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Run your school effectively

Get all for ₦1,500

Please go through the list well before you make payment.

Package Content:

1. Parent feedback analysis

2. Staff feedback template

3. Job description for all staff

4. Parent executive management procedure

5. Parent enquiry checklist

6. Parent database checklist

7. Preschool Operation guide

8. Staff performance appraisal

9. Head of school appraisal

10. School management meeting agenda template

11. Parent forum agenda template

12. Staff meeting agenda template

13. School WhatsApp content guide

14. Staff query format

15. Staff exit management

16. Staff suspension and termination template

17. Staff employment offer

18. Head of school reporting format

19. Teachers reporting format

20. Administrators inventory logbook

21. Bus drivers maintenance checklist

22. Supplier information checklist

23. Logistics purchase authorization

24. Parent undertaking template for debt

25. Parent undertaking template for children behaviour

26. Service level agreement for external teachers

27. Service level agreement for service providers

28. Classroom evaluation report template

29. Parent analytics worksheet

30. School leadership guide.

31. School administrative guide

32. School academics guide

33. Fee payment guide

34. Parent management guide

35. Staff management guide

36. Learners health guide

37. Learners food guide

38. Learning management guide

39. School safety and security guide

40. Child protection guide

41. School supplier guide

42. School programs and events guide

43. School admission guide

44. School examination guide

45. School appraisal guide

46. Six classroom management tips every teacher can use

47. School bus policy

48. 40 note book comments and ways to let your student know they are on the right track.

49. School developmental strategies

50. 100 Report card comments teachers can use while writing report cards of students/pupils

51. Discipline, suspension and expulsion

52. List of essential records you must have in your school

You can pay to the account below

Account number: 0042133336.

Name: Alumona Andrew

Access bank.

After payment, please forward your details to  us.

 We will send the materials to you through WhatsApp, Telegram  or  e-mail.

Feel free to make your request or message us.

You can reach us through the following channels:

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Our Telegram line:

Help line: 08116646496

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