Junior Secondary School Curriculum Music –

NERDC Curriculum MusicJSS1

JSS1 Second Term Music Curriculum Lagos State

               WEEK 1 –        Revision /Practical

               Week 2 –        Musical notes, time value and Rest

               Week 3 –        Music writing (Rules and stem)

               Week 4 –        Ledger lines below and above the staff

               Week 5 –        Bar, bar line and double bar line

               Week 6 –        Accidental signs

               Week 7 –        Piano or keyboard (tones and semitones)

               Week 8 –        Construction of major scale, C and G major

               Week 9 –        Life and work of G.F Handel and Ayo Bankole

               Week 10 –     European/Western musical instrument  

              Week 11 –     Revision/Examination

JSS1 Second Term Music Scheme of Work

  1.  Revision of 1st Term work/ Dance patterns: Definition of Dance patterns.
  2. Poem: Writing of Text, Writing simple Tunes, Singing in Groups.
  3.  Rhythm: Definition and Development of Rhythm.
  4.  Folk songs: Description of folk music songs. Western Fork songs. Nigerian folk songs, singing of folk songs.
  5.  Recorder Music: Description 0f the Recorder, The Recorder family, Holding the Recorder.
  6.  Playing the recorder: Fingering the Recorder, playing the Recorder, Fingering for the right hand.
  7. Musical Alphabets: Musical Alphabets_ A, B, C, D, E, F, G.
  8.  Clef: Definition of Clef, kinds of Clef. G Clef or Treble Clef, F Clef or Bass clef.
  9.  Staff: Definition of Staff, Letter names of Lines and spaces [Treble Staff] and[ Bass Staff].
  10. Great Staff: Description of Great staff or stave. Letter names of lines and spaces. Great stave and the key board.
  11. Revision.
  12. Examination.


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