English Language third term Scheme of work for Nigeria senior secondary school one (SS1) students.

Week 1

  • Intonation patterns
  • Words associated with religion (Christianity)
  • Reading comprehension
  • Types of sentences
  • Speech writing

Week 2

  • Oral composition
  • Words associated with advertising
  • Summary writing
  • Types of sentences (Continued)

Week 3

  • Intonation pattern (Continued)
  • Words associated with the stock exchange
  • Reading comprehension
  • Complex sentence (Continued)
  • Oral composition of a descriptive essay.

Week 4

  • Emphatic stress
  • Synonyms of words
  • Reading to summarise
  • Clauses (Dependent and Independent)
  • Article writing

Week 5

  • Simple polite requests; simple greetings
  • Antonyms of words
  • Comprehension: Listening to tell the meaning of words in sentence context.
  • Summary writing (Continued)
  • Noun clause

Week 6

  • Oral composition for expository essay
  • Words associated with investment
  • Reading to make note
  • Adjectival clause

Week 7

  • Speaking to persuade (Argumentative essay)
  • More on Adjectival clause
  • Reading for speed and summary

Week 8

  • Description(Oral presentation)
  • Words commonly misspelled
  • Reading for meaning in context
  • Words associated with photography

Week 9

  • Words associated with photography
  • Reading to answer questions and to identify the speaker’s style.
  • Introduction to active and passive verbs.
  • Brutish and American spellings of common words.

Week 10 – 11  

  • Listening to grasp main points or ideas in a speech.
  • Revision on consonants
  • Synonyms

Week 12/13

Revision and Examination

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