Senior Secondary School Scheme of work Government –

NERDC Curriculum Government SS1

SS1 First Term Government Scheme of work Lagos State

  1. The Meaning and the Scope of the Subject Matter: Government
  • Government as an Institution of the State
  • Government as an Art of Governing
  • Government as an Academic Field of Study

2.                Features/Characteristics of government;

  1. Features of Government
  2. Functions of Government
  3. Why we Study Government

3.                Basic Concepts of Government:

  1. Power
  2. Authority

4.                 i) Legitimacy   ii) Sovereignty            iii) Democracy

5.                 i) Communalism          ii) Feudalism

6.                 i) Socialism     (ii) Communism          (iii) Capitalism

7.                 i) Fascism        ii) Nazism        iii) Totalitarianism

8.                 State and Nation; Political Culture

9.                 Political Socialization

10.               Characteristics of government: (i) Unitary government (ii) Federal government.

11.               Revision/examination

Government Scheme of work SS1 First Term – Modified

Weeks                                     Meaning and scope of the subject Matter

1&2(i)                                    Government as an institution of the State

ii)                                            Government as an Art or process.

iii)                                           Government as an Academic field of study

iv)                                           importance of studying Government .

3 i)                                          The state and its Features

ii)                                            The Nation and its Features

iii)                                           The Society

iv)                                           The Difference/Relationship between state, Nation and the Society.

                                                Basic concepts of Government

4.                                            Power, Definition, forms of power

i)                                             The Acquisition and Exercise of power

ii)                                            Authority: Meaning, sources, Types, Differences between power & Authority

5. i)                                        Legitimacy: meaning, Factors of Determining legitimacy.

ii)                                            Sovereignty: meaning, Characteristics, Types, Location and Limitation

6&7 i)                                    Democracy: Definition, Features, Types, Merits and Demerits, condition Necessary for a successful operation of Democracy

ii)                                            Political culture: Meaning, component Determinant

iii)                                           Political socialization: Definition & Agent

8. i)                                        Communism: Definitions, Characteristics.

ii)                                            Socialism: Definition, features, Merits & Demerits and difference between Capitalism and Socialism.

9. i)                                        Communalism: meaning and features

ii)                                            Feudalism: Definition, Features, Merits & Demerits

iii)                                           Fascism: meaning, features

iv)                                           Totalitarianism: Definition & features

v)                                            Oligarchy

10&11                                   Unitary System of Govt

                                                Federal system of Government

12 & 13                                 Revision and Examination


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