History Scheme of work for Grade 5

Primary School History Scheme of work

History Curriculum for year 5 –Edudelight.com

First Term History scheme of work for Grade 5

  1. Pre colonial Era 9th century – Bronze found at the town of igbo – Ukwu
  2. 10th century – Nri kingdom, benin
  3. 11th century – Borno was Established as Islamic state
  4. 15th century – Hausa kingdom in the north was established as Muslim state
  5. Early 19th century sokoto caliphate established through a jihad
  6. Early 19th century sokoto caliphate goes to war with the Yoruba’s State
  7. C A test/ midterm break
  8. 19th century – Christian missionary action begin in southern Nigeria
  9. 1850s – colonial Era – British  establish presence around Lagos
  10. 1859 – Iwe Iroyin Nigeria first newspaper was established
  11. Revision
  12. Examination

Second Term History scheme of work for Grade 5

  1. 1880 – 1905 – southern Nigeria conquer by the brothers
  2. 1912 – lord Lugard governor of northern establish a system of indirect
  3. 1914 – Northern Nigeria and southern Nigeria were amalgamated to firm Nigeria
  4. 1923 – first political party in Nigeria and first political election
  5. June 1956 – discovery of oil in Nigeria Olibrin C/N Bayelsa State
  6. 1956 – Nigeria flag was designed
  7. C A test/midterm break
  8. 1959 – the central bank of Nigeria started operation
  9. Nigeria held the first national election
  10. Northern Nigeria was most of the seat of parliament
  11. Revision and Examination
  12. Revision and Examination

Third Term History scheme of work for Grade 5

  1. Revision
  2. Revision
  3. 1973 – 22 may establishment of NYSC
  4. 12 may 1976 – OFN operation feed the Nation was launch
  5. 15th  farming 1977 FESTAC 77 was held in Nigeria
  6. October 10 1979 –  A New Nation was introduced
  7. C A Test /Midterm break
  8. April 1st 1971 – NNPC was established
  9. January 1, 1973 kobo and Nigeria introduced as legal  tender
  10. May 9,1987 –Death of chief Obafemi Awolowo
  11. Revision and Examination
  12. Revision and Examination


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