Geography Scheme of work for Grade 1

Nigeria Primary School Curriculum for Geography –

Geography Curriculum for Year one

First term Geography scheme of work for year 1

  1. Meaning of geographic and why we study geography – show the learners maps and interesting facts
  2. Fishing – A Major part of Agriculture states fishing is commonly Practiced – Use a range of secondary source e.g internet
  3. Weather, Climate – Definitions activities class discussion on the learners observations
  4. African Countries and their capital
  5. Country in focus – Ghana
  6. Oceans of the world
  7. Mid Term/C.A test/Individual Presentation
  8. Tourism – Major Places of tourist Attraction
  9. Tourism – Major Places of tourist Attraction
  10. Tourism – Major Places of tourist Attraction – Nigeria

Class project/Defense 7th week Each child is to go home with a topic from the 3rd and work with their parents and return to school on a day set for individual presentation

11: Revision

12. Examination

Second term Geography scheme of work for year 1

  1. Rivers in Africa – use the aid of the popular song to teach the children
  2. States in Nigeria and their capitals
  3. States in Nigeria their Slogans and Governors
  4. State in Nigeria and their mineral Resource found in their state
  5. World seven continents
  6. A Map – the function of a map
  7. C A Test/ Midterm break
  8. Religion – Different Types of Religion practices around the world
  9. Family –Types
  10. Family (2) – important of duties of members of the family.
  11. Revision and Examination
  12. Revision and Examination

Third term Geography scheme of work for year 1

  1. Weather – Indentify the seasonal and weather pattern in our country including  where we lives
  2. Weather – locating of lot and cold area of the country
  3. African countries – continuation from 1st term Kenya- occupation, population, capital flag colour etc
  4. African countries – south Africa
  5. African countries –Uganda
  6. African countries – Niger
  7. C A test / Midterm  break
  8. African Countries – Cote d’Ivoire
  9. African countries – Togo – Lome
  10. African countries – Egypt
  11. Revision
  12. Examination


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