Nigeria Senior Secondary School Further Mathematics Curriculum –

Curriculum for Further Mathematics SS1 Third Term

SS1 Further Mathematics Curriculum for Lagos State

Week 1 –

  • Revision of second term examination questions and introduction to calculation and processing devices
  • Identification and use of some calculating devices

Week 2 Calculating devices II

  • Number system used in computers (binary nos)
  • Flow charts
  • Preparation and application of flow charts

Week 3

Coordinates Geometry straight line -Location of point on cartesuian plane (i) Mid points of a line segment

(ii) Mid point of a line segment

(iii) Gradient of a straight line

(iv) Distance between two point

Week 4

Straight line continued:

  • Parallelism and perpendicularity
  • Equation of lines of different form
  • Intercept form, Gradient from, General form

Week 5

Coordinate Geometry: straight line

(i) Transformation of non linear into linear form

(ii) Areas of triangle and quadrilaterals

Week 6

Vectors in two Dimensions

  • Definition of vectors and scalar and their difference
  • Operations on vectors equality addition subtraction, scalar Multiplication magnitude and direction of a unit vector

Week 7

Review of the first half term lessons and periodic test

Week 8

Vectors in two dimension II

  • The triangle law
  • Parallelogram Law
  • Resolution of vectors    – Scalar (dot)     -Product vectors

Week 9

Measure of dispersion:Range, Interquartile range, mean deviation, standard deviation and co-efficient of variation.

Week 10

History of nature of operation research modeling


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