Secondary School Curriculum in Nigeria Accounting-

NERDC Curriculum Accounting SS1

Financial Accounting Curriculum Lagos State for SS1 Second Term

1 – 2 Cash Book – Single Column Cash Book/Double Column Cash Book

3 – 4 Three Column Cash Book

5 – 6 Petty Cash Book

7. Accounts: Meaning and Classifications:

  • The Ledger: Meaning and Classification

8 – 9 The Trial Balance – Preparation, Uses etc.

  • Errors not disclosed by the Trial Balance
  • Errors that will affect the agreement of the Trial Balance

10. Correction of Errors

11. Revision

12. Examination

Financial Accounting Curriculum for SS1 Second Term – Modified

  1. Revision of 1st term’s work
  2. Partnership Accounts – Admission of new partners. Terminologies Goodwill accounts, valuation of assets, treatment of goodwill according to profit sharing ratio.
  3. Dissolution of partners reasons for dissolution, entry requirements in closing the firm’s books of account (settlement account).
  4. Accounting Ratio
  • Introduction to ratio, types with working exercise.

5. Single entry/incomplete records – Determination of profit and loss from statement of affairs, preparation of trading, profit and loss accounts and Balance sheet from incomplete records.

6. Accounts of non-profit making organization – meaning, terminologies, features of receipts and payments account and format.

7. Receipts and payments account, income and expenditure account – meaning, rules, similarities and differences between receipts and payments account and income and expenditure account.

8. Treatment of subscriptions other nominal ledgers in arrears and in advance.

9. Preparation of income and expenditure account and balance sheet with working exercise.

10. Revision

11. Examination


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