Senior Secondary School Curriculum Government-

NERDC Curriculum Government SS2

Government Curriculum Lagos State for SS2 Second Term

  1. Colonialism- Both Positive and Negative Impacts.
  2. Nationalism- Meaning, Factors that Led to the Rise and Growth of Nationalist Movement in West Africa.
  3.  Nationalism- Factors that Increased Nationalist Demand after World War 11, Factors Responsible for Slow Nationalist Activities in French West Africa Colonies.
  4. Constitutional Development in Nigeria- The Nigerian council of 1914, The National Congress of British West Africa.
  5. Clifford Constitution of 1922- Features, Merits and Demerits; Richard’s Constitution of 1946-Features, Objectives, Achievement, Weakness and Criticism.
  6. The Macpherson Constitution of 1951- Features, Achievements and Weakness; London and Lagos Constitutional Conference of 1953 and 1954 Respectively.
  7. Littleton’s Constitution of 1954- Features, Achievements, Weakness.
  8. London Constitutional Conference of 1957 and Lagos Constitutional Conference of 1958.
  9. Independence Constitution of 1960- Features, Achievements and Weakness.
  10. Republican Constitution of 1963- Features, Merits and Demerits.
  11. The Second Republican Constitution of 1979- Historical Background, Features, Merits and Demerits;the Differences between 1963 and 1979 Constitution.
  12.  Revision and Examination.

Government Curriculum for SS2 Second Term – Modified

1 & 2  (i)                       Presidential system of government

                                    Meaning, functions of the president as the Head of state

                                    Characteristics of presidential system of government: merits & demerits.

            (ii)                    Parliamentary system of government

                                    Definition, features of prime minister

                                    Functions of cabinet in a parliamentary system

                                    Collective responsibility and individual responsibility merits and demerits

(iii)                   The difference between parliamentary and presidential system of government

3&4     (i)                     Monarchy: Definition, forms, merits, demerits, features

            (ii)                    Republican government: meaning features

            (iii)                   Military government: features reason for military intervention

(iv)                   Difference between republicanism and monarchy

5 & 6                            Constitution and constitutionalism definition sources

                                    Features types (written unwritten rigid flexible unitary

                                    Federal and confederal merits and demerits of each type

                                    Meaning of constitution and purposes

7&8                             Structure and organization of government

  •                 Legislature: meaning functions types merits and

                Demerits of each type

                Bill: meaning types procedure and how bills become law

9 & 10                            Executive and the judiciary

11 & 12                          Revision and examination


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