English Language third term Scheme of work for Nigeria junior secondary school two (JSS2) students.

Week 1

Resumption test on/Revision of second term’s work.

Week 2

  • Reading comprehension: Identifying topic sentences; identifying key ideas; identifying words/expressions that redirect attention to main points in paragraphs and passages that reflect on issues of national concern, e.g. population explosion, youth management etc.
  • Summary writing.
  • Adverbial clauses.
  • The vowels /æ/ and /a:/

Week 3

  • Summary reading techniques
  • More on Summary writing.
  • Adverbial clause: Forms of expressing condition, e.g. if, unless, provided, as long as etc.
  • Intonation: Rising tone.

Week 4

  • Reading to identify facts and opinions.
  • Writing speeches on “The family”, “Discipline in schools”, “Our environment”, “Examination malpractice” etc.
  • Tenses: Present perfect tense and Past perfect tense.
  • Intonation: Falling tone.

Week 5

  • Reading comprehension.
  • Writing speeches on different topics.
  • Tenses: Past continuous tense.
  • Intonation: Rising and falling tones.

Week 6

  • Reading comprehension.
  • Writing a composition.
  • Tenses: Present continuous tense.
  • Question tags.

Week 7

  • Reading for the contextual meanings of words.
  • Writing a composition on a given topic.
  • Conditional statements.
  • More on Question tags.

Week 8

  • Reading to acquire new words.
  • Writing: Organising main ideas correctly into paragraphs.
  • Qualifiers: Adjectives.
  • The vowel /əʊ/ — know, go, sow, bone etc. Sentences, paragraphs, passages, poems and plays should form the content for highlighting the sounds indicated.

Week 9

  • Reading selected passages to identify facts and opinions.
  • Writing a composition on either of the topics: “Why I chose to become a doctor”, “Why I chose to become a teacher”. Make out an outline for introduction, body, and conclusion as regards these essay topics.
  • Turning sentences into questions.
  • Oral comprehension: Listen to speech or recorded material on a selected topic.

Week 10

  • Reading to acquire new words.
  • Writing an essay on the topic, “My school”.
  • Modifiers: Adverbs.
  • Identifying adverbs, making sentences with adverbs and functions of adverbs.

Week 11

  • Reading to obtain main substance in selected text.
  • Format for writing a formal letter and an informal letter.
  • Direct statements and Indirect statements.
  • Contrasting the following sounds: /f/ and /p/, /r/ and /l/, /tʃ/ and /ʃ/.

Week 12


Week 13



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