Primary Five Second Term Examination Questions 2019/2020 Session – All Subject


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: French                                                                                   CLASS: Basic 5

1.         Qu’est-ce que tu (aime/aimes) faire?

2.         J’aime (fais/faire) le sport

3.         J’aime le sport means _____________ (a) I love sport  (b) I hate sport

4.         D’accord means ___________(a) okay  (b) No

5.         Quel sport practiquez (vous/nous)

6.         Je (joue/jouer) an football

7.         Je (prefere/prefer) le football

8.         Je joue au tennis means ______(a) I love to play tennis  (b) I play tennis

9.         le samedi (après/soir) midi

10.       Je (lis/cicez) des livies

11.       Je (fais/faissens) mon devoir

12.       Je m’ _______Dickson (a)appelle (b) habite

13.       Voici ____________maison (a) ma  (b) mon

14.       J’ ______a Ikeja (habite (b) arrive

15.       Une _________maison (a) grande  (b) grand

16.       Une voiture means _________(a) a month  (b) a car

17.       Des anana means _______(a) some pawpaw  (b)some pineapple

18.       Des carottes means ________________ (a) some grapes  (b) some carot

19.       Des banana means _________(a) some banana  (b) some cerise

20.       Des papaya means  _________(a) some pawpaw  (b) some cashew


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: R.N.V                                                                                CLASS: Basic 5

  1. _____________ involves the development of an action plan designed to motivate and guide a person toward a goal.  (a) career  (b) plan  (c) goal  (d) goal setting
  2. ________conflicts are disagreement between two or more countries                             (a) international  (b) village  (c) town  (d) state
  3. The __________wanted their own country to be known as Biafra.  (a) Hausa                (b) Yoruba’s  (c) Calaba’s  (d) Igbo’s
  4. Gender discrimination means _______between the men and women  (a) poverty  (b) age  (c) education  (d) inequality
  5. _______means the important, worth, or usefulness of something  (a) value                    (b) tolerance  (c) culture  (d) unity
  6. For people to live happily together, there must be _________(a) war  (b) hunger  (c)peace  (d) money
  7. ____________is the ability to accept and endure certain things  (a) tolerance                (b) anger  (c) acceptance  (d) respect
  8. Tolerance promotes the spirit of give and __________(a) kill  (b) punish  (c) take  (d) happiness
  9. ______________is working together to achieve a common goal  (a) co-operation  (b)unity (c) love  (d) development
  10. __________in scientific terms means the cutting off of light from the earth.  (a)moon  (b)sun  (c) thunder  (d) eclipse
  11. The fifth eclipse of the sun occurred on the _________March _______________  (a) 27th, 2005  (b) 29th, 2006  (c) 20th, 2008  (d) 19th, 2006
  12. _______are people giving information about eclipse of the sun  (a) metropologist  (b) geologist  (c)metrologists  (d) geographers.
  13. A marriage whereby a man marries outside his community is called __________________(a)inter-marriage (b) inter marriage  (c) custom marriage  (d)council
  14. Example of inter-marriage is all of the above except one  (a)Hausa  and Ibo             (b) Yoruba  and Yoruba  (c) Delta and Delta
  15. For peace to reign in our society, we must have the spirit of  (a) gossip                   (b) selfish (c)loyalty  (d) envy

Section B

1.         State six values that promote peace

2a.       Define vegetation

b.         List the types of vegetation in Nigeria

3a.       Mention any five areas in which Gender discrimination occurs.

b.         Highlight any 4 consequences of gender discrimination

4a.       Define employment

b.         state any seven problems of unemployment

5.         Define unemployment

b.         Mention five ways unemployment problems in Nigeria can be solved.


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Verbal Reasoning                                                                   CLASS: Basic 5

  1. Write out the two words that are related to each other

Loud, hear, increase, audible _____________________ and ___________________________

2.         flower, egg, plant, rice ______________________ and _______________________

3.         knife, dance, play, cut ____________________________ and ____________________________

Choose a word that is related to the given word.

4.         egg and _________________(tea, fry, shell, break).

5.         football and ___________(players, skin, table, look)

6.         birds and _____________ (cry, whistles, crow, bleat)

7.         A car needs a _________(driver, sailor, pilot, rider, passenger)

8.         He borrowed some books from the ____________________(shelf, bookshop, library, store, vendor)

Choose a word each from the box below to complete each pair.

escape, loving, arrange, foot, animal, guard, place, stop, relation, walk

9.         heel and ____________________________

10.       fond and _____________________________

11.       aunt and _________________________________

Complete with the correct antonyms

12.       DWARF         Giant


                                    Tiny                 ____________


13.       COMPLEX     Weep


                                    Defeat             _________________


14.       SPECIFIC      General


                                    Plenty              _____________________


15.       FERTILE        Abundant


                                    Barren _______________________


Basic 5 Verbal cont.

Choose the word out of the pair which has both of the meanings, pick an answer from the box below

Supporters/fans, present/gift, noise /sound, tall/high, staff/workers, beat/bit, padlock/key

15.       farm from the ground



16.       healthy or strong

            Something you hear

17.       To mix thoroughly in cooking

            To hit many times

18.       Present and available

            Present and __________________

19.       A piece of metal for turning


20.       Bright and clever        

            Bright and _______________________


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Basic Science & Technology                                              CLASS: Basic 5

Section A: Objective

  1. The force which opposes the motion between two surfaces is called ________ (a)Acceleration  (b) friction (c)gravitation (d)movement
  2. The energy obtained from the sun is called __________(a)atomic energy  (b)thermal energy  (c)hydro energy  (d) solar energy
  3. An instrument used for measuring rain fall is called ____(a) hydrometer                          (b) thermometer  (c) rainguage  (d) barometer
  4. Friction can be reduced by using or applying  (a) electricity  (b) heat  (c)oil  (d)light
  5. The energy of a magnet to attract things made of iron is known as _______                        (a) friction  (b) magnetism  (c) gravity  (d)contraction
  6. The first planet from the sun is known as ___________ (a) Pluto  (b) mercury                   (c) Jupiter  (d) Venus
  7. How many colours can be observed in a rainbow  (a) 5  (b) 6  (c) 7  (d) 8
  8. Another name for fulcrum is _______(a) Effort  (b) movement  (c) pivot  (d)lever
  9. We use _______to lift heavy objects  (a) magnet  (b) pulley  (c)grader  (d)wedge
  10. The force with which the earth attracts or pulls objects toward its centre is called ______________ (a) gravitational force (b) magnetic force  (c) electric force  (d)fractional force

Section B: Theory

1a.       Define force

b.         List three effects of force

2a.       Explain maintenance

b.         List three importance of maintenance

3a.       What is a machine?

b.         List three uses of lever

4.         Define friction

5a.       A simple machine made up of a wheel and a rope is called ______________

b.         __________________is a flat, sloping surface that is to make the job of moving heavy objects easier.


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Vocational Studies                                                              CLASS: Basic 5

  1. A person who is skilled in music is known as __________(a) plumber  (b)musician  (c)farmer  (d) electrician
  2. A place at the airport where the traffic controller stays is known as __________(a)control tower  (b) arrival hall  (c) control tower  (d) departure hall
  3. Footwear includes the following except  (a) slippers  (b) shoes  (c) sandals  (d)knife
  4. Guitar and violin are examples of _________instruments  (a) percussion  (b) string  (c) wind  (d) sound
  5. A group of singers is known as a _______ (a) troupe of singers  (b) bunch of singers  (c) band of singers  (d) choir
  6. With what do people catch fish from the sea?  (a) fishing net  (b) fishing gear         (c) fishing cloth  (d)fishing rod
  7. People who are engaged in extraction of fish from the sea are known as _________ (a) trawlers  (b) mongers  (c) extractionist  (d) fisherman
  8. People who make palm wine from palm tree are known as ____________(a)drainer  (b)brewers  (c)tappers  (d)drawers
  9. What machine does most of the work on a mechanized farm?  (a) plough                        (b) bicycle  (c) tractor  (d) generator
  10. The person that controls a ship is known as ______________(a)doctor  (b) pilot (c)captain (d)diver

Section B:  Theory

1a.       ____________is the art of producing sweet sounds with the voice or by making use of musical instrument.

b.         List three musical instruments

2a.       Define raw materials

b.         List three agricultural materials and their uses

3a.       ________are those materials that are dug from the soil or from water

b.         List three mineral resources and their uses.

4a.       Define electrical fittings

b.         List three examples of electrical fittings.

5.         _________________are materials that are not part of clothing, but are helpful and useful in dressing.


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Pre-vocational studies                                                        CLASS: Basic 5

Section A:  Objective

  1. __________is a creative means of making farm produce appealing to potential buyers.  (a) packaging  (b) farm record  (c) marketing
  2. The following are packaging items except  (a) cans  (b) baskets  (c) knife
  3. _________are events that cause us injuries  (a) eating  (b) home accidents  (c) running
  4. ___________are used to hold two or more pieces of fabrics together temporarily or permanently  (a) cutting  (b) stitches  (c) tailoring
  5. Which of these is not kitchen equipment?  (a) electric cooker  (b)vegetable blender  (c)dining table
  6. Functions of farm produce packaging include the following except                   (a) identification  (b) protection  (c) cultivation
  7. Reasons for cleaning kitchen include the following except  (a) To prevent diseases  (b) To avoid misplacements of items  (c) to ensure proper harvest
  8. Cleaning agents which can be used in the kitchen include the following except  (a) soap  (b) disinfectants  (c) shovel
  9. Which of the following is an accident?  (a) malaria fever  (b) burns  (c)stomach ache
  10. A sudden undesirable happening is called an ________(a) incident (b)accident  (c)stress

Section B:  Theory

1a.       Define stitches

b.         List three classes of stitches

2a.       What is a kitchen?

b.         State three reasons for cleaning the kitchen.

3a.       Define the term “packaging”

b.         List three packaging items.

4a.       List three things to do under personal hygiene

b.         List three things to do under food hygiene

5.         List three cleaning agents which can be used in the kitchen.


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Computer Studies                                                               CLASS: Basic 5

Section A:  Objective

  1. LAN means (a) large area network  (b) Local area network  (c) Lagos area network
  2. ___________is a program that assembles a program written in another language to a machine language  (a) assembler  (b) interpreter  (c) complier
  3. A person that writes program is called a __________(a) language translator                     (b) programmer  (c) interpreters
  4. ____________is a program that translates a program written in high level language into machine language line by line and then executes it.  (a) interpreter                        (b) complier  (c) assembler
  5. Types of electronic mail include the following except  (a) internet mail                                      (b) client-based email  (c) webmail
  6. A program that translates a program written in high-level language into machine language all at once is ____________ (a) complier  (b) interpreter  (c)assembler
  7. Good usage of internet include the following except  (a) finding information              (b) communication  (c) stealing
  8. Advantages of using email include the following except  (a) it is extremely fast  (b) it is cheap to send an email  (c) no guarantee
  9. ______________is a language used to write computer programs.  (a) computer programming language  (b) low level language  (c) high level language
  10. Disadvantages of using the internet include the following except  (a) being exposed to pornography  (b) stealing personal information  (c) gaining knowledge

Section B:  Theory

1.         What are language translators?

2.         A person that writes program is called a ______________

3.         What is a computer programming language?

4a.       Define a chart?

b.         List three types of charts

5a,       What is electronic mail?

b.         Mention two types of electronic mail


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: History                                                                                 CLASS: Basic 5

Section A:  Objective

  1. Nigeria became a federation in _______________(a) 1954  (b) 1956  (c) 1966                (d) 1960
  2. Nigeria became a Republic on __________(a) 1 October, 1966  (b) 1 October, 1965  (c) 1 October, 1960  (d) 1 October, 1963.
  3. The Nigerian independence ceremony was held in _______________(a) Lagos  (b)Ibadan  (c)Abuja  (d) Calabar
  4. _____________was the premier of mid-western region  (a) Dennis Osadebay  (b)Michael Okpara  (c) Samuel Akintola  (d)Ahmadu Bello
  5. Religion is the belief in ___________(a) economic powers  (b) natural beings                     (c) supernatural powers  (d) traditional medicine
  6. Islam spread to Nigeria during the _______________(a) slave trade  (b) Trans-Sahara trade  (c) Jihad  (d) colonial period.
  7. Who were the first people to introduce Christianity to Nigeria?  (a) The Portuguese  (b) The protestants  (c) The Americans  (d) The British
  8. Who among these was not a Christian missionary in Nigeria in the 19th century?  (a) The Church Missionary Society  (b) Roman Catholic Religious Orders  (c) The Baptist Missionary Society  (d) The Ssanussiya Brotherhood
  9. All these were early Christian missionaries in Nigeria except _________(a) Mary Slessor  (b) Henry Townsend  (c) John David Thomas  (d) Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther
  10. Which of the following is not a traditional occupation?  (a) boat making                      (b) cloth making  (c) fishing  (d) driving

Section B: Theory

1.         Explain traditional occupation

2.         Mention three traditional occupations in the locality

3.         Define federation

4.         State two legacies of Mallam Aminu Kano

5.         _____________is an economic activity engaged in by people as a means of earning a living


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: English Language                                                             CLASS: Basic 5

Instruction:  Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

            Taking an examination is one of the ways of assessing students in their class work.  Besides being used for promotion to the next class, it is employed in giving a final certificate to a student who has completed studies in a school.

            There are different ways pupils can prepare for their examinations.  They should be regular in school, get their necessary textbooks on time and read them.  They should listen to their teachers while lessons are on.  Doing their homework and asking questions in class will also help them.  They should write notes correctly and neatly.  Neat and clear writing will make the pupils enjoy reading.  Only lazy pupils will waste their time and start getting ready when they have less than two weeks to their examination.


1.         A good title for this passage is   (a) playing in school  (b) time wasting before examination  (c) waiting for examination  (d) planning for an examination

2.         According to the passage, examination is important because   (a) we only lean during examination period  (b) our going to the next class is determined by it.  (c)it makes us happy  (d) we want to have good writing

3.         Those studying in primary school are called  (a) lecturers  (b) graduates  (c) finalists  (d)pupils

4.         Which word can replace neat and clear writing?  (a) legible  (b) illegible  (c)slanting writing  (d) block writing

5.         From the passage, we know that  (a) It is bad to read our books before our examination  (b) it is good to read our books only one week before examination                 (c) only intelligent ones should read their books  (d) it is better to read our books before our examination.

Part B:  Grammar

Section A:

Instruction:  choose from the alternatives lettered A to d the word or group of words that best complete each sentence.

6.         Mary and John were unable __________the English assignment  (a) they couldn’t complete  (b) to complete  (c) to completes  (d) they completing

7.         I was ________tired to do my home work  (a) so  (b) very  (c) too  (d) much

8.         Yam and cassava are among the important crops _______in Nigeria.  (a) grow  (b) grown  (c) grew  (d) growing

9.         Mother spent days looking ______the wrist watch in the market  (a) on  (b) of  (c) for  (d) about

10.       Transport fares _______since about three years ago. (a) had went  (b) have gone up                 (c) goes up  (d) went up

11.       Malam Audu ______next week  (a) shall come  (b) is coming  (c) come  (d) will have come

12.       This classroom badly needs  (a) sweep  (b) to be sweeps  (c) sweeping                                 (d) swept

Basic 5 English Cont.

13.       She _______do better next term provided she works harder  (a) can’t  (b) could  (c) must  (d) has

14.       _______his late coming, Ade still scored the highest mark in the test. (a)Although                   (b) Because  (c) Even  (d) despite

15.       Where _______you this morning?  (a) is  (b) are  (c) were  (d) was

Section B:

Instruction:  From the alternative, choose one word which gives the meaning of the words in bold letters in each sentence below:

16.       Most of the boys backed up the teacher during the meeting  (a) stood against him             (b) carried him on their back  (c) supported him  (d) lined up behind him.

17.       We must start the test right away  (a) without delay  (b) in a short while  (c) as soon as possible  (d) very soon.

18.       My husband can’t be here today, so I’m going to speak on his behalf  (a) for both of us  (b) in his absence  (c) about his behaviour  (d) for him

19.       John works all the year round.  (a) round the year  (b) round like a year (c) without a holiday  (d) year after year

20.       The old man turned down the offer of a bribe.  (a) refused  (b) put down  (c) pushed down (d) pretended not to accept

Instruction:  Study these sentences carefully and determine from the alternatives lettered A to D, the types of sentences they are:

21.       My mother is an intelligent woman.  This is __________ (a) command (b) request  (c) wish  (d) statement

22.       No one should make a noise in this room.  This is a __________  (a) question                (b) wish  (c) command  (d) statement

23.       Has she done the assignment?  This is a _______(a) command  (b) question                 (c) request  (d) wish

24.       May the Almighty God guide us home.  This is a _________ (a) request                           (b) command  (c) wish  (d) statement.

25.       Please help me to open the main gate.  This is a ______(a) statement                           (b) command  (c)question (d)request

Choose from the alternatives lettered A to D, the correct ending for each of the following sentences.

26.       If you work hard, you _______(a) passes the test  (b) are passing the test  (c) have passed the test  (d) will pass the test

27.       We called on our friends, but _________ (a) they are coming  (b) because they are also coming  (c) they had already left  (d) they will be boxer

28.       That is the boxer _________  (a) that won the competition  (b) which won the competition  (c) who won the competition  (d) whom won the competition

29.       By next month, Ade _______  (a) is going to London  (b) had been going to London  (c) gone to London  (d) would have gone to London.

30.       We saw the boy when he _________(a) is climbing the tree  (b) has climbs the tree  (c) was climbing the tree  (d) climbs the tree

Basic 5 English Cont.

Complete each of the sentence with the most appropriate of the options.

31.       We must obey the laws _______our country  (a) at  (b) of  (c) with  (d) to

32.       My house is directly opposite ________-the market  (a) for  (b) at  (c) with  (d)to

33.       She is the _________girl in the village  (a) more beautiful  (b) beautiful  (c) most beautiful  (d) most beautifier

34.       Ezi ________boasting in public  (a) like  (b) likes  (c) does like  (d) liking

35.       Ngozi is as __________as her brother  (a) tall  (b) taller  (c) tallest  (d) long

Choose the word which is nearly opposite in meaning to the one underlined.

36.       All the public schools in Lagos State are now in holidays  (a) state  (b) many             (c) private  (d) good

37.       Going to classes on Saturdays is mandatory  (a) must  (b) optional  (c)interesting (d)bad

38.       Kanu Nwankwo is an Amateur footballer  (a) professional  (b) tall  (c) goat getter  (d)happy

39.       The super Eagles won their match by two goals to one  (a) Hit  (b) Deceived             (c) lost  (d) shocked.

40.       The business man expected a large income at the end of the year  (a) gain              (b) loss  (c) sells  (d) expenditure

Choose from the alternative lettered A to D the word which is correctly spelt.

46.       (a) necessary  (b) neccessary   (c) neccessary   (d) necesary

47.       (a) ocupation   (b) occupasion  (c) occupation  (d) ocupation

48.       (a) acountant   (b) accaoutant (c) accountant  (d) accaoutant

49.       (a) writing   (b) writeing  (c) wraiting  (d) wrieting

50.       (a) parliment   (b) paliament  (c) paliement  (d) parliament

Part C:  Composition

Instruction:  Write on either of these topics

1.         The last inter-house sport competition in my school   Or

2.         The football match between my school and another school


Instruction: Answer the following questions

1.         Where was Ezianni kingdom located?

2.         How often did the Ezianni hunting carnival take place?

3.         What was the most important occupation in Ezianni kingdom?

4.         Why was Chinedu expected to be a great hunter.

5.         Which hunter killed two lions in his days?

6.         Where exactly did Chinedu kill the big antelope?

7.         What was the next animal that Chinedu killed after the antelope?

8.         A wild boar is considered a highly priced animal by the hunters.   Why?

9.         Who came to visit Chinedu?

10.       What items did Chinedu’s mother bring along to Chinedu’s house?


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Mathematics                                                                      CLASS: Basic 5

Section A:  Objective

Instruction:  Answer all the questions

  1. Simplify (25a + 9d) – (10a – 5d)  (a) 35a + 14d  (b) 15a + 14d  (c) 35a – 4d                   (d) 35a + 4d  (e) 15a – 4d
  2. 3y = 27, what is the value of y?  (a) 3  (b0 6  (c) 64  (d) 72  (e) 9
  3. Find the product of 0.25 and 0.5  (a) 0.0125  (b) 0.125  (c) 0.025  (d) 0.0025                (e) 0.00125
  4. The Head Teacher of your school started a meeting with teachers in your school at 11.45am and the meeting ended at 1.57pm.  How long did the meeting last?  (a) 1hr 15mins  (b) 2hrs 15mins  (c) 2hrs 17mins  (d) 1hr 12min  (e) 2hrs 12 mins
  5. There are 40 children in a class.  If 6 of them are absent, what percentage are present?  (a) 15%  (b) 30%  (c) 45%  (d) 75%  (e) 85%
  6. Simplify: (2 ½ + 1 2/3) ÷ 5/6  (a) 1  (b) 2  (c) 3  (d) 4  (e) 5
  7. Find the value of x if 5 – 8x = 29  (a) -3  (b) -2  (c) 0  (d) 2  (e) 3
  8. If x/5 = 1/3, find the value of x  (a) 3  (b) 5  (c) 10  (d) 15  (e) 18
  • Simplify Ö4 4/9     (a) 1 1/3  (b) 2 1/3  (c) 2 2/3  (d) 3 1/3  (e) 3 2/3
  • Simplify (2/5  + 2/7) x (1 – 1/8)  (a) 8/3  (b) 5/3  (c) 4/3  (d) 3/5  (e) ½
  • There are 750 students in a college.  If 70% of them are girls, how many are boys?  (a) 225  (b) 310  (c) 490  (d) 525  (e) 680
  1.                          Find the value of k

(a) 7  (b) 5  (c) 4  (d) 2  (e) 2

  1. Simplify 2x – x = 4x  (a) 3x  (b) 4x  (c) 5x  (d) 6x  (e) 7x
  2. What is the sum of median and mode of the following set os cores: 2, 1,, 1, 4, 2, 2?  (a) 4  (b) 5  (c) 6  (d) 7  (e) 8
  3. Find the average of the following set of numbers: 2.2, 3.5, 1.3, 6.0, 2.0  (a) 2.2  (b) 3.0  (c) 3.5  (d) 4.7  (e) 5.0
  1.                     Find the value of the side marked t in the diagram

        (a) 5m  (b) 6m  (c) 9m  (d) 13m  (e) 14m

  1.  Find the value of x in the figure below
  1. What is the square root of 625?  (a) 5  (b) 15  (c) 20  (d) 25  (e) 35
  2. The marks scored in a test by ten pupils are as follows: 15, 14, 15, 13, 16, 16, 17, 13, 16, 17

Find the modal mark.  (a) 13  (b) 14  (c) 15  (d) 16  (e) 17

  • The average of 6, 10, x, 20 and 30 is 18.  What is the value of x?  (a) 90  (b) 66  (c) 24  (d) 17  (e) 14

Section B:  Theory

1.         Simplify the following

a.         3(m+n) – 2 (m+n)

                   4                  5

b.         25pq6 ÷ 5p2q4

2a.       If t/9  = 16/18, what is the value of t?

b.         A man spends N8200 on power monthly. How much will he spend in 3 months?

3a.       Find the value of the angle marked x in the diagram below

b.         If 2y/3 = 8. Find y

4a.       Solve the equation: 2x + 5x = 35

b.         What interest will N850 yield in 2 years at 15% per annum.

5a.       Find the value of x in the equation 3x + 1 = x + 9

b.         Simplify 2/3 of 9 + (15 – 5)

6a.       Find the value of x in the figure below:

b.         Find the value of y if 3 (2y -4) = 24

7a.       If x = 4, y = 1 and z = 2, find the value of 2x + y

                                                                                        y + z

b.         The sum of N126,000 was shared among Zakari, Ayo and Emeka in the ratio of 4:3:2.  How much did Ayo get?

8a.       In the diagram below, find the value of y

b.         Simplify (-6 -9) + (-6 +7)

9a.       Solve for n if 2n -1 = 0


b.         Odiri bought 12 cartons of biscuit for N3,000.  Find the cost of 7 cartons

10a.     Find the median of 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7

b.         Find the mode of these data: 0, 2, 1, 3, 2, 4, 2, 3 and 5.


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


SUBJECT: Quantitative                                                                      CLASS: Basic 5

Section A: 


(a) 4 (b)7 (c) 5 (d) 6 (e) 8  
(a) 4 (b) 5 (c) 3 (d) 2 (e)6  

Use  the sample above to answer questions 1 – 5

(a) 35 (b) 45 (c) 75 (d) 50 (e) 65  
(a) 0 (b) 3 (c) 9 (d) 7 (e) 5  
(a) 18 (b) 15 (c) 12 (d) 20 (e) 19  
(a) 25 (b) 12 (c) 18 (d) 24 (e) 15  
(a) 4 (b) 5 (c) 6 (d) 9 (e) 3  
(a) 6 (b) 30 (c) 45 (d) 3 (e)12  

1.                                                         (2)                                            (3)

Section B


Use the sample above to answer questions 6 – 10

(a) 12 (b) 20 (c) 18 (d) 15 (e) 16  
(a) 15 (b) 25 (c) 12 (d) 18 (e) 7  

6.                                                         (7)                                                    (8)

9.                                                         (10)

Section C


Basic 5 Quantitative Cont.

Use the sample above to answer questions 11 – 13

(a) 1 (b) 3 (c) 12 (d) 6 (e) 4  
(a) 40 (b) 8 (c) 6 (d) 10 (e) 15  
(a) 26 (b) 48 (c) 36 (d) 72 (e) 18  
(a) 4 (b) 8 (c) 5 (d) 6 (e) 18  
(a) 7 (b) 5 (c) 8 (d) 9 (e) 6  
(a) 6 (b) 12 (c) 15 (d) 18 (e) 20  
(a) 18 (b) 7 (c) 22 (d) 15 (e) 10  
(a) 6 (b) 8 (c) 12 (d) 4 (e) 21  
(a) 4 (b) 3 (c) 2 (d) 7 (e) 9  
(a) 0 (b) 4 (c) 12 (d) 20 (e) 16  

11.                                                 (12)                                           (13)


Use the sample above to answer questions 14-15

14.                                                       (15)

Section D:


Use the sample above to answer questions 16 – 20

16.                                           (17)                                          (18)

19.                                           (20)     


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