Geography Scheme of work for Grade 4

Geography scheme of work for Nigeria Schools –

Year four Geography Scheme of work

First Term Geography Scheme of Work For Grade 4

  1. Revision
  2. Meaning of geography and some terminologies 
  3. Farming – meaning, topics and tools used 
  4. Landscape features – hills, mountains, plains plating  
  5. Investigation rivers
  6. Landscapes – valleys and slope
  7. Landscapes – valleys and slope
  8. Climate in Nigeria – how it affects people occupation, lifestyles and custom.
  9. Fishing as a vocation
  10. Why do famine occur
  11. Revision
  12. examination

Second Term Geography Scheme of Work For Grade 4

  1. Introduction
  2. Natural resource in Nigeria
  3. Music – definitions and characteristics of music
  4. Communication in Nigeria
  5. Landscape – River, Lakes and oceans
  6. Cutlery – Meaning and types
  7. C.A Test/Midterm break
  8. Earthquakes and volcanos
  9. Transportation in Nigeria
  10. Life in India
  11. Revision and Examination
  12. Revision and Examination

Third Term Geography Scheme of Work For Grade 4

  1. Revision
  2. Weather and climate
  3. The solar system
  4. Erosion
  5. Tourism sites in Nigeria
  6. Kenya
  7. C.A Test/Midterm Break
  8. Movement of the earth
  9. Delta and confluence
  10. Natural and Man – made disaster, causes of national disasters
  11. Revision
  12. Examination.


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