided  (c) impediments to wear us down  (d) challenges to be overcome
  6. The mother of Samuel was  (a) Hannah  (b) Sarah  (c) Ruth  (d) Deborah
  7. After the death of Joseph, the Israelites were oppressed in Egypt because  (a) there was change of government  (b) they fought the Egyptians  (c) of their growing population              (d) They hated the Egyptians
  8. God wants everyone to be free because without freedom there can be no  (a) life  (b)progress  (c) humility  (d)death
  9. Identify the wrong option: freedom is the release from  (a) bondage  (b) oppression                  (c) discrimination  (d) kindness
  10. Moses was nursed by  (a) Pharaoh’s daughter  (b) his sister  (c) his mother  (d) Pauh
  11. According to the book of Exodus the name of Moses means  (a) to have a child  (b) to draw out of water  (c)  the Lord is our salvation (d) deliverance is near
  12. When Moses fled Egypt, he stayed in the land of _________ (a) Midian  (b) Goshen                (c) Shechem  (d)Canaan
  13. Our first great nationalist in the struggle for independence from British colonial rule was ______(a) Sir Ahmadu Bello  (b) Herbert Macaulay  (c) Chief Obafemi Awolowo  (d)Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe
  14. Laws are for the whole country and are expressed in the __________of the country                (a) institution  (b) law courts  (c) constitution  (d) tenets
  15. The first four commandments define Israel’s relationship with ___________ (a) God               (b) their neighbours  (c) other nations  (d) the Sabbath

Part Two: Complete the following sentences

  1. ____________was Moses father-in-law
  2. When the nation grows more food to release the people from poverty and starvation is known as _____________________________freedom
  3. ________________can be defined as the process whereby individuals or nations are released from bondage or oppression
  4. When Moses fled Egypt, he stayed in the land of __________________________
  5. _____________prophet was sent to Nineveh and he wanted to escape from presence of God

Part Three: (Theory) Attempt 4 questions only.

1a.       Define freedom.

b.         List four types of freedom you have studies

c.         Who was the king of Egypt when Moses was born?

d.         Explain briefly how Moses was brought up.

2i.        Explain briefly how Deborah and Barak defeated Jabin, king of Canaan.

(ii)        Who was the army commander of Jabin?

(iii)       Who was the husband of Deborah?

(iv)       Mention four qualities of Deborah as a Judge and Prophetess

3a.       What is repentance?

b.         What is adultery?

c.         Explain how David committed sin of Adultery with Bathsheba

d.         How did God react to David’s sin of adultery?

4i.        Who was prophet Jonah?

(ii)        Explain Jonah’s message to the Ninevites

(iii)       How many times did Jonah make attempt to die?

(iv)       State two reasons why Jonah’s actions should be condemned.

5a.       Explain the story of the prodigal son.

b.         Do you want to become a prodigal son or daughter?  State two reasons for your response.

c.         What lessons have you learnt from the father of the prodigal son?





SUBJECT:    C.R.K                                                                                    CLASS:  J.S.S 2

  1. Jesus predicted that before the cock crowed twice Peter would have denied him ________times  (a) two  (b) five  (c) four  (d) three
  2. The three disciples who went a little further with Jesus to pray in the garden of Gethsemane were Peter, James and __________(a) Andrew  (b) Philip  (c) Luke  (d) John
  3. The cup which Jesus asked God to take away from him when praying in Gethsemane represent his ________(a) betrayal by Judas  (b) arrest and trial  (c) trial  (d) suffering and death on the cross.
  4. In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus said a prayer of ___________(a) thanksgiving                    (b) agony  (c) hope  (d) remembrance
  5. Jesus advised the disciples to watch and pray so that they might not ________(a) enter into temptation  (b) be arrested together with him  (c) sleep while the betrayer came  (d) struggle with his enemies at the time of arrest
  6. Judas betrayed Jesus with _________(a) thirty pieces of silver (b) handshake  (c)a kiss  (d)a big crowd
  7. Who cut off the ear of the servant of the high priest at the time that Jesus was arrested?              (a) James and John  (b) John Mark  (c) Timothy  (d) Peter
  8. The Roman governor who tried Jesus was ____(a) Herod Antipas  (b) Herod the Great              (c) Pontius Pilate  (d) Caesar Augustus       
  9. There was a custom of releasing a prisoner at the feast of the ______(a) New moon                 (b) Pentecost  (c) Passover   (d) Tabernacle
  10. This man asked for the body of Jesus to bury it.  (a) Simon of Cyrene  (b) Symon of Paphos  (c) Joseph of Nazareth  (d) Joseph of Aremathae
  11. Jesus went to Jerusalem to _________(a) sack the traders and money changers from the temple  (b) attend the Passover  (c) continue with his ministry  (d) die
  12. From where did Jesus send two of his disciples to fetch the colt of an ass?  (a) Mount of Olives  (b) Mount Olivet  (c) Bethany  (d) Bethpage
  13. At his triumphant entry into Jerusalem, Jesus rode on the colt of an ass because he _________(a) wanted to fulfill the scriptures  (b) had need of it  (c) could not get a horse  (d)was the peaceful messiah
  14. The people spread their garment on the road for Jesus to ride over as a sign of homage to show their  (a) joy  (b) appreciation  (c) love  (d) gratitude
  15. Hosanna means _______(a) praise the Lord  (b) glory be to God  (c) save now  (d) ride on in majesty

Part 2: Complete the sentences

  1. The brad at the last supper represents the ________of Christ 
  2. Simon who helped Jesus to carry his cross was from _____________
  3. Jesus was crucified with ______________robbers
  4. “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabacthani” means ______________________________
  5. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples at the last supper as a lesson in __________________

Part 3 (Theory) : Attempt 4 questions only.

1.         Narrate the story of triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and show its significance.

2.         Show the importance of the followings at the last supper

(a)        The bread

(b)        The wine

(c)        The saying “Do this in remembrance of me”

(d)       The washing of the disciples feet

(e)        What two lessons have you learnt from the study of last supper?

3a.       Give an account of the cleansing of the temple by Jesus Christ.

b.         What two lessons have you derived from the episode

c.         Mention two other evil occurrences/practices in our churches today which Jesus would have condemned.

4a.       State the seven words of Jesus Christ on the cross

b.         State two notable events that happened at the death of Jesus Christ

c.         Who buried Jesus Christ?

5.         Give an account of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and explain the significance of the events.


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