Civic Education First Term Continous Assessment Questions 2019/2020 Session – Junior Secondary School Two (JSS 2, JSS 3)


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

                  First Term Continuous Assessment for 2019/2020 Session

                   Subject:   Civic Education               Duration: 40mins              Class: JSS2

Instruction: Answer all

  1. A disciplined person conducts himself in __________   ______(a)Orderly manner (b)dubious manner (c)confusing manner (d)faithful manner
  2. _____ and _____ is as a result of discipline in the society? (a)love and peace (b)law and order (c)anarchy and confusion (d)none of the above
  3. One of these is not a consequences of lack of contentment ____(a)prostitution (b)theft (c)danger (d)greed
  4. _______ promotes efficiency in a group, team or organization? (a)courage (b)integrity (c)contentment (d)discipline
  5. The ability to be calm when faced with difficulties, pain or danger is called_____? (a)power (b)discipline (c)courage (d)integrity
  6. One of these is an attribute of discipline? (a)contentment (b)punctuality (c)courage (d)satisfaction
  7. One of the ways of obeying school rules and regulations is by avoiding______? (a)vandalism (b)occultism (c)absenteeism (d)All if the above
  8. Corrupt and lawless students cannot have a negative influence on other students. (a)True (b)False
  9. _________tarnishes the image of an individual? (a)obeying rules and regulations (b)indiscipline (c)absenteeism (d)dis-satisfaction
  10. Which of these is not a type of courage? (a)Holy Courage (b)Moral courage (c)Spiritual courage (d)physical courage
  11. The act of doing the right thing at the right time no matter the situation is what type of courage? (a)integrity courage (b)moral courage (c)spiritual courage (d)none of the above
  12. Which of these is an attribute of a courageous person? (a)shyness (b)timidity (c)boldness (d)discipline
  13. T here are ___ tiers of government? (a)4 (b)3 (c)2 (d)1
  14. Which of these is not an attribute of contentment ? (a)Hardwork (b)discipline (c)humility (d)fair play
  15. The highest tier of government in nigeria is ____? (a)Local government (b)central government (c)middle government (d)root government
  16. Which of these is an example of someone of integrity? (a)Madam Bola Ali Nnamdi (b)Pst Enoch Oyedepo (c)Ben Ten (d)Simba
  17. The grass root level of government is known as ____? (a)ground government (b)root government (c)local government (d)middle government
  18. Non compromise of principle means to hold on to good moral principles when treatned. (a)True (b)False
  19. To steal something secretlely from someoneis know as armed robbery. (a)True (b)False
  20. _______ is the head of the local government? (a)councilor (b)governor (c)chairman (d)principal
  21. Which of these is not an attribute of integrity? (a)Honesty (b)lack of envy (c)fairplay (d)transparency
  22. The head of the ministry at the state level is the_____? (a)Governor (b)councilor (c)president (d)Major General
  23. Indiscipline cannot destroy the reputation of an individual (a)True (b)False
  24. The federal government derives it power from the _____?  (a)constitution (b)president (c)Bible (d)Quran
  25. Which one of these is an example of a courageous person? (a)Dr Stella Amayo Adadevour (b)
  26. ______ controls the hems of affair at the federal level? (a)Major General (b)councilor (c)Governor (d)head master
  27. One of the benefits of federation is ____? (a)corruption (b)nepotism (c)chaos (d)unity in diversity
  28. The chairman is assisted in managing the affairs of the state by ____? (a)president (b)ministers (c)governors (d)presidents
  29. What kind of constitution does Nigeria have? (a)rigid and unwritten (b)written and flexible (c)unitary and written (d)none of the above
  30. Nigeria as a country has ____ states?
  31. The capital of Kogi State is _____? (a)Lokaja (b)Locolja (c)Lokoja (d)Lorkojar
  32. The slogan for Borno state is ____? (a)Home of peace (b)Home of unity (c)Home of Harmony (d)Home of love
  33. One of these is not a problem of federation? (a)resource control and allocation (b)Boder dispute (c)state creation (d)unity in diversity
  34. There are ____ local governments  in Nigeria? (a)754 (b)744 (c)764 (d)774
  35. The name of the chairman of Amuwo odofin local government is _____?
  36. The ability to live by the teaching of one’s religion is ____? (a)healty courage (b)belief courage (c)spiritual courage (d)tradition courage
  37. Bi-cameral means that there are ______ houses of legislature? (a)3 (b) 4 (c)5 (d)2
  38.  All are national values of the Nigerian society except ___? (a)Corruption (b)contentment (c)            Integrity (d)discipline
  39.  If discipline is to peace and orderliness then indiscipline is to ____? (a)chaos (b)harmony (c)love and respect (d)confusion and hatred
  40.  Mr Ajetumobi is a person of integrity. (a)True (b)False


Answer any 4 out of the six questions

  1. Mention 5 examples of school rules and regulations  (10mks)
  • Define discipline?                                                                   (2mks)

ii)Mention 5 attributes of discipline                           (5mks)

iii)Mention 3 benefits of discipline to the society      (3mks)

  • Define Integrity                                                                      (2mks)

ii)Mention 5 attributes of integrity                             (5mks)

iii)Mention 3 consequences of lack of integrity in the society (3mks)

  • What is federation                                                                  (2mks)

Ii) Mention 5 characteristics of a federation              (5mks)

Iii) Give 3 examples of a federal country                   (3mks)

  • Define contentment?                                                   (2mks)

ii) Mention 5 consequences of contentment               (5mks)

iii)List 3 attributes of contentment                             (3mks)

  • Draw a table with the state, capital and slogan of 5 states in Nigeria (10mks)
S/N State Capital Slogan
Example Plateau Jos Home of peace and tourism


1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

     2ND First Term Continuous Assessment for 2019/2020 Session

Subject:          Civic Education               Duration: 40mins                        Class: Jss2

  1. All except one is not an attribute of a courageous person? (a)steadfastness (b)diligence (c)timidity (d)Boldness
  2. One of the benefits of a disciplined society is _____? (a)there would be many opposing political parties (b)there would be room for the creation of private schools (c)there would be peace and harmony (d)there will be cheap textbooks for the students
  3. A society is said to be disciplined when there is all of this except ______? (a) a right atmosphere for development (b)corruption and bad leadership (c)law and order (d)all of the above
  4. A contended person does not_____? (a)socialize (b)pray (c)cheat (d)work
  5. We have ____types of courage (a)4 (b)3 (c)2 (d)1
  6. Nigeria is a federation that comprises of ______? (a)colonies (b)states (c)protectorates (d)annexes
  7. _____ is the 3rd teir of government? (a)the legislature (b)local government (c)judiciary (d)Senate House
  8. Students will never stay away from school as a result of bullying? (a)True (b) False
  9. The highest court in Nigeria is the ____? (a)Magistrate court (b)Customary court (c)High Court (d)Supreme court
  10. Respect for school rules and regulations will make the school a conducive environment to earn money. (a)True (b)False


  1. Explain the following words: (a)Vandalism (b)Federation (c)Discipline (d)Contentment (e)Courage                                                                                                       (5mks)
  2. Mention 3 benefits of discipline in the society.                                                          (3mks)

Ii  explain two attributes of a courageous person                                                  (2mks)





SUBJECT: CIVIC EDUCATION                                                 CLASS: JSS2

                      OBJECTIVE (10mks)

  1. A special principle, goal or standard held by individual or society in called (a) Honesty (b) Fair play (c) Value (d) Integrity
  2. The quality of being honest and morally upright is called (a) Contentment (b) Fair play (c) Committee (d) Integrity
  3. One of the following is not an attribute of integrity (a) Honesty (b) Discipline (c) Dishonest (d) Perseverance
  4. One of the following is not a reason for the needs of people of integrity in our society (a) Chaos (b) Social development (c) Peaceful coexistence (d) Models for the young ones
  5. A state of being happy and satisfied with whatever one has is referred to (a) Perseverance (b) Courage (c) Contentment (d) Envious
  6. One who is contented will not become (a) Confident (b) Beautiful (c) Greedy (d) Intelligent
  7. All these are attributes of contentment except (a) Not being envious (b) Not being greedy (c) Being corrupt (d) Not being corrupt
  8. One of the following is a result of the consequences of lack of contentment (a) Corruption (b) Dutiful (c) Obedience in the society (d) Respect for law and order
  9. Abuja is to Nigeria, as __________ is to Ghana (a) Kumasi (b) Port Novo (c) Accra (d) Algiers
  10. The name Nigeria was given to us by (a) Flora Shore (b) Flora Shaw (c) Shaw Margareta (d) Elizabeth


                                      Answer all questions.

  1. a. Explain the concept Integrity.(1mk)

b. Explain two needs for people of Integrity in our society.(4mks)

  • a. Define contentment.(1mk)

b. Explain two attributes of contentment in the society. (4mks)



1 Benson Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

First Term Continuous Assessment for 2019/2020 Session

Subject:          Civic Education    Duration: 40mins           Class: jss3

  •  The Clifford constitution was introduced in the year ____? (a)1822 (b)1622 (c)1922 (d)1422
  • When was the Macpherson constitution introduced? (a)1961 (b)1951 (c)1941 (d)1971
  • Lagos became a colony in the year ____? (a)1863 (b)1861 (c)1880 (d)1800
  • The constitution used for the longest number of years in Nigeria is the __________ constitution? (a)Lyttleton (b)Republican (c)Clifford (d)Richards
  • John Machpherson was once the _____ of Nigeria? (a) Prime minister (b)Governor General (c)President (d) A and B
  • The Richards constitution lasted for only ____years? (a)9 (b)5 (c)3 (d)4years
  • We have _____ and ____ presidential constitutions. (a)1999 and 1989 (b)1963 and 1979 (c)1922 and 1951 (d)1914 and 1997
  • The Privy Council in London as the highest court of appeal in Nigeria is a feature of which constitution? (a) Macpherson (b)Republican (c)Independence (d)Richards
  • The first political party was established by _____? (a)Sir Nnamdi Azikiwe (b)Sir Herbert Macaulay (c)Sir Benard Boudillion (d)Sir Macpherson
  • Nigeria became a republic in the year? (a)1960 (b)1900 (c)1963 (d)1965
  • The soughtern Nigeria and Northern Nigeria was amalgamated in the year ______? (a)1930 (b)1900 (c)1914 (d)1906
  • _________ constitution divided Nigeria into three regions. (a)Macpherson  (b)Clifford (c)Richards (d)Republican constitution
  • In a country where the constitution is not supreme, there is bond to be _____? (a)Progress (b)chaos (c)law and order (d)economic development
  • The first Nigerian Political party was established in the year _____ and the name is _____ ? (a)1903, NNPC (b)1861, NNDP (c)1923, NNDP (d)1983 NNPC
  • Which of the constitution introduced the elective principle? (a)The 1989 constitution (b)The Clifford constitution (c)The Richards constitution (d)none of the above.
  • The Macpherson constitution encouraged _______? (a)Unicameral legislature (b)Bi-cameral legislature in the north and west (c)none of the above (d)all of the above
  • The 1999 constitution came into force during the tenure of ____? (a)Gen Ibrahim Babaginda (b)Justice Niki Tobi (c) Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (d)Gen Abdusalam Abubakar
  • Which of this constitution established the electoral body called INEC? (a)The republican constitution (b)The 1999 Constitution (c)The 1979 constitution (d)the  1989  constitution
  • The lyttleton constitution came into force in the year____? (a)1954 (b)1946 (c)1932 (d)1922
  • Which constitution is the working constitution till date ? (a)1989 constitution (b)2009 constitution (c)1999  Constitution (d) 1979 constitution
  • Nigeria and Britain operates a written constitutiton ? (a)True (b)False
  • Lagos was the only former colony of Britain in the colonial era?  (a)False (b)True


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