WEEK 1 & 2

Topic:                    Simple parts of a plant

Objective:           To teach the parts of a plant

Lesson:                 2 lesson

Materials:           Potted plants, plants (flower) around the class.

Activity:               Teachers should have planted a been days before this lesson the been plant is to be used to tech the simple parts of plants such as root stem and leave, it should be rooted in class to show the rest the stem and the leaves.

Evaluation:         Mention the parts of a plant.

Week 3 & 4

Topic:                    How animals move-flying

Objective:           To teach that some and move by flying e.g bird, and insets.

Lesson:                 2 lesson

Materials:           Chart on birds and flying insects, video clips on insects

Activity:               Teacher teach the pupil that some animal like the birds  and some insects move around by flying.

Evaluation:         name the animals that fly

Week 5 & 6

Topic:                    More on how animal move- swimming

Objective :          You teach the child that some animal move around by swimming

Lesson:                 2 lesson

Materials:           Chart on fish and other aquatic lives

Activity:               Teacher should teach as above but relevant to the topic of the day.

Evaluation:         Name the animals that swims

Week 7 & 8

Topic:                    Doing exercise and resting

Objective:           At the end of the lesson pupil should know that we exercise of our body tend also rest to keep fit.

Lesson:                 2 lesson

Materials:           The skipping rope

Activity:               Teacher should take the pupil through physical exercise such as jumping on the sport, touching the toe and counting 1-10 and then allow the pupil to take their rest for the day.

Evaluation:         What does exercise and rest do to our body? 

Week 9 & 10

Topic:                    Things we made from living things

Objective:           At the end of ht lesson pupil should be able to know that some  non living things are made from living things

Lesson: 2 lesson

Materials:           Wooden furniture, food, leather, shoes

Activity:               Teacher should teach the pupils the fact that some non living thing, like food, leather products and wooden products are made out of living things

Evaluation:         State what we can make from the following

Cow- leather shoe

Plant- wooden table

Fish- fish stew/sardine

Week 11              Revision, test, examination closing.


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