Basic Technology First Term Examination Questions 2019/2020 Session – Junior Secondary School Two (JSS 2)





OBJECTIVE: Answer all questions

1.A first aid box is found in these places EXCEPT…(a)bridges (b)churches (c)vehicles (d)schools.

2.Which of these materials cannot be found in a first aid box? (a)bandage (b)stapler (c)pair of scissors (d)iodine.

3.Which of the following first aid treatments is not used in cases of insect stings?(a)applying soothing lotion (b)apply anti-biotic ointment (c)apply saliva on affected area (d)apply oil compress.

4.Which of these is not a tool required for rescue operations?(a)rope (b)motorbike (c)helicopter (d)rescue dog.

5.Which degree of burns is regarded as third degree burns?(a)redness (b)blistering (c)charring (d)skin inflammation.

6.Which of these organizations are not responsible in rescue operations?(a)federal road safety corps (b)red cross (c)fire brigade (d)standard organization of Nigeria .

7.Which first aid treatment is administered to a patient who fainted?(a)leave victim lying down (b)loosen victims cloth (c)roll victim to the side (d)put a heavy object on the victim’s body.

8.First aid treatment is given to these health situations EXCEPT….(a)severe bleeding (b)death (c)poisoning (d)cessation of breathing.

9.Which of these engineering materials is used for making battery elements and terminals,bullet shots and cable covering ?(a)lead (b)White cast iron (c)medium carbon (d)aluminium.

10.The material used in making gloves and sandals is… (a)wood (b)steel (c)aluminium (d)rubber.

11.The main function of foundation in a building is to…(a)distribute the load of the building to the soil (b)protect the building from high wind (c)carry the weight of the wall (d)bond the wall.

12.ABC’s of first aid treatment include the following EXCEPT..(a)airway (b)throw-in (c)the kiss of life (d)chest compression.

13.The following are symptoms of fainting EXCEPT…(a)paleness (b)coldness (c)dancing (d)rapid impulse.

14.all categories of people are expected to be ………….literate.(a)art (b)computer (c)science (d)technology.

15.Chain is made from…….(a)aluminium (b)brass (c)cast iron (d)steel.

16.Which of the following metals is used for making the body of an aeroplane?(a)aluminium (b)copper (c)lead (d)steel.

17.Examples of educational uses of plastics are these EXCEPT..(a)rulers (b)ball points (c) tiles (d)set-squares.

18.As a result of the good……ability of rubber,it is used for sandals.(a)insulating (b)elastic (c)water proof (d)damping.

19.Brass which is a non ferrous alloy metal is useful in making the following products EXCEPT…(a)knives (b)rivets (c)rods (d)wires.

20…………is used for making food processing machine parts.(a)high speed steel (b)stainless steel (c)mild steel (d)cast iron.

21.Woods or boards are used for the following EXCEPT..(a)housing (b)furniture (c)transport (d)pulp and paper.

22.The following are examples of metals EXCEPT…(a)copper (b)lead (c)bronze (d)glass.

23…….is the study of the sizes and shapes of objects (a)geography (b)technical drawing (c)angle determination (d)geometry.

24.The following are types of triangles EXCEPT..(a)right angled triangle (b)obtuse triangle (c)isoceses triangle (d)circular triangle.

25.The following are examples of quadrilaterals EXCEPT (a)square (b)rhombus (c)triangle (d)rectangle.

26.The sum of angle in a triangle is ….(a)180 (b)90 (c)360 (d)270.

27.Enlargement or reduction of regular plane figures can be obtained by….and….method.(a)length side ,parallel lines (b)radial,length side (c)radial parallel lines (d)bisector,perpendicular.

28.The point of meeting between two lines is called………(a)angle (b)triangles (c)square (d)polygon.

29.All are properties of metals EXCEPT..(a)conductivity (b)brittleness (c)hardness (d)coldness.

30.The following are woodwork products EXCEPT..(a)frames (b)boards (c)tables (d)engine.

31. 14.Natural rubber is made from a milky liquid called…..(a)latex (b)rubble (c)sap (d)solution.

32. The spark plug in motorcar engines is a…….product.(a)ceramics (b)metallic (c)non-metallic (d)rubber.

33. In pottery, clay is mixed with water and pounded to remove……(a)air bubbles (b)excess heat (c)sand content (d)water log.

34………… are used to indicate that certain surfaces  of metal parts  are to be machined or machine allowance has to be provided.(a)ring lines (b)extension lines (c)elevation lines (d)finish marks.

35…………… a type of drawing that shows three dimensions or sides of objects simultaneously on a single drawing.(a)isometric drawing (b)life drawing (c)multiview drawing (d)orthographic sketches.

36.The three intersecting lines of the isometric axes meet at a point called the…..(a)varnishing point (b)origin (c)right angle (d)angle of projection.

37.A regular polygon with nine sides is called…(a)hexagon (b)decagon (c)heptagon (d)nonagon.

38.To measure and draw various angles you need a….(a)template (b)set-square (c)protractor (d)French curve.

39.A trapezium is also a….. (a)triangle (b)parallelogram (c)pentagon quadrilateral.

40.Drawing paper is placed squarely on the drawing board with the aid of…(a)tee-square (b)scale rule (c)ruler (d)hands.

                                             SECTION B(THEORY)

Answer question one and any other three..

1.Show the construction of the following :

     a.angles 600,300,450

     b.equilateral triangle,escribtion of circle of radius 2cm. 15mrks

2. What is first aid?List any six items that are normally contained in a first aid box, 5mrks

3.Give two uses/applications of the following engineering materials.

   a.plastics  b.stainless steel c.aluminium d.copper.   2mrk each

4.State  the main constituents of these ferrous matals

  a.coin  b.stainless steel c.bronze d.brass.

5.What is resque operation?List  and explain types of rescue operations.


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