Further Mathematics Curriculum for Senior Secondary Schools in Nigeria –

Curriculum for Further Mathematics SS2 Second Term

SS2 Further Mathematics Curriculum for Lagos State

  1. Differentiation: Limits of Function and First Principle, Differentiation of Polynomial
  2. Differentiation (Continued): Rules of Differentiation
  3. Differentiation of Transcendents: Derivative of Trigonometric Functions and Exponential Functions.
  4. Application of Differentiation: Rate of Change, Equation of Motion, Maximum and Minimum Points and Values of Functions.
  5. Conic Sections: Equation of Circles, General Equation of Circles, Finding Centre and Radius, Equation and Length of Tangents to a Circle.
  6. Conic Sections: The Parabola, Hyperbola and Ellipse
  7. Review of First Half Term
  8. Statistics Probability: Sample Space, Event Space, Combination of Events, Independents and Dependent Events.
  9. Permutation and Combination
  10. Dynamics: Newton’s Laws of Motion
  11. Work, Energy, Power, Impulse and Momentum
  12. Revision and Examination.

SS2 Further Mathematics Curriculum – Modified

  1. Review of 1st term’s work and conic section: definition of circles and part of circle.
  2. Equation of circle given centre and radius.
  • General Equation of a circle
  • Finding centre and radius of a given circle.
  • Finding equation of a circle given the end point of the diameter

3. Equation of circle passing through 3 points

  • Equation of tangent to a circle
  • Length of tangent to a circle

4. Statistics

(i) Probability (ii) Classical Frequential and axiomatic approaches to probability

(b)  Sample space and event space

(c)  Mutually exclusive, independent and conditional events

(d)  Conditional probability

(e)  Probability trees

5. Permutations

(i) Permutation on arrangement

(ii) Cyclic Permutation

(iii) arrangement of identical object.

(iv) Arrangement in which repetitions are allowed.

6. Combination

  • Introduction to combination on selection
  • Conditional arrangements and selection
  • Problems involving arrangement and selection Problems

7. Review of the 1st half term’s & periodic test.

8. Dynamics

  • Newton’s Law of motion
  • Motion along inclined plane
  • Motion of connected particles

9. Work, power and energy

  • Impulse and momentum

10. Projectiles

  • Trajectory of projectiles
  • Greatest height reached projectiles conts
  • Time and flight
  • Range
  • Projection along inclined plane

11. Introduction to operation research inventory model

  • Concept of inventory
  • Definition of important terms in inventory holding list
  • Demand ordering list etc
  • Computation of optimal quantity

12 & 13. Revision of second term’s work and preparation of examination


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