Week 1 & 2

Topic:                    All about my body

Objective:           At the end of the lesson pupil should be able to name the part of his/her body.

Lesson:                 2 lessons

Materials             Chart on the human body

Activity:               Teacher should hang chart, point or touch and name the part of the body while the pupil repeat the name

Evaluation:         Evaluation should be practical touching and naming the parts.

Week 3 & 4

Topic:                    Healthy food

Objective:           At the end of the lesson pupil should be able to state some food that are healthy for our body.

Lesson                  2: lesson

Materials:           Charts on food

Activity:               Teaching should include the following lettering the could know that it is not all food that is healthy for our body e.g uncooked food too much sweet and chewing gem

Evaluation          Mentions the foods that are good for our body at least three (Beans, plantain, rice, fish, meat, egg etc).

Week 5 & 6

Topic:                    Plants around us

Objectives:         At the end  of the lesson pupil should know that plants are also living things

Lesson:                 2 lesson

Materials:           Flowers in the school compound fresh vegetable

                                Polted plants, and charts.

Activity:               Teacher should guide pupil to observe the plants, touch it small it if its is a flowers. Teacher  should let the pupil know that these plants are  living things, they also grow and even die. They should be taught the main parts of a plant root, stem & leaves.

Evaluation:         State the parts of a plant etc.

Week 7 & 8

Topic :  

Objective:           At the end of the lesson pupil should be able to state the five scises eye-see, nose-smell finger-touch, ear-heer, skin-feel

Lesson:                 2 lesson

Materials:           Chart on sense organs, smelling  touch board

Activity:               Teacher should teach the function of these senses which the child has e.g ear – to hear, eye to see etc .

Evaluation:         Practical evaluation

Week 9 & 10

Topic:                    The Globe

Objective:           To teach the pupil about the planet “earth”

Lesson:                 2 lesson

Materials:           The globe

Activity:               The child should be taught about the planet earth (the word Earth can be replaced at this level with world)

Evaluation:         What does the world look like?

                                What is the ‘round ball’ called?

Week II                 Revision, test, examination, closing


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