Junior Secondary School Curriculum Music –

NERDC Curriculum Music JSS3

JSS3 Second Term Music Curriculum Lagos State

WEEK ONE    –            REVISION

WEEK TWO  –           Singing  pattern (solo, duet, trio and quartet)

WEEK THREE –          minor scale with key signature D, E, and G minor

WEEK FOUR –           Relative minor keys with four sharps and four flats

WEEK FIVE –              Adding short melody to a given words

WEEK SIX –                Nigerian highlife musicians

WEEK SEVEN –         Cadences – perfect, imperfect etc

WEEK EIGHT –          inversion of triads

WEEK NINE –             Transposition 

WEEK TEN – Revision and Examination

JSS3 Second Term Music Curriculum

  1. Revision of last term’s work.
  2. Voice Classifications: The human voice (Range & Compass of Voice).
  3. Types of Choirs: Children’s Choirs, Female Choirs, Male Choirs, mixed Choirs.
  4. Triads and Chords (Primary & Secondary): Meaning of “Triad” and “Chord”, Building of Triads, Triads built on the Degrees of C Major, Secondary Triads.
  5. Triads of Major and Minor keys, Inversion of Triads: Triads of Major keys, Triads of minor keys, Inversion of Triads.
  6. Transcription: Meaning, Transcription-Staff to Sol-fa Notation.
  7. Clef Transposition-(1) Transposing a melody an Octave Higher (2) Transposing a melody an Octave Lower.
  8. History of Music: Some Nigerian Art Musicians (Laz Ekwueme, Ayo Bankole, Felix Nwuba, Fela Sowande, Vera Okonkwo, Akin Euba etc.
  9. Modulation: Meaning & Types, Modulation to Related keys, Modulation to the Dominant.
  10. Cadences: Definition of a Cadence, Kinds of Cadences.
  11. Revision.
  12. Examination.


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