Senior Secondary School Scheme of work Government –

NERDC Scheme of work Government SS1

Lagos State Government Scheme of work SS1 Third Term

  1. Fundamental Human Rights.
  2. Citizenship- Meaning, Ways of Acquiring Citizenship, Ways of Losing Citizenship:

ii. Rights of a citizen in a State.

3. Ways of Safeguarding Citizen’s Rights: Limitations To a Citizen’s Rights; Differences Between a Citizen And Non-Citizen.

4. Constitutionalism- Meaning, Purposes, Relationship Between Constitution and Constitutionalism.

5. Public Opinion- Definition, Features, Formation, Measurement, Functions and Demerits.

6. Pressure Groups- Meaning, Types, Functions Factors That Can Aid Its Effective Operation, Factors Working Against Its Success, Modes of Operation, Dangers Posed by Its Activities.

7. Political Parties- Meaning, Types of Political Parties, Functions, Comparism Between Pressure Groups and Political Parties.

8. Party System- Definition, Types, Features, Merits and Demerits, Party Manifestos and Its Importance.

9. Franchise- Meaning, Types, Merits, Demerits :Suffrage- Unlimited Franchise or Universal Adult Suffrage, Merits and Demerits, Types of Suffrage, Conditions Necessary For Eligibility As Candidates For Election.

10. Electoral System- Definition, Features, Types, Merits and Demerits of the Types.

11. Electoral Constituencies- Meaning, Factors Influencing The Delimitation of Constituencies; Types of Constituencies, Merits and Demerits of Each Type, Problems of Delimitation.

12. Revision and Examination

Government Scheme of work SS1 Third Term -Modified

Week 1

  1. Revision and Political participation:Meaning, forms, purpose, factors affecting  Political participation.
  2. Centralization and decentralization: Reasons for its adoption, types, merits and Demerits.

Week 2

  • Delegated Legislation: Definition, types and reasons

Week 3.

Delegated legislation:  Merits and demerits; control of delegated legislation.

Week 4

  • Citizenship: Meaning, ways of acquiring Citizenship

Week 5 & 6


  • ways of losing citizenship;
  • Rights of a citizen: meaning, duties and

Obligation of a citizen in a state

  • Ways of safeguarding citizens’ rights
  • Limitations to a citizen’s rights.
  • Difference between a citizen and non-citizen

Week 7

political parties  :

  • Definition, types, features, functions.
  • party manifestoes and its importance

8                                          Party system  :

  • Definition, types, merits and demerits.

9                                  Pressure groups:

  •  Meaning, types, functions, factors that can aid its effective operations.
  •  Mode of its operation

10                            Factors working against the success of pressure Groups:

                                ii) Danger posed by its activities

                                iii) Comparison between pressure group and political party.

11                              Revision        

12 & 13                    Examination

12/13.     Revision and Examination


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