Difference between words and opposite, Wh - questions


Words are things we say. Like come, go, I, we, etc.

Opposite is a word that expresses a meaning opposed to the meaning of another word. Another word for opposite is called Antonyms.

Examples of words and opposite                                                                             

  words Opposite
1 come go
2 up down
3 add subtract
4 Beautiful Ugly
5 New old
6 young old
7 happy unhappy
8 Able unable
9 fast slow
10 fat thin

Examples of using the opposite of a word to make a sentence

  words Opposites Sentences
1 safe unsafe The road is unsafe for use to walk.
2 fit unfit The water is unfit for drinking.
3 complete incomplete The books are incomplete.
4 correct incorrect The spelling is incorrect.
5 in out Bola went out of the class.


Find the opposite of the following words

  words opposites
1 fat  
2 right  
3 friend  

Choose which of the words given in brackets means the opposite of the word underlined in each sentences.

  1. Her room is always clean.  (Dirty, poor, untidy, ugly).
  2. Do not come too late for my party. (Prompt, early, quickly, timely).
  3.  I asked Emmanuel to empty the water in the basket. (fill, pack,  load,  pour)

                                                   WEEK THREE


Question are sentences we say by asking and we require answer. These question is commonly use in English Language.

WH –questions are different from answering directly Using Yes or No.

WH questions are questions that start with WH –words. These are what, when, whom, where, which, whose, why, how, how far, how long, how much, how come, how old, whose, whom, why don’t, etc.

These words are used to ask questions about specific qualities, times, places, people, etc

Examples of question words, where it is use and sentences

  Question words What it is used for Example of Question words
1 who To ask about people Who told you about me?
2 where To ask about a place Where is my book?
3 when To ask about time  When is break?
4 what To ask about things What are you doing?
5 which To ask about choices Of all the subjects in the school, which one would you like?
6 How To ask about manner/process How did you get here?
7 why To ask about reasons/causes Why is David crying?
8 whose To ask about possession Whose school bag is this?

Examples of sentences that make use of WH –word and how to answer it

  1. What is your name?  I  am fine, thank you.
  2. When did you live? I Left an hour ago.
  3. How Was your day? It was fine, thank you.
  4. How old are you?  I clock six (6) today.
  5. How many people are there in your class? There are 10 of them.
  6. How much did it cost?   It cost N20.
  7. Why did you think he hates you?  Because he  refuse talking to me.
  8. Whose class is better?  Paul’s class is much better.


  1. .__________ will you leave? After the meeting.  A.what B. who C. whom D. whose
  2. __________ is Peter? He is still fine. Thanks for asking. A. what B. who C. whom D. How
  3. ___________ pen is this?  It’s John’s. A. what B. whom B. whose C. who
  4. _________ was the weather like on Monday?  It was raining a lot.  A. what B.what C. when D. How


  1. Make three sentences using WH- question.


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