Third Term lesson notes for Secondary School Download

Get Secondary School third term lesson notes from JSS 1 to JSS 3 for ₦4,000

Get Secondary School third term lesson notes from SS1 to SS3 for ₦4,000

Secondary School third term lesson notes from JSS1 to SS3 for ₦8,000

Each Subject Lesson Note is ₦500 per term

Get First, Second and Third Term Secondary school Lesson notes for secondary school For ₦20,000.

Available subjects for Junior Secondary school third term lesson notes

JSS1 Subjects

1: Social Studies

2: Business Studies

3: Agricultural Science

4: Basic Technology

5: Mathematics

6: French

7: Fine Art

8: Christian Religious Knowledge

9: Business Studies

10: English studies

JSS 2 third term Subjects

1: Social Studies

2: Physical and Health Education

3: Basic Science

4: Social Studies

5: Mathematics

6: Home Economics

7: Fine Art

8: English Language

9: Computer Studies

10: Civic Education

11: Business Studies

12: Basic Technology

13: Agricultural Science

JSS 3 third term subjects

1:Basic Technology

2: Physical and Health Education

3: Agriculture

4: Basic Science

5: Computer studies

6: English Studies

7:Home Economics

8: Physical and Health Education

9: Fine Art

10: Social Studies

SS 1 third term Subjects

1: Chemistry

2: Commerce

3: Economic

4: English studies

5: Geography

6: Physics

7: Agriculture

8: Biology

9: Financial Accounting

10: Further Mathematics

11: Literature in English

12: Chemistry

13: Economics

SS2 Third term lesson notes

1: Agricultural science

2: Commerce

3: Economics

4: Financial Account

5: Geography

6: Physics

7: Biology


9: Civic

10: Data processing

11: English language

12: Further Mathematics

13: Literature in English

14: Mathematics

15: English Language

16: Economics

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