Second Term Nursery one News and Conversation Curriculum

Week 1& 2

Topic: Conversation on electricity

Objectives: Pupils should be able to state that it is dangerous to play with

electricity, and that it is not good to leave our switch on.

Lesson: 2 Lessons

Materials: Switch and socket in the class

Activities: Pupils should be taught not to temper with switch and socket. Pupils

should be told on the danger inherent in sticking things on sockets.

Evaluation: We should play with sockets. YES/NO.

 Is it right to leave our switch on” during the day? YES/NO

Week 3 & 4

Topic: My immediate family

Observation: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to mention his family

members i.e father, mother, brothers and sisters.

Lesson: 8 Lessons

Material: Chat on a nuclear family

Activities: Teacher should mention the family members such as father, mother,

sister, brother .

Evaluation: Mention two members of your family

Week 5 & 6

Topic: Animals that are friendly (pets)

Objectives: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to mention the name

of animals in and around the house such as dogs,cats,rabbits.

Lesson: 2 Lessons

Material: Chart on friendly animals

Activities: The teacher tells the pupils that animals that are friendly are called

pets. Other animals found around the home are called domestic animals.

Evaluation: Mention animals that are pets .What other names do we call friendly

animals .

Week 7 & 8

Topic: What is happening in the nation?

Objectives: At the end of the lesson , pupils should be able to state a major event

that is in the news – e.g The visit of the president of the united state to the


Lesson: 2 Lessons

Material: The class

Activities: Teacher should narrate the events that are in the news in such a way  that the pupil would be able to recall e.g The US president visited Nigeria on the  first of February 2014.

WEEK 9 & 10

Topic: Conversation of food

Objectives: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to state why and how

we can conserve our food.

Lesson: 2 Lessons

Material: Food in our lunch packs in the class

Activities: Teacher tells the pupils that it is improper to waste our food by not  eating it. Also, it is improper to eat too much food.

Evaluation: Is it proper to eat too much food? YES/NO Is it good to eat too much

food? YES/NO.

Week 11 & 11

Topic: Revision, termly test, examination, closing.


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