FIRST TERM SCHEME OF WORK FOR Christian Religious Studies JSS1 (BASIC 7)

Junior Secondary School Scheme of work Christian Religious Studies –

NERDC Curriculum Christian Religious Studies JSS1

JSS1 First Term Christian Religious Studies Scheme of work Lagos State

WEEK           TOPIC

  1. The Sovereignty of God.
  2. The Creation Story.
  3. The Destiny of Man in God’s Creation.
  4. Man’s Power in Creation.
  5. Marriage: The Christian Marriage.
  6. Problems in Marriage: Divorce, Infertility.
  7. Disobedience: The First Human Disobedience.
  8. Consequences of Disobedience.
  9. The Call to Repentance.
  10. Paul and the Civil Authority.
  11. Revision
  12. Examination

JSS1 First Term Christian Religious Studies Scheme of work – Modified

  1. Sovereignty of God
  2. Creation story
  3. The creation of man i.e. why God created human beings.
  4. Man’s power in creation
  5. Marriage ,meaning & types
  6. Marriage , functions,  responsibility, how to prevent STD, HIV/Aids etc
  7. Midterm Break
  8. Disobedience, biblical account of first human disobedience. Consequences of Adam & Eve disobedience Gen 3:14-69
  9. Call to repentance
  10. Revision
  11. Examination.


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