Nigeria Senior Secondary School Further Mathematics Scheme of work –

Further Mathematics Scheme of work for SS2 First Term

First term SS2 Further Mathematics Scheme of work for Lagos State

  1. Finding quadratic equation with given sum and product of roots, conditions for equal roots, real roots and no root.
  2. Tangents and Normals to Curves
  3. Polynomials ;definition, basic operations  + , x , – , ;–
  4. Polynomials ( Continued) factorization
  5. Cubic Equation, roots of cubic equations
  6. Review and Test
  7. Logical Reasoning; fundamental issues and definitions and theorem proving
  8. Trigonometric Function, six trig functions of angles of any magnitude ( sine, cosine, tangent, secant, cosecant, cotangent)
  9. Relationship between graph of trigonometric ratios such as  sin x and sin 2x, graphs of  y= a sin (bx) + c  , y = a cos (bx) + c   ,  y = a tan (bx) + c
  10. Graphs of inverse by ratio and equation of simple trigonometric identities
  11. Revision
  12. Examination

First-term SS2 Further Mathematics Scheme of work

  1. Revision of SS 1 work
  2. Nature of roots of quadratic equations and co-efficient
  3. Intersection of a line and a given curve
  4. Polynomials
  5. Factorization of Polynomials
  6. Sum of roots of Polynomials
  7. Revision of first half and test
  8. Legal reasoning
  9. Trigonometric function
  10. Relationship between graphs of trig ratios
  11. Graph of inverse by ration
  12. Revision and first term examination


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