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Basic Technology Mock Examination Questions 2019/2020 Session – Junior Secondary School Three (JSS 3)






  1. Which of the following is NOT a reason for drying wood? (a)It makes wood more durable (b) It makes wood take paint.(c)It increases the weight of the wood. (d)It makes wood stronger.
  • The purpose of installing overhead water tank in a building is (a) to prevent dirt from entering the tank (b) to allow rainfall into the tank (c) for even flow of water in the building (d) to increase the pressure of the water
  • What is the power consumed by an electric iron which has resistance of 5¤ and current of 4amps? (a) 60watts (b) 40 watts (c) 80watts (d) 20watts
  • How many teeth does gear B have if gear A has 80teeth and rotates 20 times while gear B turns 40 times? (a) 160 teeth (b) 40 teeth (c) 30 teeth (d) 10 teeth
  • Natural rubber is made from a milky liquid called (a) latex (b) moisture (c) solution (d) plasticiser
  • Which of the following pencils is not ideal for technical drawing? (a) 2B (b) 2H (c) 2C (d)HB
  • The process of sawing a log of wood into marketable sizes is called………(a)Felling (b)Wood coating (c)Seasoning (d)Sawing
  • Heat energy can be converted directly to electrical energy by the use of (a) windmill (b) thermocouple (c) water heater (d) electric iron
  • A plane is a woodwork tool used for (a) cutting (b) clamping (c) joining (d) smoothing
  • The composition of brass is (a) copper + tin (b) phosphorus + tin (c) copper + zinc (d) zinc + aluminium
  • The bonding agent in concrete is (a) mortar (b) gravel (c) cement (d) water
  • The following are methods of processing plastic except (a) compression moulding (b) calendaring (c) extrusion (d) thermosetting
  • Two purposes for which transformer can be used for are to (a) step up and step down frequency (b) step up and step down resistance (c) step up and step down voltage (d) step up and step down power
  • The symbol shown below is

(a) Transformer (b) inductor (c) resistor (d) capacitor

  1. The melting temperature of cast iron work is  (a) 1,0210 (b) 1,0520 (c) 1,2400 (d) 1,3210
  2. Which of the following is not likely to work with a photoelectric device? (a) electric iron (b) calculator (c) door bell (d) burglar alarm
  3. The liquid solution in secondary cell that produces current is called (a) conductor (b) electrolyte (c) electrolysis (d) mercury
  4. Which of the following machines does not make use of belt drives? (a) cassette player (b) sewing machine (c) bicycles (d) grinding machine
  5. Which of these devices is used on sprocket? (a) chain (b) belt (c) gear (d) clutch
  6. The most commonly used refrigerant is (a) ammonia (b) ethyl-chloride (c) alcohol (d) Freon
  7. A solid structure in which a lot of heat energy is generated to produce metal is called (a) oven (b) furnace (c) engineering block (d) bakery
  8. Energy from water is known as (a) wave (b) hydro (c) electricity (d) tidal
  9. Rice, corn, millet are best stored in (a) basket (b) bags (c) barns (d) silos
  10. Which of the following is used for lubricating rollers and bearings? (a) grease (b) kerosene (c) oil (d) water
  11. Wattmeter is an electrical instrument that measures (a) electromotive force (b) potential difference (c) power (d) resistance
  12. Which of the following components of an electric circuit stores energy in its electric field? (a) capacitor (b) electrolyte (c) generator (d) resistor
  13. What type of energy is contained in food? (a) chemical (b) electrical (c) kinetic (d) mechanical
  14. Calculate the gear ratio of a driving and a driven gear of 15 and 60 teeth respectively (a) 1:3 (b) 1:4 (c) 4:1 (d) 2:3
  15. Which of these parts of vehicle does not require friction? (a) brake (b) clutch (c) crank shaft (d) fan belt
  16. The type of flow in which the particles of water move randomly is known as (a) turbulent flow (b) laminar flow (c)streamline flow (d) speed flow
  17. The main purpose of machine is to ——– production (a) estimate (b) improve (c) increase cost of (d) reduce
  18. Which of these is not a woodwork joint? (a) butt joint (b) bridle joint (c) band joint (d) dovetail joint
  19. Rubber is an organic material that is highly (a) brittle (b) permeable (c) tough (d) elastic
  20. Marine engineer designs and maintains a (a) ship (b) car (c) aircraft (d) train
  21. The materials used for building foundation consists of (a) cement + sand + water (b) cement + gravel +water (c) cement + sand + gravel (d) cement + sand + gravel + water
  22. Which of the following is not an effect of friction? (a) it slows down motion (b) it causes wear (c) it increases speed (d) it causes heat
  23. A capacitor is a device used to (a) release electric charge (b) store electric charge (c) increase electric charge (d) reduce electric charge
  24. The electricity voltage supplied to our homes by PHCN is in the range of (a) 220-240volts (b) 110-150volts (c) 100-200volts  (d) 50-60volts
  25. The following are components of refrigerator except (a) evaporator (b) transformer (c) condenser (d) compressor
  26. Which of these drawing pencils is the softest? (a) 2H (b) 3H (c) 2B (d) HB
  27. The beam supporting a wall over an opening of relatively short span is called (a) column (b) pillar (c) lintel (d) arc beam
  28. The process of splitting logs of wood into marketable sizes is called (a) felling (b) conversion (c) seasoning (d) preservation
  29. Which of the following is not a permanent way of joining metal (a) riveting (b) bolt and nut (c) welding (d) brazing
  30. In which of these would you store a large quantity of shelled maize? (a) silos (b) cribs (c) earthen pots (d) barns
  31. Which of the following statements is not true of secondary cell? (a) it is rechargeable (b) it produces current (c) it is not dischargeable (d) it functions with acid
  32. To prevent electric shock, one of the following is recommended (a) leather gloves (b) rubber gloves (c) cotton gloves (d) plastic gloves
  33. Which of these furnaces is used for processing stainless steel? (a) Bessemer converter (b) blast furnace (c) electric arc furnace (d) reverberating furnace
  34. A device that makes different parts of a machine move at different speeds or in different directions is the (a) camshaft (b) crank (c) rack (d) gear
  35. The process of reducing moisture content in a timber is called (a) maintenance (b) conversion (c) seasoning (d) drying
  36. Irregular lines and curves are drawn with (a) compass (b) French curves (c) protractor (d) ruler
  37. Current is measured in (a) watts (b) amperes (c) volts (d) joules
  38. Which of these devices is used on sprockets? (a) chain (b) belt (c) gear (d) clutch
  39. A concrete cast at the point of use is known as (a) cast in site (b) precast (c) foundation (d) column
  40. The liquid solution in secondary cell that produces current is called (a) conductor (b) electrolyte (c) electrolysis (d) conductor
  41. All the following are rubber processing methods except (a) extrusion (b) vacuum forming (c) calendaring (d) injection
  42. Which of the following is not a hardwood? (a) obeche (b) mahogany (c) pine (d) teak
  43. The force applied to make a machine work is called (a) mechanical advantage (b) effort (c) energy (d) fulcrum
  44. The following are properties of metal except (a) density (b) colour (c) elasticity (d) malleability
  45. Electrical power consumed in the house is measured with (a) voltmeter (b) watt-hour meter (c) Ammeter (d) ohmmeter
  46. Which of these materials is harvested? (a) rubber (b) timber (c) plastic (d) metal


Answer any four from the seven questions.

  1. (a) Define transformer

(b) Draw the symbol/conventions of the following

i. Inductor. ii. Transformer iii. Cell iv. Capacitor

  • (a) What is the current flowing in a circuit which has two resistors of 4ohms each, connected in parallel to a power source of 24volts

(b) Define the following building terms

i. Lintel( (ii) Bonding (iii) Setting-out (iv) foundation

  • (a) List three types of doors

(b) List three types of roofs

(c) Name four effects of friction

  • (a) State the uses of the following drawing instruments

(i) scale rule (ii) divider (iii) French curve

(b) Circumscribe a circle on a triangle with side AB=50mm, AC=50mm and BC=50mm

(c) What is the name of triangle constructed above?

(d) Divide line AB=70mm into 6 equal parts

  • (a) Mention two advantages of friction

(b) Name and explain three causes of friction

(c) State two laws of friction

  • (a) List three drive mechanisms in transmission of mechanical energy

(b) Define pneumatic and state three places where it can be applied

(c) Name three types of gear and explain.

7.If a sample of wood weighs 100grams before and 60 grams after drying. Calculate the percentage moisture content of the sample of wood.


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